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Talking Points: Round 12A

Please note: there is no ‘Player of the Week’ and ‘Biggest Disappointment’ declarations this week – I’ll do them next week once all eight games have been played. We’re all about equality here at FanFooty!

Points of interest:  

Warren Tredrea’s great game against Essendon was either a long time coming or a flash in the pan, depending on who you talk to. Tredrea scored 88, but luckily his previous shocking form meant he only rose 8k, to $194k which means he’s still as cheap as chips. However, his breakeven is just 19 which means significant rises are only a few goals away. Port have the Lions next – is Tredrea a good bet at this price? That’s the hot question of the moment.

Joel Selwood continued his excellent debut season, scoring a career-high 121 against
Brisbane. The wet conditions suited the midfielder, and it’s interesting to note that he now has an identical average to that of Marc Murphy during both their first eight games. Considering all the hype about Murphy last year, Selwood is doing very well and probably not attracting the same fanfare. Owners of Gary Ablett will be pleased – he scored about 50 final-quarter points for a match total of 139, pipping Jimmy Bartel who pulled another hundred out with 129. The news wasn’t so good for other Cats players – Cameron Ling scored 69, Andrew Mackie registered 71, Corey Enright scored just 39, and young gun Kane Tenace had a disappointing 58.

Getting back to Bartel – personally, I think he’s topped out in price right now (which is a dangerous thing to say…) He’s up 11k to $456k, but his breakeven next week is 117. That’s after recent scores of 111 (Port), 150 (Saints), 117 (Crows) and now 129. He’s topped out. Kane Cornes is probably another who’s close to a price plateau; his breakeven is 121.

While those to are at the top of the rollercoaster, several other good midfielders are on their way down-town. Simon Black scored just 53 against the Cats, and is now priced at $312k with a breakeven of 155 – he’ll probably end up about $280k in two weeks. Jordan Lewis scored 67 – his third disappointing week in a row – while Mark Ricciuto scored 39 against the Kangaroos, meaning he slipped 27k. He’s now $267k with a breakeven of 160.

It’s not just midfielders who are feeling the damage. Scott Lucas fell nearly 30k to be $302k, (breakeven: 144) and teammate Matthew Lloyd is down to $288k with a breakeven of 130. Jonathan Brown is now $310k with a breakeven of 126 (he scored 64 against the Cats), and Brendan Fevola’s measly 38 against Hawthorn means he is down to just $237k, with a breakeven of over 118. Oh dear.

One final point: Adam Cooney did well in Daniel Cross’ absence, scoring 103 against the Fremantle midfield. It was Cooney’s second ton in a row – the first time he’s done that since round 10 & 11 two years ago. Could he be about to explode? He’s good value at $323k but has a breakeven of just 13… Discuss.

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