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Tredders sez: I’ll be back

Choco Williams and Warren Tredrea gave a press conference today, discussing Wozza’s recent poor form and his future at the club. You can read the report here, but the most interesting point is below:

Tredrea … reiterated the club’s long-held view that he would start to play somewhere nearer his peak in the second half of 2007.

If Tredrea can come good – and not 100-average good, but 80-average good – he’ll be a definite bargain right now at $186k, with further drops likely. (However, at those prices even bad scores don’t take a heap off, so Tredrea probably won’t fall a great deal.)

But even though he’s a cheapie who may well come good, Tredrea is probably too risky for many coaches out there. If you’re in need of a boost, I’d recomment the punt, but otherwise it’s worth steering clear for now.

With Barry Hall at $274k, Aker at $249k, and Ryan O’Keefe at $294k, there’s plenty of other (more reliable) forwards who will do very well for a good price.

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