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Talking Points: round 14

Player of the week: Paul Chapman (153). This score included a massive 64-point final quarter – exactly the sort of application Dream Team coaches love to see; as the Bombers’ body count piled up, Chapman was the man who plundered more than any other. If you’re thinking of getting him, move fast; his price is now $362k, and he has a breakeven of just 26

Honourable mentions: Tyson Edwards (152), Scott Thompson (146), Matthew Boyd (146), Domenic Cassisi (140), Kade Simpson (134), Matthew Richardson (127), Dane Swan (126)

Biggest disappointment: Leigh Montagna (48). The little bloke had an off day against the Pies in the wet – 13 touches, one mark. Not cool, especially considering three recent scores of 120+. The impact on his price is already being felt, with an 8k drop to $386k. Beware – next week’s breakeven is 155.

Other points of interest:

– I mentioned the body count above. It is by no means extended to Essendon – Scott West scored 29, Andrew Embley scored 37, Brett Deledio scored 36 and Cameron Bruce was a late withdrawal – all due to injuries. Alwyn Davey’s Dream Team season is over – although his recent good form means his price has risen nicely just before the injury, allowing Dream Teamers to extract maximum value from their cash cow. Not so positive for Ricky Petterd – at least the kid is ok – however, his score of just 4 is not good for his price. The good news is that injuries heal; Chris Judd returned to Dream Team 100 land, causing simultaneous sighs of relief across the nation, and Daniel Kerr also scored a ton for the first time in a while (although may miss through suspension)

– After stunning form all season, some blue-chip guns are starting to sink in price. Kornes is down to $377k this week, with much further left to go; his breakeven is 207. Jimmy Bartel is another with a double-ton breakeven; his scrappy 83 on Friday night showed he’s not injured, but will prove excellent value in coming weeks as his price slumps. He’s currently at $398k. Heath Scotland is the third gun to suffer – he scored just 56 against Melbourne, shooting him down 26k to be at $328k. That’s verrry enticing

Brock McLean is another on the way down – but he’s nowhere near as attractive, despite a lower price. McLean is at $284k after scoring just 50 against the Blues

– Commentators were widely positive about Barry Hall’s game against Freo on Sunday – where he scored just 51 – and then I read this article this morning saying it’s typical of where he’ll be for the rest of the year. Ouch:

“What we saw from him today is probably what we are going to get from him for the rest of the year,” Roos said… “we will rotate him on and off the ground a fair bit.”

Xavier Ellis had a good night against the Crows, scoring 81 – his best this year. Shane Crawford also had a good match, scoring 116; it’s his third ton in a row

Travis Boak out-did Ellis, scoring 88 in his third game for the Power. Boak racked up 23 possessions and eight marks; he’s a ball-winner, all right

Justin Koschitzke took the field a week after sustaining a two- to three-week hamstring injury, but he needn’t have bothered for Dream Team purposes. A disappointing game yielded just 41 points

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