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Blog log from W1 of 2015: West Coast vs Carlton

Blog log for West Coast vs Carlton, W1 of 2015

LeCras breaks a Fields tackle on the boundary 50m out and passes to the lead of Kennedy at 35m on the flank. JJK goals. (Q1 0:00)
Kennedy marks a Sheppard pass on the lead just outside 50m on a slight angle, and rides the wind to send through a supergoal. (Q1 3:44)
Cripps gets a free for a high tackle on the boundary 25m out. He misses. (Q1 8:12)
Tunbridge gets a handball outside a contest at the hotspot but sprays his left foot snap across the body well wide. (Q1 9:59)
Cripps has space at CHF on a fast break and sees Bennell flying past for the give, who slots the goal from 35m. (Q1 14:27)
Shuey pokes an ugly looking left foot pass very short to the dive of Gaff at 45m on the flank. Gaff misses. (Q1 15:53)
Tutt has space on the wing to measure a pass but he shanks a chaos ball to empty ground at the hotspot… it works out because it falls to Bell to gather and goal. (Q1 18:42)
LeCras picks up a loose ball near the behind post and gives outside to Lucas, who sprays it OOTF on the other side from 20m. (Q1 20:40)
Casboult marks a long ball down the flank over the smaller Hurn 35m out. The wind is pushing the ball away from goal… Levi misses near side. (Q1 23:06)
Hurn’s kick in carries to the centre circle, LeCras roves over the back, runs his full measure and tries for a supergoal from 60m… just wide. (Q1 23:29)
The Eagles had a rather strong breeze that quarter, so this lead is somewhat illusory. (Q2 0:00)
Tuohy misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q2 5:16)
Plenty of activity but not much in the way of forward structure for the Blues with this breeze. (Q2 5:54)
White marks near the boundary in a battle with McGovern 40m out. He threads the needle for a nice goal! (Q2 7:24)
Shuey bursts away from the next centre bounce as the Blues stopped thinking it was a foul bounce… he finds Kennedy on a simple lead 40m out in front. JJK just misses. (Q2 8:59)
Bell runs free in front of two Eagles down the wing on a fast break, but there’s no one to kick to so he blazes away from 65m… out on the full. (Q2 9:53)
Jamie Cripps runs back in front of Jaksch to mark a long ball by Yeo to the hotspot on a fast break. He goals. (Q2 12:19)
Correction, it was White who was defending. (Q2 12:19)
Wellingham holds Armfield after a mark on the wing to concede 50m. Dennis lines up from 45m on a slight angle, and splits the middle with a fine set shot on the breeze. (Q2 17:39)
LeCras marks a quick centring ball by Jamie Cripps from the HFF over Buckley. He goals from 15m in front. (Q2 20:54)
Shuey runs away from the first centre bounce of Q3 but his snap from 55m is touched in the square. (Q3 0:21)
Kennedy goals from the top of the square after playing on from a mark over Rowe. (Q3 1:49)
Wellingham it was with the goal assist pass. (Q3 1:49)
LeCras roves a Lamb contest at 20m on the flank, snaps off a step on the turn but it’s narrow. (Q3 4:58)
LeCras gets the goal anyway after Lamb breaks up the kick in and tries a snap which lands in the square for him to mop up and goal. (Q3 5:35)
Kennedy dives and marks on a lead up the guts to 40m, again nothing Rowe could do about it with quality supply by Masten. JJK goals again. (Q3 9:53)
Wood marks near the behind post, very tough shot from here into the wind. He hits the near goalpost. (Q3 12:50)
Wellingham misses a long snap. It’s a bit of a training drill now, in terms of being circle work rather than anything in the way of scoreboard activity. (Q3 18:21)
Boekhorst baulks two Eagles on a zippy run down member’s wing and manages to give off to Armfield, who finds a man in the pocket… but no score results. (Q3 19:26)
Loose ball from a stoppage in the Blues forward pocket squirts out to the square, Hurn fumbles it to allow Jones to soccer through a goal. (Q3 20:21)
Sheed gives to Tunbridge who runs to just outside 50m on a slight angle and has a ping at a supergoal… just narrow. (Q3 21:39)
Tunbridge goes up in between two Blues and clunks a long Lucas ball to 35m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q3 23:02)
McGinnity marks on his own 35m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 6:02)
McGinnity roves a smothered Shuey snap but he misses again from 20m off the left boot. (Q4 6:48)
McGinnity receives from Wellingham under a tackle at the hotspot and misses a third attempt off the right boot on the turn. (Q4 9:15)
Wood marks 55m out on a slight angle and tries for a supergoal from the set shot… it clears the line and goes through. (Q4 11:06)
Sheed shaves the post with a set shot from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 12:57)
A chain of handballs in heavy traffic at the top of the square for the Eagles ends with McGinnity giving to Priddis who shows him how it’s done with a goal from 10m. (Q4 16:47)
Bell gives to Dick who has a flying miss from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 17:48)
Casboult marks just on 50m on the flank and misses as the breeze pushes it wide. (Q4 18:43)
Eagles playing Dream Team at this point, very bruise free. (Q4 20:59)
Tuohy marks just outside CHF and boots a supergoal as the final siren sounds. (Q4 22:53)

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