The FanFooty Fifty: NAB Cup Round 1 ‘08

I tried this once last year and it was very well received, so I’ll try to do more of them this year.

The FanFooty Fifty is my ranking of the top 50 fantasy players, with the main criterion being “pointscoring potential”. However, a player’s position does also play a part in his ranking, so that non-centre premiums get ranked higher due to their rarity; price is NOT a factor; players injured for the next home & away game do not appear, of course.

1. Dean Cox: Picked first in good fantasy sides despite interrupted pre-season
2. Chad Cornes: Lock to average 100+… not so true of most who did so in 07
3. Kane Cornes: Two consecutive 105+ years can’t be ignored
4. Dane Swan: Two consecutive 100+ years at such a young age is impressive
5. Jimmy Bartel: Brownlow hangover keeps him relatively low despite record 2007
6. Joel Corey: Would benefit from more attention on Bartel, especially early
7. Matthew Pavlich: Best fantasy forward last year and will salute again in 08
8. Brad Johnson: Just shaded by Pav on upside at the age of 31… solid as a rock
9. Paul Chapman: Explosive when fit and he’ll finally be fit to start this year
10. Nick Riewoldt: Still need him to play closer to goal to maximise fantasy scoring
11. Heath Scotland: Coach Ratten will let him run free like Pagan did in 07
12. Daniel Cross: Potential to reach Kane-like heights, if not Bartelesque
13. Scott Thompson: Unchallenged king of the Crows midfield now
14. Joel Bowden: Can start a year poorly but will end up averaging 95+ as usual
15. Andrew Carrazzo: South African performance cast doubts on his midfield TOG
16. Lenny Hayes: Lot of faith being put in him by fantasy coaches not to get injured
17. Matt Priddis: Pre-season injury to Kerr means a sudden increase in responsibility
18. Tarkyn Lockyer: Terrible NAB Cup game but he’ll be good in his normal role
19. Jonathan Brown: 22 games last year but not quite consistent enough for top 10
20. Cameron Bruce: Melbourne have to get better this year, surely…
21. Gary Ablett jnr: Not a fantasy forward any more which will hurt his popularity
22. Jordan Lewis: Time for Lewis to inherit Crawford’s role in the Hawks midfield*
23. Sam Mitchell: Ceiling is below 100 but will always deliver consistently
24. Nigel Lappin: Ageing and under threat in midfield rotation from a host of kids
25. Adam McPhee: Will become especially valuable in SC if his move forward sticks
26. Jeff White: If Cox goes down, White assumes the #1 fantasy ruck mantle
27. Scott West: Energiser Bunny has nothing on Westy… must slow down slightly
28. Leigh Montagna: Dal Santo got the tags in 07 but Monty will attract them now
29. Heath Shaw: Looks like he’s the new Pies quarterback after Clement’s retirement
30. Luke Hodge: Played injured for a lot of 07 so has some upside if fit in 08*
31. Brent Stanton: Gets no press but he’s the star in the Dons midfield now
32. Jed Adcock: Still has some upside left after everyone got on board in 07
33. Simon Goodwin: Might get rested forward more in 08 which makes him hot in SC
34. Nick Stevens: Judd will attract attention away from him and he will deliver
35. Luke Power: Becoming inconsistent but will crack tons every other week
36. James McDonald: Quietly averaged 96+ in last two years while focus was elsewhere
37. Adam Cooney: Took on a lot of responsibility in 07 and was good enough for it
38. Chad Fletcher: Plenty of Eagles midfield points to share around
39. Scott Lucas: If Knights doesn’t mess with him like Sheedy did, he’ll deliver
40. Adam Goodes: First full pre-season in years means he’ll start much stronger
41. Tyson Stenglein: Plenty of Eagles midfield points to share around
42. Adam Simpson: Still needs to be The Man in Roos midfield with others not starring
43. Sam Fisher: Goddard will start slowly so Fisher will start where he left off in 07
44. Peter Burgoyne: Back eligibility means he will be very popular this year
45. Nick Malceski: One of the premium backs who will make it into a lot of teams
46. Daniel Kerr: Pre-season injury doesn’t help at all… he’ll be back though
47. Matthew Boyd: Excellent numbers last year but Cross/Griffen will limit him in 08
48. Tyson Edwards: Worrying move into the backline in NAB Rd 1 killed his numbers
49. Matt Rosa: Plenty of Eagles midfield points to share around
50. Josh Fraser: Battled in Abu Dhabi but showed he’s still capable of solid scores

Warming Up: Chris Judd, Domenic Cassisi, Brendon Goddard, Steve Johnson, Quinten Lynch, Joel Selwood, Brad Green, Chris Knights, Shane Tuck, Ryan O’Keefe

Note that Lewis and Hodge are suspended for round 1, but I included them anyway. A big part of these lists is reader feedback, so don’t hesitate to attack my ratings of individual players, and suggest changes you’d like to make to either the 50 or the “Warming Up” section, which is players who just missed out on the main list. I’ll be glad to hear your opinions!


  1. John

    February 12, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    uve got most of it right k.cornes and coz will be my top 2 picked and i rate stanton,s.thompson hugely, swan will drop off this year as will n.lappin,carazzo,boyd,l.hayes,lockyer and goodwins top 15 after hes impressed as new skipper and dominated in NAB cup

  2. Sam

    February 13, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    John Says: 9:02 pm, February 12th, 2008
    swan will drop off this year as will n.lappin,carazzo,boyd,l.hayes,lockyer and goodwin.

    You obviously didn’t see goodwin up and running in Dubai. He regained some of that pace that he lacked through injury last year.. He will perform again. DT STAR!

  3. Big Perm (Perms Panthers)

    February 14, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I was lucky enough to meet Brayshaw at the Adelaide Test ……… within 10 words we were on to Dream Team prospects ….. somehow the argument quickly turned to how tough and hard Lenny is …. If anyone wants to go fishing, let Lenny know, he’s a big fan … you bring the bait and Lenny will bring the tackles … i know its risky but at the Dome, “Lenny the Lamb” is just grazing grass in a fine paddock !

  4. Brent

    February 21, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    What about Dal Santo??? Needs to be considered surely???

  5. m0nty

    February 21, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    The reason NDS isn’t in the FanFooty Fifty is that it’s mostly a DT list, not an SC one, and while NDS might be a top 5 scorer in SC he’s not in the top 75 in DT.

  6. Brent

    February 25, 2008 at 10:30 am

    Monty you are truely a Fan Footy Guru!!

    What are your thought on Mark Coughlan could he be this years David Rodan?

  7. Jock

    March 4, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    the list is ok, i guess we all have different opinions
    wheres milburn though

    also, will the two knew mortons, at richmond and melbourne, be good picks for rookies
    i dont know, i havent been following those two clubs