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Blog log from GF of 2015: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, GF of 2015

Bennell plays on after a free at a stoppage but misses from the hotspot. (Q1 1:12)
Green hits Christensen on a hard lead to 40m on a slight angle. Bundy boots the first goal. (Q1 5:47)
Sexton has the sit on Paparone for a long Prestia ball to the square, he drops a sitter, butters up and snaps under pressure from 5m… no good. (Q1 10:10)
Gorringe marks a Shaw ball at 25m on the flank and gets a 50m penalty to ensure the goal for a rough follow-through by Clarke. (Q1 13:03)
Close marks a Rich ball on the flank 35m out and sees Taylor in the square for the pass, but McKenzie gets back to spoil and rush a behind. (Q1 16:50)
The Lions swarm the kick in, Zorko kicks a supergoal from just outside CHF. (Q1 17:14)
Matera goals from the square after marking a centring ball from Sexton behind the Lion defence. (Q1 21:18)
McKenzie just gets back in time to touch a supergoal attempt by Dayne Beams before it crosses the line. (Q1 23:06)
Gorringe stands tall and marks a long Saad ball to the hotspot in front of Merrett and Paparone. He misses. (Q1 23:06)
McStay gets a free for a hold at the top of the square by May, and pops through the charity goal. (Q1 29:54)
Rischitelli roves a smothered ball at 35m on the flank and snaps off a step… wide. (Q2 3:29)
Smith gets a free on Merrett for a hold in a marking contest near the behind line. He hits the post with a drop punt. (Q2 5:01)
Rischitelli has Gorringe on his own at the top of the square but hurries the kick from outside CHF, it’s wide and bounces away from Gorringe for a behind. (Q2 9:06)
Garlett dives and marks on the boundary 40m out in front of Paparone. He goes back for the set shot, and has his attempt rushed from the square. (Q2 13:17)
Bennell forces a turnover with a tackle on the HFF, the spillage goes to Hall who snaps from 50m but it bounces OOB. (Q2 22:41)
Miller passes to Sexton just inside CHF. Sexton looks for an option but has to go himself… and slots it! (Q2 23:56)
Matera misses a mid range snap from the flank. (Q2 25:42)
Hall passes short down the line to Bennell at 40m on the flank. Harley starts it left but it swerves right and through for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:15)
Martin roves an errant Saad handball near CHF and gives to Taylor who hurries a checkside that goes well wide from 40m. (Q3 3:45)
Saad burns his way through the centre circle on a run and delivers a low, long ball to the advantage of Sexton at 40m on a slight angle. Sexton hits the post. (Q3 7:15)
Claye Beams spoils in the pocket but straight to Bennell who sees Russell on his own in the square and loops a handball over traffic, Russell just gets boot to ball for the goal. (Q3 9:55)
Robinson runs back with the flight but spills a mark 25m out on the flank, Tape mops up and the moment is lost. (Q3 11:59)
Hall gets a quick feed from Miller and has a running snap from 35m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q3 12:45)
Matera centres from the HFF to Hallahan at 45m on a slight angle. Hallahan’s set shot starts way left but swings wickedly to the right and straight over the umpire’s peaked cap. (Q3 17:07)
Hall passes to Malceski at 35m on a slight angle after the Lions get in trouble trying to handball out of defence from the BP. But Eski doesn’t make the distance! (Q3 19:28)
Redden is pinged for a 50m penalty to take Matera to 35m on a slight angle for a goal. (Q3 21:50)
Dawson marks 25m out on the flank and sprays it OOTF. (Q3 22:57)
Saad’s pressured handball in the BP is straight to Green, who sprays it from 15m. (Q4 1:01)
Bennell shanks a kick OOTF in the backline 35m out. Taylor takes the kick and hits the hotspot… Leuenberger gets a free on Nicholls and goals, just. (Q4 3:43)
Lester passes to Bewick at 35m on the flank. He goals with another left-to-right fade. (Q4 7:18)
Prestia’s bomb to the square from 60m goes over everyone’s heads but wide for a point. (Q4 8:08)
Martin juggles and grabs a mark in the middle of a big pack at the top of the square, three tall Suns couldn’t spoil him. He goals. (Q4 12:48)
Aish gets a free for taking his legs out on Rischitelli even though Aish moved in for a soccer kick. He shoots from 35m on a slight angle… no good. (Q4 17:27)
Close bombs long to the square from the HFF where Rockliff wins a battle of strength with May to mark on his chest and kick the go ahead goal. (Q4 19:19)
Miller gathers a loose ball at 35m on a slight angle, Merrett challenges, Miller baulks to get half a second to measure the snap… and screws it home! Suns lead again. (Q4 23:04)
Thompson gives to Harbrow who started the scoring chain from the wing, he has a ping from 35m on a slight angle but it’s wide. (Q4 28:12)
Matera is chased by Merrett at 35m on the flank and tries a snap over his right shoulder… wide as well. (Q4 28:44)
Sexotn roves a Clarke drop at the hotspot, his snap is smothered, Shaw tries a volley… touched off the boot, behind. (Q4 29:34)
Robinson hits the hotspot with a long bomb in the last minute, six fly, Rockliff roves and pokes a kick to the square where Leuenberger marks and goals! (Q4 30:49)
17 seconds at the next bounce, not that it matters that the scores are tied. (Q4 31:15)
Clarke marks a Shaw inside 50 at CHB, siren sounds, it’s a draw. (Q4 32:04)

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