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Blog log from R3 of 2015: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2015

Shaw finds Cameron on the short lead ahead of Richards with a drilling pass. From 50 on the flank, he misses to the right hand side. (Q1 3:10)
The ball goes long to the Tippett/Davis contest and Heeney sits front and centre, taking the pill as soon as it hits the ground and he bounces it home! (Q1 4:35)
Ward drills in a pass to Cameron who takes a strong lead ahead of Rampe. From the flank 50 out, Jeremy makes no mistake! (Q1 6:49)
Shaw, Haynes to Scully who finds Cameron on the lead ahead of Richards after a poor turn over in the middle of the ground by the Swans. Jeremy hooks it wide from 40. (Q1 9:31)
Franklin bombs home his first of the contest from 60 after McVeigh found McGlynn who produced a kick which put Lance gaoled of Patfull. The rest is history! (Q1 12:36)
Cameron loads up from 60 out and goes for home with no Giant inside 50. His shot misses to the left hand side. (Q1 14:10)
Jetta runs into the attacking zone and attempts to find the hard running Parker but misses him and the ball travels through for a bouncing minor. (Q1 14:59)
Kelly gets the knock down from the marking contest and Shiel beats Heeney in the one on one and finds Palmer on the short lead. From a step inside 50, Rhys misses to the left. (Q1 16:37)
Heaney receives a free kick for high contact against Bugg in the attempted tackle. From 50 out directly in front, he goals! (Q1 17:54)
Turn over by Davis deep in defence after Hannebery reads the kick and takes control of the possession ahead of Bugg. He turns and slams the snap through the middle! (Q1 22:17)
Hannebery sits it up to the Franklin/Patfull contest and Lance marks. He foolishly plays on and Joel gets a finger to Lance’s true snap from 30. Minor score. (Q1 23:59)
Shaw gives away a free kick for high contact in the attempted tackle just seconds before the QT siren. From deep in the pocket, Devon hits the post. (Q1 29:23)
Heeney to Jack with a slick handball, but Kieran misses to the near side from 50 out on the flank after a powering run. (Q2 0:57)
Whitfield receives the free after taking down Laidler in the strong tackle. From 25 on the slight, Lachie makes no mistake! (Q2 2:14)
Greene crumbed it after Grundy hit out the front after a poor read of the bounce. His quick snap missed to the left hand side from 30. (Q2 4:07)
Pyke takes it straight out of the ruck stoppage with pure strength but his snap shot from 35 misses to the far side. (Q2 6:01)
Parker to Heeney who fends off strongly before a handball to the speeding Franklin who slams it home on the snap from 25! (Q2 12:50)
McGlynn wraps up Corr in the strong tackle and receives the free kick for holding the ball. Ben goes back and finishes with ease from 35 directly in front! (Q2 13:35)
Ward receives a free kick for high contact in the tackle against Pyke. From 35 on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q2 16:08)
Long bomb in and McCarthy jumps to the ball and works it front and centre where Palmer waited, grabbed and snapped truly from 45 with a perfect kick! (Q2 19:15)
Kennedy wins the clearance and Heeney gets to the drop before passing off to Franklin who works out of a Shaw and then Patfull tackle before finishing from 20! (Q2 20:50)
A down the ground free kick against Mumford for contact on jack goes the way of Parker. He then receives a 50 for the report and duly goals from point blank! (Q2 23:03)
Laidler turns it over deep in defence straight to Whitfield, who immediately snaps from the boundary 30 metres out, but he misses to the near side. (Q2 24:36)
Haynes gets to the pill before Shaw with pace before drilling a bullet to McCarthy who marks ahead of Grundy. From 55 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q2 25:26)
LUKE PARKER! He gets to the drop of the ball after an attempted tackle from Tippett, and after pretty well falling, he kicks a drop kick goal from deep in the pocket. Incredible! (Q2 27:21)
Heaney takes the strong mark ahead of Corr, after a quick soccer from the stoppage from Pyke. Isaac goes back after the siren and kicks truly from 50 on the flank!That’s his third! (Half Time)
Whitfield to Patfull to McCarthy, who marks 35 metres out from goal directly in front. He just gets it the right side of the post! (Q3 1:36)
Long bomb in and Cameron takes the pack with him, allowing McCarthy to wait at the side of the pack, pick up the crumbs and snap truly from the pocket! (Q3 3:38)
Griffen takes the leading mark out ahead of the trailing Jetta. From 35 on the boundary, he takes a couple of steps in and snaps truly! Brilliant effort from the ex-Dog! (Q3 5:38)
Jetta goes long out the back to the Franklin/Davis contest and Lance receives the free for being held. From 30 on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q3 8:24)
Bird to McGlynn who runs through to 50 metres out on the slight angle, unopposed, but after some controversy its hit the post. (Q3 9:20)
McGlynn bullets in a pass to Tippett who marks on the lead after Rohan’s chase down forced the turn over. From 40 on the flank, Kurt misses. (Q3 11:38)
Palmer snaps an incredible goal from deep in the pocket after Cameron forced the turn over through a quick read of the ball’s trajectory. From deep in the pocket, Rhys kicks true! (Q3 13:27)
Laidler has a quick one step shot from 50 out of the congestion, but his shot misses to the left hand side. (Q3 14:07)
Scully mongrels a kick forward to the Cameron/Richards contest and the ball goes well wide of its intended target. Through for a minor score. (Q3 15:42)
Coniglio throws it out of the stoppage and Bird is the recipient of the illegal disposal. From 30 out directly in front, he finishes to stem the tide. (Q3 17:39)
Jetta receives from Rohan after a turn over by the Giants at half back. Lewis whacks it on the boot and one bounce and its home! (Q3 21:39)
Greene turns it over deep in defence to Franklin. Lance in turn finds Lloyd who flicks it off to Jack. Kieran steadies and finishes truly from 25 on the sharp angle! (Q3 24:09)
Patfull gives away the free kick for an unrealistic attempt in the marking contest against Franklin after Heeney’s delivery forward.55 out, pressed up on the boundary, Lance goals! (Q3 28:56)
McVeigh finds Franklin on the lead ahead of Davis with a stabbing pass. From 35 out on the slight angle, he hooks it poorly to the left hand side. (Q3 31:13)
Franklin gets the ball in hand and immediately dashes towards goal. He lets fire from 50, but misses to the left hand side. (Q4 3:46)
The Haynes kick bounces through a myriad of bodies before finding Whitfield, who settles but misses poorly from 20 on the flank with his left peg. (Q4 5:33)
Scully launched from a step outside 50 and bounced it home with class ahead of the trailing Palmer and Jetta! (Q4 6:47)
Wilson to Mumford to Palmer who launches for goal from outside 50 and the ex-Docker bounces through another major for the fast starting Giants! (Q4 8:15)
The Giants have begun every quarter on top before being overrun in the last half of the term. The expectation is this’ll continue in the fourth. (Q4 9:28)
Whitfield to Coniglio who burns off his direct opponent in Lloyd with sheer work rate. Stephen continues on and slots the major with an across the body shot from 25! (Q4 10:45)
Franklin finds the hard running Heeney by hand and he goals from point blank range ahead of Bugg! That’s his fourth major! He pays the price by getting slammed into the post. (Q4 12:00)
McVeigh to Hannebery on the left peg 45 out, but Daniel pulls it to the left hand side. (Q4 17:07)
Smith gets the ground ball, burns off a couple, but he misses his shot from 45 out on the flank to the near side. (Q4 18:29)
Scully to McCarthy who receives a free kick against Grundy for high contact in the marking contest. Cameron kicks from beyond the 50 metre sign, but misses to the near side. (Q4 22:06)
Bird goes short to the Franklin/Mumford contest and Lance outbids the big ruck men to take the strong mark. 45 out on the flank, he just misses to the near side. (Q4 24:50)
Ward receives a free kick for in the back against Ladler. From 45 pressed up on the boundary, Callan splits the middle with class! (Q4 26:22)
Towers to Reid who chips to the leading and marking Franklin, boundary side 50 out. He whacks it straight through, his fifth major for the superstar! (Q4 28:37)
Cameron reads it off hands and has a late consolation goal for the Giants! He roved it superbly well, getting front and centre of the pack 35 metres out, before snapping truly! (Q4 29:58)

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