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Upgrade analysis: Centres

You may want to read my overall strategy reasoning before continuing.

Best cheap rookies:

David Armitage ($89k): Very highly rated at the Saints, and encouragingly, rotated through the midfield in his first game last week. Lenny Hayes’ return doesn’t augur well for his game time, but then again, Leigh Montagna broke his jaw. If another Saint midfielder goes down with injury, get on him as fast as you can.

Beau Muston ($82k): The Hawks really rate this one. He was in the mix before round one, (before Ellis got the nod ahead of him) and since then hasn’t played. He’ll no doubt get a run this year, (youth policy), and he’s a reasonable chance to keep his spot. As a free-running flanker, loves the uncontested stats.

Mitch Morton ($117k): Classy, classy player. I don’t know how the Eagles keep coming up with them. Make no mistake – Morton is destined for big things, and I reckon West Coast will find room for him very soon. Played his first game for the year two weeks ago, after injuring a knee in the pre-season.

Travis Boak ($103k): Top-five pick last year, obviously, and has been in solid form in the SANFL. I have no doubt Port will give him a crack this year.

Bryce Campbell ($82k): With all the hype around Froggy Davey (I mean Alwyn) this year, Campbell could have been just as good a Dream Team recruit early on. He’s a mature-age first-year player, like Davey, but has been injured until now. Pity, because if he’d got a run it would probably have worked out well. He’s an inside midfielder, Sam Mitchell-style, and I assume is pretty prolific when it comes to stats.

Best upgrade options:

(These first few are the more expensive top-shelf players. The latter bunch are cheaper, more speculative upgrade targets).

Chris Judd ($396k): Gun. I reckon he’s the most consistent Dream Teamer there is. Worth getting.

Kane Cornes ($386k): Should drop this week, but not much. Loves the possessions, and a proven DT star. Not much risk here either.

Cameron Bruce ($375k): Will benefit from Brock McLean’s return to Melbourne, and slightly cheaper than he’s worth right now. Excellent choice.

Sam Mitchell ($380k): In better form than ever for the Hawks, racking up the numbers and pushing himself every week. Wants to be the next Hawks captain.

Simon Goodwin ($337k): Without doubt the cheapest of the in-form midfielders, after some shockers earlier this season including one score of just 4. That’s all in the past, his injury concerns are gone, and he’s ready to fire up. Very smart choice, this one.

Andrew Carrazzo ($344k): Wondering how much more Carrazzo could go up; not much, I reckon. However, he’s playing wonderful football and scoring very well. Not a popular choice, which helps distinguish your team. But make no mistake – we’re in the ‘speculative’ stage of proceedings now.

Steven Salopek ($291k): Like Kane Cornes, loves to get the ball, and is having a poor start to the year. Hasn’t got a lot of publicity, so a rather sly choice. Set to go up.

Shaun Burgoyne ($282k): Will go down in price this week, so ‘wait there’ for a bit. Nevertheless, has had a run of shockers, and his value is approaching the lowest it will ever be. I reckon he’ll get back into top form, although he’ll be rather inconsistent, as the year goes on. Excellent value for money.

Adam Goodes ($257k): Going to rise in price, so this is the week. However, even with a significant rise, will still be as cheap as all buggery. But I wouldn’t recommend Goodes, I’m a bit too worried about the bad form, which I reckon will last for a while yet.

Daniel Kerr ($296k): Now that he’s suspended, you can rest easy for two weeks, safe in the knowledge that while you sort out your backs and forwards, this brilliant opportunity to get Kerr for less than $300k will still exist. Don’t forget – this bloke was killing it earlier in the season. He’s had some bad weeks, some shockers, in a row, but don’t let that stop you.

Andrew Mackie ($301k): Unusual choice, I know. But Mackie has been a real play-maker for the Cats this season, running off half-back. If he can cement that position (and he’s a long way towards doing that, with very little fanfare) watch out. He’ll be a great Dream Team pickup. However, there are injury worries (he missed last week, and is in doubt for this week).

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