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GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 135,814)Breakeven
274.0$479,00088.4 (-14)$0 (-$9,000)5.49% - 7,460 (-7)102

GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 23,909)Breakeven
231.5$124,60023.0 (+9)$0 (-$361,500)1.35% - 323 (-7)7

GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 201,702)Breakeven
163.0$436,40080.5 (-18)$0 ($0)0.16% - 323 (+0)

AFL Status
Position: Back
Team: Richmond
Number: 13
Birthdate: 24 Jul 1988
Height: 185cm
Weight: 85kg
Recruited: Broadbeach
State: QLD
Debut: 2007, R5 vs SY
Games: 95
Goals: 76
List: long-term injury
Selection: Out Out
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
20152news in W. BulldogsMCG74636295790.3.3
201424news sub Pt AdelaideAdelaide37353123402.1.13
201423Cold subbed SydneyHomebush19101919271.2.8
201422cherry St KildaMCG1281141031691293.3.21

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
201513away to Sydney54.3 (6)-140 (6)+0
201514home to W. Sydney0.0 (0)-680 (0)+0
201515home to Carlton48.7 (7)-200 (7)+0
201516away to St Kilda78.0 (4)+100 (4)+0
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battle No score for Petterd in NAB 1
NEWS: Ricky Petterd had Johannisen on...
ANALYSIS: Petterd is in a battle...
Source: FanFooty, Sat 28/2, 7:10PM
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FanFooty 19                     
DT 74                     
SC 63                     
Y! 95                     
FR 62                     
GS 79                     
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, footytips.com.au & FantasyFooty.net.au. SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Ricky Petterd NEW!
2007ME956662.854360.31.3 : 12.4 : 175%0.6
2008ME29145.576381.5 : 11.8 : 10%0.5
2009ME18121267.3117665.31.6 : 12.4 : 170%0.5
2010ME646076.650383.81.7 : 12.4 : 166%0.5
2011ME15118478.9117678.42.2 : 12.8 : 162%0.8
2012ME418947.219348.21.8 : 13.5 : 10%1
2013RI1180373837761.5 : 13.2 : 142%0.5
2014RI16137886.1129981.11.7 : 13 : 170%0.7
2015RI1747463632 : 12.1 : 150%1
Career82595772.6586671.51.7 : 12.7 : 163%0.6
CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
2009R14Abusive languageEarly plea$900 fine
anyone know how much his mum charges per hour? - kwidjaja23 - 46 months ago
Was sledged because even his mum doesn't have him in her Dream Team. - Disco DB - 46 months ago
what a pussy! - pate_vn - 46 months ago
don't worry ricky, your mum loves me too ;) - S_Coach99 - 46 months ago
yeh, Fox Sport News has it down "Unlucky Demon Ricky Petterd has injured his hamstring in intra-club match." - TigerFever - 52 months ago
did he really hurt his hammy today? - TiMmMMmY - 52 months ago
What do people think of him for 2011? - Dylbags - 52 months ago
anyone on petterd? - joshua98 - 52 months ago
u do know that he's injured EAGLE4LIFE don't u? or do u live in a cave? - higgins76 - 60 months ago
hopeless against carlton - EAGLE4LIFE - 60 months ago
This bloke is a thombstone, out for possibly the season. - jesseboy - 61 months ago
Tony73, the fact that there's only two occasions this has happened this year should suggest it's EASY to pick up. An exception report ought to do it. 5 minutes. Done. Yes, you may have copped Drummo's 3 or Stevo's 4, and yes they would be virtual zeroes. You know what else? THEIR PRICES CHANGED WHEREAS HARVEY, PETTERD AND DRUMMOND DIDN'T! Convenient you left that bit out. Everybody SHOULD play by the rules, but rules get tinkered from time to time. Want an example? How about the rushed behind rule? The AFL wanted to change it, they did change it. Everyone agrees with it. We move on. Believe me, there's nothing worse to have a player, who played, scores zero, and have a bloody substitute cracking an unexpected 80 and beat ya. One sure fire way to power ppl off. Tony73, that's not playing by the rules, that's called BULL**, for the lack of a better term. - BartelCRAP - 69 months ago
His 62.8 2007 av includes th game he punctured his lung/ccollapsed in which he only scored 4pts. Take out that game & he has 560pts from 8 gms @ an av of 70odd. Petterd for Raines? - ajap13 - 74 months ago