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Blog log from W3 of 2015: Geelong vs Adelaide

Geelong cruises past Adelaide in NAB 3

Bartel and Kelly boss the first centre bounce, eventually Duncan passes short to Motlop near the boundary 40m out. Motlop threads the needle for the first goal! (Q1 0:47)
Cameron passes to Betts on the boundary 25m out. He plays on but misses with a screwing kick. (Q1 1:54)
Bews falls over as he waits with Betts for a long ball down the flank 20m out, Eddie takes the mark with ease and kicks the goal from the set shot. (Q1 3:51)
Stokes passes long across the hotspot to the lead of Clark, the ball bounces off his shoulder but a free is paid against Hartigan for a push 35m out on the flank. Clark goals. (Q1 6:21)
Smedts gives to Bews who runs away from Douglas down the flank to 45m and lets fly… clunk into the goalpost. (Q1 10:36)
Blicavs goes long from the HFF to 20m out where Clark has a mismatch on Cheney, he marks with ease and goals. (Q1 11:24)
Lynch gets a handball outside a pack in traffic and has a flying snap off the left boot from 25m on a slight angle… sprays across the face. (Q1 14:24)
Stokes has space to run free through midfield and spot a target, once again it’s Clark who is in front of the pack to mark 25m out in front, Podsiadly too far off him. He goals. (Q1 15:37)
Enright tackles O’Brien at 40m on the flank but gets into his back slightly, the home crowd doesn’t like it but the ump paid it anyway. O’Brien shanks it OOTF. (Q2 1:26)
Another free for in the back, this time at a stoppage in the Crow goalsquare to Sloane against Bartel. He goals. (Q2 3:36)
Walker marks at 45m on the flank, but misses. (Q2 5:27)
Murdoch dodges traffic 40m out and sees Hawkins somehow all on his own in the goalsquare for a Joe the Goose special. (Q2 7:28)
Lynch gives to Jenkins who snaps across the body off a step 35m out on the flank… bounces in the square past traffic for a behind. (Q2 8:42)
Blease’s kick from the BP is intercepted by Dangerfield at 45m on the flank. Danger misses. (Q2 9:12)
Cameron sprays a quick snap from the hotspot after the Cats again can’t clear halfback on a rebound. (Q2 9:53)
Wright marks an intelligent Lyons kick from the HFF over heavy traffic to 25m on the flank. He misses as well. (Q2 11:57)
Phil Walsh will have the Crows doing goalkicking practice during the week until their Nikes bleed. (Q2 12:25)
van Berlo catches Motlop just as he is about to get away for a snap 35m out. (Q2 13:09)
Selwood centres from a free against Crouch on the HFF to Smedts at 45m on a slight angle. He goals, to show the Crows how it’s done. (Q2 14:28)
Caddy catches a Lang ball that doesn’t go 15 at 30m on the flank, he’s corralled by the defender so tries a snap across the body… it screws in for a goal. (Q2 16:12)
Simpson taps from a throw-in to the pocket 20m where Horlin-Smith beats Crouch to the fall and tries a grubber… it goes through for a nice goal! (Q2 20:38)
Podsiadly as loose man is just not working for Adelaide, as the Cats can have Mackie, Enright or Smedts loose up the other end and they are cutting the Crows up on the rebound. (Q2 23:28)
Lynch chases the spillage from his own contest on the HFF, runs around the right pocket, has two Cats challenge him and tries a running checkside… and goals! (Q3 1:29)
Rivers spoils Walker 40m out on the flank but his follow up tackle goes high to concede the obvious free. Tex goals with no problem. (Q3 2:42)
From such poor finishing in the first half, those are two quality goals from Crow forwards to start Q3. (Q3 3:14)
Martin receives from Ellis-Yolmen in the left pocket 15m out, quickly throws it on the boot and it’s another Crow goal. (Q3 7:29)
The Cats are having trouble clearing from halfback as the Crows have the wall up. One such play leads to a long ball to the square which Lynch marks, palys on and converts. (Q3 17:08)
Smith misses a snap from a stoppage at 35m on a slight angle. (Q3 18:28)
Clark leaps and marks on the lead in front of Hartigan at 30m on the flank, the crowd roars. Clark steers through his fourth major. (Q3 20:00)
Dangerfield bursts away from Selwood at the next centre bounce but gets pinged for running too far, plus 50m for timewasting. Stokes can’t make the distance from 45m, Clark goals! (Q3 22:07)
Motlop runs down the wing and passes to Kerstens 45m out in front, who goes on to Taylor at 30m on a slight angle. Taylor misses. (Q3 24:31)
Smedts is pinged for a hold on Dangerfield off the ball 15m out in front. Danger goals, just. (Q4 1:26)
Selwood releases Cockatoo from the centre bounce to skip away from two Crows with a bounce to just outside CHF, he launches for a supergoal and it goes through half post height! (Q4 2:46)
Guthrie is narrow with an unlikely snap from the boundary 35m out. (Q4 4:01)
The Cats again get into trouble with a turnover from halfback caused by an errant Smedts handball, Jenkins receives 40m out in front and wobbles through a goal. (Q4 5:26)
Crouch passes to Martin at 25m on the flank. Martin misses. (Q4 8:47)
Lynch marks on the HFF, plays on and passes down the line to Ellis-Yolmen on the flank 25m out. He hits the post. (Q4 9:57)
Stokes passes to Cockatoo at 40m on a slight angle, it was touched so Cockatoo plays on with a snap around the corner off a step… just falls inside the left goalpost. (Q4 15:15)
Gregson gives to Motlop on a fast break but his running snap from 45m on a slight angle is under pressure and wide. (Q4 17:50)
Clark is spoiled at the hotspot but his opponents go to Motlop on the ground, the ball flips back to him and he boots his sixth goal with a snap across the body. (Q4 18:58)
Dangerfield marks on a lead up the guts 45m out from a van Berlo pass. He tugs the set shot left. (Q4 20:54)
Ellis-Yolmen misses a snap from a pack at 20m on the flank. (Q4 21:47)
Dangerfield collects in the pocket 25m out and does Smedts cold on the ground to waltz into an open goal. (Q4 24:15)

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