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Blog log from R3 of 2015: Geelong vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Geelong vs Gold Coast, R3 of 2015

Geelong work it along the boundary as Clarke marks and gives to Guthrie who fires at goal from 30 out on the flank. He mises. (Q1 0:45)
Lang spots up Walker on the lead in front of May after the Suns turn it over from the kick in. From 40 out on a slight angle he goals. (Q1 1:37)
Lynch goes high to the hotspot where the ball goes to ground. The ball is handballed out of traffic to Lynch again who shoots from 30 from a standing start. He misses. (Q1 4:17)
Swallow coughs it up deep in the Cat’s 50 straight to Lang who snaps from 20 on a slight angle for an easy goal. (Q1 5:13)
Rischitelli gets caught high by Bews from a stoppage in the Suns’ 50. He takes the setshot from 40 out on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 6:43)
Rischitelli marks inside 50 and goes short to Martin a bit closer to goal. Martin goes back from 40 out on the flank and kicks the goal. (Q1 8:41)
Prestia goes long from the centre bounce and Lynch manages to outmuscle Lonergan to mark 30 out directly in front. He misses the set shot. (Q1 10:10)
Gartlett beats out Blicavs in the middle of the ground and goes for a long run to 40 out on the flank unopposed. His running shot for goal is good! (Q1 12:34)
Gorringe tries to clear from defence but kicks it straight to Stanley. Motlops collects the ricochet and rolls it towards goal from 20 but hits the post. (Q1 14:01)
Motlop marks 25 out in the pocket on a tight angle. He plays on and his snap for goal is on line. (Q1 14:12)
Richitelli goes long inside 50 after receiving a free against Duncan and Lonergan gives away the free kick to Lynch. From 40 out on the flank he goals. (Q1 15:54)
Martin marks on the lead in front of Enright 40 out on the boundary. He goes back and kicks it sweetly for a goal. (Q1 20:20)
Thompson outmarks Clarke at half back and goes very long to half forward. The ball goes over the back of the pack and Lynch runs onto it to finish from 30. (Q1 21:45)
Stanley gets the hitout from the throw in inside the Suns’ 50. Rischitelli roves and and snaps from 30 but puts it across the face. (Q1 24:51)
Stanley gets the hitout from the throw in inside the Suns’ 50. Rischitelli roves and and snaps from 30 but puts it across the face. (Q1 25:50)
Geelong go coast to coast and have the numbers. Thurlow ends with it and evades Saad to goal from 30 out directly in front. (Q1 26:16)
Motlop goes long to Clarke is spoiled by Thompson but dribbles the crumb toward goal. Walker collects right before the goal line and puts it through. (Q1 27:47)
A chain of handballs from the centre allows Hall to break the lines. He runs to 50 and launches a long shot for goal and kicks truly! (Q1 28:07)
Bennell collects from the stoppage and shoots from 50 out on the boundary with Lang in pursuit. His effort is close but is just across the face for a point. (Q1 30:17)
Gold Coast are put under a lot of pressure deep in their 50 and the ball spills to Motlop after Smith is caught. He snaps from 30 out but misses. (Q1 32:16)
Smith taps down to Rischitelli from the throw in in the Suns’ pocket. He puts boot to ball and snaps the goal from 20! (Q2 1:05)
From the throw in Hall gives to Miller who goes to Bennell. He snaps from a tight angle 20 out but it’s only a behind. (Q2 3:05)
Geelong receive a down field free kick after Selwood is put down by May. Clarke is the beneficiary as he marks against Thompson 20 out with little angle. He goals. (Q2 6:36)
Gold Coast go to the square and Day collects the crumbs and tries to give it to Miller. Under pressure he shoots from 15 out in the pocket but misses. (Q2 11:18)
Rischitelli roves the tap at half forward and blazes away toward goal. His shot from 50 out on the flank misses. (Q2 16:24)
A contest in the hotspot brings the ball to ground. Johnson extracts from the pack and gives to Walker who snaps the goal from 20 out. (Q2 20:20)
Selwood receives a free kick on the flank and goes long to the hotspot. Blicavs brings the ball to ground and Gregson gathers and snaps toward goal. He misses. (Q2 22:32)
Gregson goes inside 50 to Clarke who is spoiled by Thompson but gathers and rolls the ball toward goal from 20. He hits the woodwork. (Q2 23:32)
Day sidesteps 2 at half forward and sends it long where Hall brings it to ground and Bennell gives to Matera. Matera finishes from 20 out on a 45 degree angle. (Q2 25:04)
Garlett gathers the loose ball 40 out from goal with little pressure on him. He fires at goal with little angle to contend with but misses. (Q2 26:18)
Murdoch loses the ball at half forward and Garlett finds it. He has space but instead has panicked shot toward goal from 50 out on the flank and misses. (Q2 28:43)
Geelong give it up deep in defence and Gorringe gives to Lynch in space. From 20 out Lynch hurriedly snaps from goal but he lets the Cats off the hook with a behind. (Q2 31:50)
Taylor has a brain fade in the pocket and gives it up to Garlett who handballs over the top to Miller. He makes a meal of it and kicks off the ground into the post. (Q2 32:44)
Geelong win it in traffic on the wing and go long to Walker vs May. Walker brings it to ground where Clarke collects and gives back to Walker who goals from 50 on the flank. (Q3 4:07)
Johnson gets in the game with an opportunistic goal off the ground after Geelong got the centre clearance and Clarke forced the contest in the goal square. (Q3 5:09)
Walker with great vision fires a handball over the top at half forward where Caddy is lurking in space. He runs to 35 and kicks the goal! (Q3 11:18)
Selwood marks at half forward and receives a 50 metre penalty after Lemmens encroaches the mark. This takes his to point blank range and he goals. (Q3 13:38)
Swallow tries to clear the 50 but goes straight to Caddy who finds Clarke on the lead in front of Clarke. From 40 out on a 45 degree angle he kicks across the face. (Q3 15:08)
Stanley taps down and Mitch Clarke does the roving. He snaps in traffic from 20 but hits the woodwork. (Q3 17:23)
Cockatoo brushes off Saad on the wing and goes long to Walker who juggles but drops the mark. Caddy mops up though and snaps the goal from 30. (Q3 20:39)
Motlop with some great vision goes across the ground to Gregson who is flying down the wing. Malceski is in pursuit but Gregson fires at goal from 60 and it goes through! (Q3 22:54)
Martin ghosts in front of a wrestling Lonergan and Lynch to mark 40 out on the flank. His shot is a shocker and just sneaks in for a behind. (Q3 24:04)
Miller finds Lynch who marks strongly against 3 Cats. From 50 out on a slight angle he kicks an arrow straight through the middle. (Q3 26:34)
Day takes a slips catch after a kick to the tip of the square which the crowd thinks he might’ve grassed. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q4 0:58)
Duncan gives to Johnson who gives it inside to Gregson who is running by. He goes to 35 and on a slight angle kicks the goal. (Q4 7:17)
The throw in in the Suns’ pocket misses both ruckmen and Martin collects the bouncing ball. He throws the ball onto the boot from 20 in traffic but misses. (Q4 9:46)
Geelong turn it over from the kick in and Matera centres to Miller. From 30 out on a slight angle Miller goals. (Q4 10:13)
Prestia gets the clearance on the wing and kicks a high ball inside 50. Matera receives a free kick for a hold against Duncan. From 40 out directly in front he goals. (Q4 14:13)
Geelong break from half back with Guthrie going to Duncan in the middle who finds Motlop in space 35 out on the flank. He goes back and goals! (Q4 22:30)
The Suns switch at half back and make their way up the wing. Shaw sends a long ball to the hotspot where a big pack flies and Martin is on hand to crumb and goal from 30! (Q4 23:59)
Cockatoo takes a sliding chest mark at half forward and chips to Blicavs 45 out on a slight angle. He goes back and goals to seal it! (Q4 23:59)

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