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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Richmond vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2015

Honeychurch lines up for the first goal from 35 metres out on the flank after taking the mark after a quick kick out of the pack. He misses to the near side. (Q1 4:37)
Honey church does nab the first of the afternoon! Boyd forces the contest after strong pressure and Jong knocks it forward to Mitch who goals from point blank! (Q1 7:07)
Martin takes it out of the middle and finds Griffiths with a chip pass that he marks 45 out on the slight angle. He misses to the left hand side. (Q1 7:53)
Martin to McIntosh to Cotchin to Grimes all by hand and Dylan takes the advantage, runs a step beyond 50 and rams it home for an unlikely goal from the backmen! (Q1 12:03)
Grant takes the intercept mark from the Rance kick out. He fires at goal immediately from 50 on the flank, but misses to the near side. (Q1 16:14)
Wood takes the long kick option out the back from the middle of the ground. Crameri reads the bounce to perfection, evades Rance, and soccers truly from point blank! (Q1 19:19)
Honeychurch to Minson who passes to Bontempelli. Marcus finds the perfect kick out the back to the hard running Wallis. From 30 on the flank, Mitch goals! (Q1 23:34)
Martin receives the free kick for high contact against Minson in the attempted tackle. he hits a bullet out wide to petted who marks. From 40, he misses. (Q1 26:24)
The Tigers go coast to coast! Picked gets caught holding the ball by Newman in the defensive 50 and the ball flew up the other end of the ground. Dustin strolls into 50 and goals! (Q1 28:17)
Bontempelli takes it out of the centre bounce but from 55 he misses to the left hand side. (Q1 28:34)
Houli to Morris to Lambert with precision passing and Kane will line up for his first goal from 45 on a slight angle. He misses to the left hand side. (Q2 3:45)
Honeychurch to Bontempelli out of the pack and Marcus whacks it to the Crameri/Grimes contest. Stewart kicks for goal and it goes through but the verdict is touched! (Q2 5:31)
Johanissen to Picken to Roughead to Boyd. Matthew has time on his side but the handball from Jordan hits the turf and Boyd rushes the shot from 40, missing to the near side. (Q2 8:11)
Riewoldt marks on the lead ahead of Morris, 50 metres out on the boundary after being hit up on the lead. He kicks for goal but misses to the near side. (Q2 9:03)
Big turnover by Batchelor and a miscommunication from Vlastuin and Ellis allows M.Boyd to pick up, run through and slam it down Crameri’s throat. Stewart turns and goals! (Q2 10:40)
Ellis to Maric back to Ellis who went long to the mismatch between Petterd and Picken. Ricky takes the contested mark with ease, goes back and slots it from 35! (Q2 14:39)
Bontempelli hacks it out of congestion straight to Hunt. Taylor takes a step in and goes for home from 35 on the flank, but he misses to the near side from the flank. (Q2 22:08)
Stringer goals from point blank range after the ball went over the back of the pack from the long bomb. Poor Richmond defence to allow that to happen. (Q2 25:10)
Martin to Lambert to Lloyd all by foot and Sam takes the simple mark ahead of Morris. From 35 out on the sharp angle, he strikes it well and it sails through! (Q3 1:58)
Murphy intercepts a wayward Cotchin handball and the Dogs work it straight up the field, ending with Crameri taking the mark on the lead 30 out directly in front. He misses. (Q3 4:39)
Bontempelli grabs the pill out of the stoppage and kicks in to Dickson who marks the oddly moving ball 40 out on the flank. Tory goes back and finishes with class! (Q3 5:44)
Macrae to Bontempelli who just bullies his way through to 45 but unfortunately misses to the right hand side. (Q3 8:31)
Johanissen receives from Macrae and bullets a pass into Dickson who marks ahead of Houli. From 45 on the slight angle, Tory has his third major! (Q3 9:26)
Crameri has another as the Dogs charge out to a 27 point lead! Minion takes it straight out of the ruck contest and handballs to Stewart, who runs into 20 and slots it! (Q3 11:59)
Morris finds Griffiths with a short bullet pass that finds Ben on his chest, 45 out on the slight angle. Great contact, and it sails through post high! (Q3 15:16)
Ellis goes long to the Riewoldt/Talia matchup and Jack out muscles him to the flight of the ball and takes the strong contested mark. From 20 on the slight angle, Jack goals! (Q3 17:27)
Lloyd takes a strong mark ahead of Roughead and immediately whacks in a pass to the leading Riewoldt ahead of Talia. Jack takes the grab and from 35 on the flank he misses. (Q3 18:44)
Dahlhaus reads Minson’s hack forward and feeds it off to Dickson. Tory has the quick snap but misses to the near side from 30 on the flank. (Q3 20:59)
STRINGER! Takes the ground ball on the 50 arc, evades a number of Tigers including Petterd, before slotting the goal from 30! (Q3 23:30)
The Bulldogs get out the back and extend the margin once more. The chain starts with Murphy who finds Stringer. He goes out the back to Grant who slams it through unopposed! (Q3 25:45)
Bontempelli out of the stoppage, feeds it wide to Goodes. Brett runs to 40 but his shot at goal misses to the right hand side from directly in front. (Q3 29:15)
Newman drills in a pass to the hard running Riewoldt who marks ahead of Roughead. From 45 on the flank, Jack hits the post. (Q4 2:28)
The Tigers have the first of the final term! Newman throws it on the boot to the Riewoldt/Roughead contest but it’s over kicked. Fortunately it bounces perfectly for a major! (Q4 4:38)
RIEWOLDT! Cotchin read it off hands and hooked it back towards goal from 30. In came Jack, who flew above Roughead and took a massive grab. He slotted the goal from point blank! (Q4 5:58)
Crameri to Dahlhaus who goes long to the Dickson/Grimes contest. Dylan concedes the free for holding and Tory kicks the major from the pocket! (Q4 8:48)
Gordon kicks a massive goal! He takes the mark in the contest against Johanissen from the McIntosh kick. Nathan then rounded the boundary and hammered it home from beyond 50! (Q4 13:59)
Massive turnover by Rance and it leads to a goal from Easton Wood! Honeychurch produced a great tackle to force the turnover and the ball was fed out to Wood who finished from 20! (Q4 15:59)
Vlastuin goes long to 30 out where Riewoldt takes the mark ahead of a desperate Goodes. From 30 on the flank, Jack misses poorly to the near side. (Q4 19:19)
Martin to Newman who ran to 45 but missed with Lloyd all alone in the square! (Q4 22:44)
Cotchin finds Gordon on the lead ahead of Picken. From 45 on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q4 23:40)

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