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FanFooty Fifty

The FanFooty Fifty: R11 ’07

This is a new weekly feature I’m trying out for the FanFooty blog: a ranking of the top 50 fantasy players. Everyone loves to talk about which player is better than another player and footy is no different, as has been shown by Mike Sheahan’s top 50 in the Herald-Sun newspaper. A big shoutout also should be made to the Big Board feature of Yahoo’s fantasy coverage, maintained by Brandon Funston, which fulfills a similar role for NFL, MLB and other fantasy-flavoured sports in the US.

A word or two on eligibility: the criteria is “pointscoring potential”, but a player’s position does also play a part in his ranking, so that non-centre premiums get ranked higher due to their rarity; price is NOT a factor; injured players do not appear, of course.

1. Jimmy Bartel: Does this man ever have an opponent? Haven’t seen one lately
2. Kane Cornes: Cheapest player in the AFL but consistency is unarguable
3. Matthew Pavlich: Two massive weeks lifts him above BJ for best forward
4. Brad Johnson: Most consistent forward in the game, even with injuries
5. Dane Swan: Last year’s star keeps his mojo even when tagging Bruce
6. Tarkyn Lockyer: Has shaded Swan in scoring but too reliant on Heath Shaw
7. Cameron Bruce: Leaps taggers in a single bound… less goals than 06 though
8. Scott Thompson: Will profit from Goodwin’s demise even under tags
9. Matt Priddis: No question, he’s this year’s Swan… until Cuz returns
10. Andrew Carrazzo: No signs of letting up on fabulous breakout season
11. Nick Riewoldt: Back to his best… 4 100s from last 5
12. Dean Cox: Back to most important ruck in the game
13. Scott West: Will get more attention after Cross’s injury
14. Heath Scotland: Starting to get worryingly patchy within games
15. James Hird: Six 90+s in a row… age not wearying
16. James McDonald: Still benefiting from attention all being on Bruce
17. Leigh Montagna: Saints midfield quietly returning to fitness
18. Chad Cornes: Tagged for first time this week… didn’t cope
19. Joel Corey: Two 100s in a row is pleasingly consistent
20. Chris Judd: 83 and 71 in last two… thigh soreness is real?
21. Sam Mitchell: Too inconsistent to rate in the top 20
22. Dustin Fletcher: 247 in last two means Bombers backline is working
23. Paul Chapman: Recovering steadily from hammy
24. Brad Green: Backed up 162 with 80… a tad disappointing
25. Nick Malceski: Goodes’ return to form is keeping taggers away
26. Scott Burns: Eight 85+ in a row, he’s rock solid
27. Nigel Lappin: 114 and 117 in last two, it’s the old Nigel
28. Sam Fisher: In hot form with 117 and 118 in last two
29. Jason Winderlich: Two tons on the trot means he’s fit and firing
30. Joel Bowden: Four 100s in previous four before this week
31. Chris Knights: Might struggle in future without Goodwin
32. Gary Ablett jnr: Hasn’t cracked the ton in four games
33. Luke Hodge: 80s and 90s don’t cut it for Hodge
34. Adam Simpson: One ton in last six is not impressive
35. Brock McLean: Seems to be over his injuries
36. Troy Selwood: Averaging 96.5 from four… may drop off soon
37. Matt Rosa: Two 120+s in a row, he’s red hot
38. Tyson Edwards: Dependable even without Goodwin
39. Tyson Stenglein: A rising tide lifts all Eagles midfielders
40. Josh Fraser: Consistency is invaluable in thin ruck stocks
41. Peter Everitt: Has taken over from Jolly in Swan ruck
42. Tim Notting: Lions midfield is up and running
43. Josh Drummond: 246 in last two can’t be ignored
44. Luke Ball: Well and truly over early problems
45. Matthew Boyd: Will get more work without Cross
46. Peter Bell: 466 in last four is excellent form
47. Scott Lucas: Moved to FF this week which is a worry
48. Brett Kirk: Building up a string of good numbers
49. Michael Johnson: Looks comfortable in Freo backline
50. Cameron Ling: Run-with roles aren’t stopping production

Warming Up: Shane Tuck, Brad Sewell, Simon Black, Steve Johnson, Adam McPhee, Jordan Lewis, Lenny Hayes, Jess Sinclair, Nathan Foley, Jeff White, Daniel Giansiracusa, Jonathan Brown, Brendon Lade, Andrew Walker, Jake King.

A big part of these lists is reader feedback, so don’t hesitate to attack my ratings of individual players, and suggest changes you’d like to make to either the 50 or the “Warming Up” section, which is players who just missed out on the main list. I’ll be glad to hear your opinions!

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