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Richmond Tigers

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmDraftSOORecruited from
Liam BakerUtil-Smal727 Jan, 199826 y 77 d173 cm72 kg1142017 Roo #18WASubiaco
Noah BaltaUtil-Tall2123 Oct, 199924 y 173 d194 cm105 kg892017 Nat #25VICCalder Cannons
Sam BanksDef-Med-Gen412 Apr, 200321 y 11 d187 cm74 kg92021 Nat #29TASTasmania Devils
Jacob BauerFwd-Tall-Key434 Jun, 200221 y 314 d192 cm86 kg42022 Oth #10SANorth Adelaide
Shai BoltonFwd-Smal-Gen298 Dec, 199825 y 127 d176 cm77 kg1182016 Nat #29WASouth Fremantle
Kaelan BradtkeUtil-Tall371 May, 200122 y 348 d195 cm97 kgN/ANSWCorowa-Rutherglen
Nathan BroadDef-Tall-Key3515 Apr, 199330 y 364 d192 cm86 kg1302015 Nat #67WASwan Districts
Tom BrownDef-Med-Gen3030 Jul, 200320 y 258 d193 cm81 kg42021 Nat #17VICMurray Bushrangers
Seth CampbellFwd-Med-Gen4429 Dec, 200419 y 106 d182 cm74 kg52022 Roo #12TAS
Jason CastagnaFwd-Med-Gen1112 Jul, 199627 y 276 d182 cm82 kg1332017 RooVICNorthern Knights
Judson ClarkeFwd-Smal-Gen2317 Oct, 200320 y 179 d180 cm73 kg172021 Nat #30VICDandenong Stingrays
Mate ColinaRuck-Tall3920 May, 199924 y 329 d211 cm113 kg2020 OthVICUniversity of Hawaii
Trent CotchinMid-Med97 Apr, 199034 y 6 d185 cm86 kg3062007 Nat #2VICNorthern Knights
Matthew CoulthardFwd-Smal-Gen2611 May, 200122 y 338 d176 cm76 kg4N/ASAGlenelg
Noah CumberlandFwd-Med-Gen3815 Mar, 200123 y 29 d183 cm78 kg182019 Nat #43QLDBrisbane Academy
Thomson DowMid-Med2716 Oct, 200122 y 180 d184 cm79 kg222019 Nat #21VICBendigo Pioneers
Liam FawcettFwd-Tall-Key3722 Apr, 200518 y 357 d197 cm87 kg2023 nat #43SACentral District
Josh GibcusDef-Tall-Key184 Apr, 200321 y 9 d196 cm91 kg202021 Nat #9VICGWV Rebels
Jack GrahamMid-Med3425 Feb, 199826 y 48 d181 cm85 kg1182016 Nat #53SANorth Adelaide
Steely GreenMid-Smal489 Jan, 200420 y 95 d179 cm76 kg2022 Nat #55WA
Dylan GrimesDef-Tall-Key216 Jul, 199132 y 272 d194 cm92 kg2322009 Pre #2VICNorthern Knights
Oliver Hayes-BrownRuck-Tall4728 Apr, 200023 y 351 d208 cm114 kg2023 rooVICPerth Wildcats
Jacob HopperMid-Med226 Feb, 199727 y 67 d187 cm86 kg1312015 Nat #7NSWNorth Ballarat
Jacob KoschitzkeDef-Tall-Key2011 Jul, 200023 y 277 d196 cm96 kg502018 Nat #52NSWMurray Bushrangers
Mykelti LefauFwd-Tall-Key4218 Jan, 199826 y 86 d195 cm95 kg3N/AN/ANew Zealand
Tom J. LynchFwd-Tall-Key1931 Oct, 199231 y 165 d199 cm100 kg2192010 Nat #11VICDandenong Stingrays
Rhyan MansellDef-Med-Gen314 Jun, 200023 y 314 d180 cm77 kg362020 PreTASNorth Launceston
Dustin MartinMid-Med426 Jun, 199132 y 292 d187 cm93 kg2922009 Nat #3VICBendigo Pioneers
Kane McAuliffeMid-Med281 Mar, 200519 y 43 d187 cm88 kg12023 nat #40SANorth Adelaide
Kamdyn McIntoshDef-Tall-Gen333 Apr, 199430 y 10 d191 cm92 kg1732012 Nat #31WAPeel Thunder
Ben MillerDef-Tall-Key4631 Aug, 199924 y 226 d198 cm97 kg282017 Nat #63WASubiaco
Sam Naismith2416 Jul, 199231 y 272 d206 cm104 kg302015 RooNSWNorth Shore
Toby NankervisRuck-Tall2512 Aug, 199429 y 245 d199 cm102 kg1402013 Nat #35TASNorth Launceston
Marlion PickettMid-Med506 Jan, 199232 y 98 d184 cm83 kg832019 Oth #13WASouth Fremantle
Dion PrestiaMid-Smal312 Oct, 199231 y 184 d175 cm84 kg2142010 Nat #9VICCalder Cannons
Hugo RalphsmithMid-Med139 Nov, 200122 y 156 d187 cm81 kg312019 Nat #46VICSandringham Dragons
Jack RiewoldtFwd-Tall-Key831 Oct, 198835 y 165 d193 cm92 kg3472006 Nat #13TASTassie Mariners
Daniel RioliDef-Med-Gen1716 Apr, 199726 y 363 d179 cm78 kg1642015 Nat #15NTSt Mary's
Maurice Rioli jnrFwd-Smal-Gen101 Sep, 200221 y 225 d179 cm81 kg312020 Nat #51NTSt Marys
Jack RossMid-Med53 Sep, 200023 y 223 d187 cm87 kg642018 Nat #43VICOakleigh Chargers
Samson RyanRuck-Tall329 Dec, 200023 y 126 d206 cm103 kg162020 Nat #40QLDBrisbane Academy
Jayden ShortDef-Smal-Gen1524 Jan, 199628 y 80 d178 cm75 kg1582016 RooVICNorthern Knights
Kaleb SmithDef-Med-Gen4920 Nov, 200419 y 145 d181 cm77 kg2022 Nat #49WA
Tyler SonsieMid-Med4027 Jan, 200321 y 77 d181 cm77 kg122021 Nat #28VICEastern Ranges
Tim TarantoMid-Med1428 Jan, 199826 y 76 d188 cm87 kg1422016 Nat #2VICSandringham Dragons
Robbie TarrantDef-Tall-Key625 Apr, 198934 y 354 d196 cm96 kg1942007 Nat #15VICBendigo Pioneers
James TreziseDef-Med-Gen3615 Jun, 200221 y 303 d188 cm76 kg2N/AVICRichmond VFL
Nick VlastuinDef-Med-Gen119 Apr, 199429 y 360 d187 cm88 kg2162012 Nat #9VICNorthern Knights
Tylar YoungDef-Tall-Key455 Sep, 199825 y 221 d196 cm97 kg232022 Roo #26NSWNorth Albury

Average age of the senior list: 25 years and 236 day/s from 49 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 25 years and 236 day/s from 49 players.
Gold Coast0-0-01
Princes Pk0-0-01

Last Game - Round 4
Apr 7, Norwood: St Kilda 9.13.67 defeated Richmond 9.6.60.
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Next Game - Round 5
4.00pm AEST Apr 14, Perth: away to West Coast.
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Fwd: Forward. Mid: Midfielder. Def: Defender. Smal: Small. Med: Medium. Gen: General.
Nat: National draft. Roo: Rookie draft. Pre: Preseason draft. Mid: Midseason draft. Oth: Other draft.
F/S: Father/son selection (in national draft).