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Talking Points: round 19

– Player of the Week: Matthew Pavlich (168)… With a total of 30 touches and 6 goals, Pav is the winner of the player of the week. The Big Pavlova scored a massive 168

– Biggest Disappointment: Jared Brennan (20)… For those who finally thought he had come of age, Jared could barely get near the ball

– It was a very high scoring Dream Team, week with more than 50 players scoring over 100 points. Matthew Priddis (115) responded to our criticism of his haircut and welcomed a little more time in the midfield with Chris Judd down forward. He posted a decent score as he was consistently doing earlier in the season. With Matt Rosa (134) and Daniel Kerr (112) all scoring well it shows how good the Eagles midfield is. Those looking to strengthen their gun team for the finals may want to take note of these names.

– As mentioned last week, Daniel Gilmore is in a bit of a purple patch with the Sandiman out, scoring 126, well up on his average of 77. Would have been excellent trade potential if he was listed in the ruck rather than a centre/back. One to watch for next year, even with Sandi back.

Wayde Skipper (62) is on the downslide and was not the bargain that the 4,348 players were hoping he was. Daniel Giansiracusa suffered a shoulder injury and his score of 18 reflects this.

– Tagger Watch: Jordan Bannister – For the second time this year The Chad was nullified by Bannister…

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