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Blog log from GF of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, GF of 2015

Ebert gets a free for Laird smashing into him in a marking contest at 45m on a slight angle. His set shot falls short but Butcher marks in the square for the first goal.
Butcher marks again in front of Cheney at 30m on a slight angle. Butcher shanks it left. (Q1 1:45)
Lynch passes to Walker on the wing, he baulks his man and lets fly from 60m on the flank… it starts left but straightens for a supergoal! (Q1 4:26)
Dangerfield baulks a man and snaps off a step from 45m on the flank… just wide. (Q1 5:32)
Douglas does a one-two with Jenkins in heavy traffic in the pocket and slams his snap into the near goalpost. (Q1 9:27)
Jenkins roves a Betts contest and gives to Wright who makes no mistake with a running snap from the hotspot. (Q1 11:13)
Port handballs their way through traffic after the centre bounce, Wines gives to Robbie Gray who slots the goal from 40m. (Q1 12:25)
Dangerfield marks on the HFF and passes to Betts on the boundary 30m out. Eddie goals. (Q1 14:08)
Betts gathers a bouncing ball at 25m on the flank with the help of a shepherd by Walker but misses the quick snap. (Q1 16:12)
Grigg catches Impey HTB at 25m on the flank, but misses. (Q1 16:37)
Sloane misses a snap from 55m on a slight angle. (Q1 18:08)
Mitchell gives to Ebert outside CHF, he steps on the paint and sails through a goal from a slight angle with a shepherd in the square by Butcher. (Q1 26:32)
Young passes short to Butcher in the pocket 10m out, he plays on and goals off the left. (Q1 29:09)
Robbie Gray gets a rather soft free for a hold by Henderson at 20m on a slight angle as they go for a ground ball. He goals. (Q1 30:44)
Walker marks behind Carlile at 15m on the flank and kicks truly. (Q2 1:24)
Douglas receives from Wright and has a snap across the body from just inside 50m on the flank… keeps it low and straight for a nice goal. (Q2 2:41)
After good work on the HFF by Walker, Betts beats Pittard and Hombsch in a ground battle at the hotspot and kicks short to the square where Lynch marks and goals. (Q2 5:59)
Polec marks in the middle and gets a 50m penalty on Jacobs to put him at the hotspot, but misses. (Q2 7:24)
Walker turns on the wing and passes long and accurately to Lynch at 40m in the corridor. Lynch misses. (Q2 7:37)
Jenkins marks a Lynch ball on the lead in front of Poleac at 45m on a slight angle, but shanks the set shot way left. (Q2 9:38)
Broadbent streams through the centre on a fast break and has Robbie Gray over the back of two defenders at the top of the square, but his inside 50 rolls out of bounds. (Q2 13:28)
Polec passes to Butcher at 40m on the flank, who delivers an effective set shot for a goal, much to the delight of the Port fans in attendance. (Q2 14:33)
Young snaps a mid range goal. (Q2 19:08)
Boak and then Mitchell miss mid-range snaps after frontal pressure by the Power. (Q2 20:24)
Betts passes to Jacobs at 35m on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 24:48)
Walker marks in front of Carlile at 40m on a slight angle and boots his second goal. (Q2 26:21)
Boak misses a snap around the corner from near the hotspot. (Q3 0:47)
Wright gives a Joe the Goose special to Dangerfield as the Crows work the loose man in a fast break down the outer flank. (Q3 2:15)
Walker feeds Douglas with a tap for a snap goal from the top of the square. (Q3 6:11)
Sloane slams through a supergoal from just outside 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 6:59)
Pittard roves a loose kick in the centre, has a bounce and hits Young at 35m on a slight angle. Young shoots low and to the right. (Q3 12:56)
Polec misses off a step from 30m on the flank. (Q3 13:56)
Wright marks on the HFF and centres to Jenkins at 40m on a slight angle. Jenkins splits the hi-diddle-diddle. (Q3 15:06)
Ellis-Yolmen gives to Sloane who has a quick look, decides to try for another supergoal from inside the centre square, hits it sweetly and it’s through! (Q3 16:08)
Douglas taps to Mackay who has space to settle for a running snap from 45m on the flank… the Crows can not miss! (Q3 21:28)
There was a little give by Wright there, another goal assist for him. (Q3 21:52)
Dangerfield marks over Mitchell on the boundary 35m out. He centres to Betts at 45m on the flank, who gives to Henderson for a flying miss. (Q3 25:37)
Lynch presents for a short pass by Sloane down the line to 35m on the flank. He goals with another splendid finish by the Crows. (Q3 27:23)
Neade breaks a tackle and has a snap from 40m on a slight angle… drifts into the post. (Q3 30:25)
Dangerfield marks in the Tony Hall pocket and misses. (Q4 2:00)
Wines snaps OOTF from the pocket and cops a spray from some teammates waiting for a centring ball. (Q4 3:07)
Dangerfield centres from the pocket to Jacobs who goals from 30m. (Q4 8:05)
Butcher marks and goals from close range, but it’s well into junk time now. (Q4 10:24)
Schulz gets some junk as well from 20m on the flank after marking a Boak pass. (Q4 13:24)
Wines goes for a ninepointer from outside CHF but again sprays it OOTF. (Q4 14:22)
Butcher performs a trick shot with an off-balance soccer poke from the behind line that turns into a Daicos special! (Q4 17:36)
Schulz marks over Cheney on the boundary 35m out, and centres to Broadbent at 50m on the flank. The kick goes to the square, Crows clear. (Q4 20:36)
Dangerfield marks in front of Clurey at 25m on the flank. Danger hits the post. (Q4 23:07)
Schulz marks over Kelly at the hotspot after Port runs in numbers from a stoppage on the HBF. He goals. (Q4 25:08)
Polec gives to Wines who goals on the run from 45m on a slight angle, belatedly. (Q4 26:21)
He misses. (Q4 27:33)
Ellis-Yolmen gives to Betts who has two on him but manages to snap the goal from 15m on the flank. (Q4 29:38)
Young gets a junk time goal with a snap from 35m on the flank in the last minute. (Q4 30:20)
Young marks an Ebert ball on the boundary 20m out. He centres to the hotspot, Talia gets a free, siren sounds. (Q4 31:37)

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