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Coaches Box podcast

The Coaches Box fantasy football podcast #1!

Phillip Molly Malone and me, Paul Montgomery, are teaming up to produce an AFL fantasy football podcast called The Coaches Box. It will get its own site in due time but here’s a direct link to the pilot episode.

After yakking for a bit about the recent server issue on FanFooty and then remembering to introduce ourselves, Molly and I lay out our Dream Team lineups, muse about how many trades that DT/SC coaches should be burning right now, discuss whether the AFL will have to adopt NFL-style policies to force teams to give more injury information about their players and stop them making late teamsheet changes, mention grimlock’s excellent FFGenie program for calculating price fluctuations, chew over how to choose your captain, talk a bit about the horror that is, go through the Boys On The Bubble for round 4 one by one, and disclose that we’re both Hawk supporters. Sprinkled in the discussion are opinions on over 50 AFL players, including Justin Koschitzke, Warren Tredrea, Luke Ball, Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Robert Campbell, Simon Taylor, Nigel Lappin and Richard Hadley.

We hope to get listeners involved and do live shows in future, as well as get some more guests involved… including some secrets from some EliteDre@mTe@mers!

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