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Auto-load your external teams into FanFooty

One of the main reasons that people come to FanFooty is to enter their fantasy teams, usually those from the AFL Dream Team and Herald-Sun Super Coach competitions, into our Exteam feature so that they can get access to live fantasy scoring with a live page especially for their team, as well as head-to-head live scoring if their league opponent has done the same. Today we’ve made the process of enjoying live fantasy scoring a little bit easier by adding an Auto-load feature to your Super Coach exteam list and exteam creation pages, and when Dream Team opens up this year we’ll add it to those pages as well.

The Auto-load feature allows you to enter in the same email and password as you would on the Dream Team or Super Coach sites, and FanFooty goes out and collects your team data so that you don’t have to enter it all in on FanFooty. What used to take 10 minutes can now take five seconds!

It is very important to note that FanFooty does not, and never will, store the email addresses and passwords you enter in to the Auto-load feature. We’re not in the business of giving up your valuable team selection secrets! I would recommend for those who have their own computers at home (in a secure location!) to take advantage of the stored passwords feature of Mozilla Firefox, so that the form gets auto-populated and all you need do is press the button to update your latest squad.

Several of you have suggested this feature to me in the past, and it is an excellent idea. I hope you take advantage of it.

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