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Talking Points: round 21

Player of the Week: Matthew Priddis (160)

Ok, ok we were wrong. Not only did the Paddle Pop Lion step up and fill the void left by Daniel Kerr, he also filled up the Chris Judd-void as well…

Five weeks ago he looked like he might get pushed out as we edged closer to the finals. But due to Ben Cousins, Judd, Chad Fletcher and Kerr all missing games in this period he has recaptured his early season form. Don’t expect this to change at home against Essendon, who have one of the poorer midfields going around.

Biggest Disappointment: Michael Johnson (29)

Johnson was one of the steals of the 2006 season, but he has failed to reach the same dizzying heights in 2007. A 29 this week was his worst output of the season, and he has averaged only 57 since Mark Harvey took over. This is down on his average of 68 for the season – both are incredibly disappointing figures.

Other points of interest:

– Two goals, 9 points and a couple of out of bounds to boot – if that isn’t enough to frustrate a DT coach I don’t know what is. Yet Buddy Love still manages to rack up 113 Dream Team points. We forecast that if he actually managed to kick straight he would have scored something like 170 and could have featured as this week’s star… Maybe he should pick himself next year and he might kick a bit straighter!

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