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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Carlton vs Richmond

Blog log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2015

Goals to Jones and Griffiths to kick us off in this one. (Q1 7:10)
McIntosh marks near the boundary 45m out and misses with a set shot across the face. (Q1 8:12)
Smith gives to Gibbs on a fast break, he tries a careful chip on the run from 45m on a slight angle but pulls it wide. (Q1 8:59)
Deledio marks a Lloyd ball near the boundary 30m and also misses across the face. (Q1 10:28)
White passes to Henderson on the HFF and runs flat chat down the wing ahead of Deledio to receive again at 35m on the flank. He misses. (Q1 14:13)
Henderson roves on the HFF and hits the post with a quick snap. (Q1 15:14)
Docherty breaks the lines with a run through the centre square and goes long to Wood who marks behind Grimes at 25m on the flank. But Wood sprays it horribly. (Q1 17:28)
On a fast break, Gibbs centres from forward of the wing to Judd running up the guts to 45m ahead of Miles, who goes back to Gibbs. Gibbs shows them how it’s done with a goal. (Q1 20:42)
Another ball from the HFF to an empty forward 50, this time it’s Yarran who runs down the field to 40m in the corridor to mark a Henderson ball. Yaz gives to Tuohy who kicks truly. (Q1 24:55)
Griffiths marks a centring ball by Miles in front of Jaksch at the hotspot and pops through his second goal. (Q1 27:18)
Gibbs gives to Judd at the next centre bounce, Thomas falls over in his wake as he sprints to CHF and bombs… Jones marks on the behind line and goals! (Q1 28:43)
Menzel marks on the lead in front of Grimes at 45m on the flank, and misses to begin Q2. (Q2 0:44)
Jaksch marks deep in the pocket 25m out and kicks the first goal of Q2 with a nice set shot. (Q2 2:22)
Martin roves a loose ball at the hotspot and is one on one with Tuohy, you always know Dusty will dominate in that scenario and he duly grubbers a goal. (Q2 3:42)
Menzel catches Chaplin HTB in a tackle from his blind side, 25m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 4:52)
Grigg stops and props in the centre and passes short to a lead by Lloyd up the guts to 40m. Lloyd shanks it for a wobbly behind. (Q2 10:10)
Riewoldt gives to Deledio on his own in the pocket, he has time to look for an option and sees McIntosh on his own at the hotspot. McIntosh hits the post. (Q2 13:23)
McIntosh roves a contest on the HFF, runs his full measure to 35m and slams through his first goal! (Q2 14:53)
Long ball to the Tiger goalsquare with McIntosh involved in the build up again, big pack forms, Riewoldt is front and centre for the snap goal! (Q2 16:53)
The Tigers go coast to coast on a rebound from the backline started by Martin, Edwards gives to Grigg who goals on the run from 25m on the flank! (Q2 18:23)
On another fast break down member’s wing with Deledio and Cotchin involved, Ellis passes to Griffiths at 30m on the flank. He stops, goes back for the set shot… miss. (Q2 22:29)
Morris gives to Houli who tries a left foot snap under a Judd tackle from the hotspot, but misses. (Q2 25:07)
Lloyd snaps a behind from deep in the pocket 15m under Jamison pressure. (Q2 25:49)
Docherty dives and rushes a grubber from Deledio from 10m. (Q2 27:47)
Yarran is pinged for holding Morris without the ball 15m out, Lloyd plays on and goals. (Q2 28:08)
A downfield free against Riewoldt for a late push in the back on Simpson gives Jones a set shot from 20m on the flank. Jones slams the ball into the far goalpost. (Q2 30:11)
Everitt marks deep in the pocket 30m out and misses. (Q3 4:50)
Simpson coughs the ball up by hand under a tackle 40m out, it flips out to Grigg who misses with a bunch of teammates waiting for a give. (Q3 5:31)
Miles feeds Lloyd who runs free to just on 50m on a slight angle, he roosts to the line… just falls over for a big goal! (Q3 10:22)
Not an inspiring Q3 by any stretch, but all of the indicators are going Richmond’s way. (Q3 10:58)
Riewoldt marks near the boundary 25m out and misses the lot. (Q3 15:34)
Cotchin is behind a Riewoldt contest to rove at 25m on a slight angle, he gets tackled but gives back to Riewoldt who makes no mistake. (Q3 19:15)
Edwards gives to Ellis who busts a tackle but snaps off balance 20m out and misses an empty goalface. (Q3 23:20)
Bell roves a contest on the HFF, runs ahead of Vlaustin and gives to Henderson who is bumped as he kicks from 25m… wide. (Q3 25:55)
McIntosh is involved in yet another scoring chain starting from halfback with Rance, Riewoldt marks in front of Rowe at 35m on a slight angle and goals. (Q4 0:59)
Houli bounces down the outer wing and has a running shot from 55m on a slight angle, it’s narrow. Another one with teammates looking for a pass. (Q4 3:48)
Menzel dodges with two Tigers confronting him 20m out and grubbers a goal past them, after roving a Henderson contest. (Q4 5:44)
Riewoldt leaps and marks a high ball between Docherty and Henderson at 45m in front. Never in doubt, that’s four for Li’l Rooey. (Q4 9:30)
Henderson roves a loose ball that goes over the back 30m out on the flank, he gives to Simpson who rolls through a quality goal off the left boot. (Q4 11:28)
Lloyd marks in front of Docherty on the boundary 40m out and threads the needle with a quality set shot! That’s three majors for him. (Q4 13:12)
Chaplin is pinged for manhandling Rowe as they sit under a long Judd ball to the top of the square. Rowe goals. (Q4 17:32)
Jaksch is pinged for a very slight jumper tug on Griffiths going for a ground ball at 35m on the flank. Griffiths goals. (Q4 20:43)
Gordon runs free down the flank to 45m and slams through another one, to the delight of the Tiger faithful. (Q4 22:59)
Judd pokes a pass to Bell at 40m on a slight angle. Bell just fits the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q4 24:26)
Ellis gives to Grigg running ahead of Judd, he tries a left foot snap across the body from 40m in front… it’s home! (Q4 28:55)
Rowe marks at the hotspot and goals just before the final siren. (Full Time)

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