Andrew Carrazzo
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Format14 Gm14 Avg13 Gm13 Avg
Basic (DT/AF)1481.41062.7
Exotic (SC)1488.11066.1
AFL FantasyCTR $461,00085.1
Dream TeamCTR $459,60084.8
SupercoachCTR $473,40087.6

AFL Status
Position: Midfielder
Team: Carlton
Number: 44
Birthdate: 15 Dec 1983
Height: 187cm
Weight: 84kg
Recruited: Geelong Falcons
State: VIC
Debut: 2004, R21 vs ME
Games: 193
Goals: 52
List: senior
Selection: In In
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201423tagger EssendonMCG101110761351022.1.13
201422news Pt AdelaideAdelaide74645266786.0.36
201421star tagger GeelongDocklands106129881301236.0.36
201420tagger Gold CoastDocklands67735187692.3.15

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
20140away to North Melb.83.9 (12)+10 (12)+0
20140home to Adelaide80.7 (10)-20 (10)+0
20140home to W. Bulldogs96.8 (9)+140 (9)+0
20141home to Pt Adelaide84.0 (12)+10 (12)+0
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FanFooty  131326     24242520185  1914212430
DT  766592     8672122836456  766710674101
SC  787686     8292127856560  1037312964110
Y!  658583     8074156756673  688713066135
FR  595167     665394614645  5851885276
GS  847396     9078129876960  846912378102
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, & SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Andrew Carrazzo NEW!
2004CA2136681.4 : 14 : 10%0.5
2005CA20126263.1145272.61.6 : 13.7 : 150%0.4
2006CA19149478.6149978.81.2 : 13 : 140%0.6
2007CA222203100.12256102.51 : 14.9 : 157%1
2008CA21197293.9204697.41.1 : 14 : 157%1.6
2009CA14119285.1119385.21 : 16.8 : 157%0.7
2010CA22179681.6172478.31 : 15.1 : 133%0.9
2011CA16147191.9149393.31 : 15.1 : 157%1.1
2012CA14126690.4135596.71 : 1.26.5 : 183%1.2
2013CA1062762.766166.11 : 1.17.2 : 150%0.9
2014CA14114081.4123087.81 : 1.37 : 10%0.6
Career1741455983.61490986.61 : 14.8 : 152%0.9
CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
2007R5Umpire contactEarly plea$2400 fine
this guy is now a must-have at the end of the year! should come down to around 380k and you can upgrade a rookie ie bugg or ellis to him. will finish the final 5 or so rounds with a 110 average - dtfreak - 32 months ago
calf injury was only meant to see this guy out for one week! Now he isn;t named in the side this week either. - plrgrs - 43 months ago
if he was let free he would be one of my 1st picked every year, the guy is a ball magnet when he isnt tagging. Especially in DT he would be ridiculous. As a blues fan atleast he is a bloody good tagger! ;) - Judd005 - 48 months ago
I kept him all year in 10'. Thanks for the score of 10 in the grand final you $%^*! - GJayBee - 49 months ago
Carrats 2011? - snowman123 - 49 months ago
SEN are hopeless they never get anything right. Their info is as bad as most of the info you hear from people on thi site. - Fenno - 54 months ago
Carazzo is out tonight according to SEN - jack2010 - 54 months ago
lol migman he has been wearing high heels to his measurements for years now! he was 189 a few years back. I'm guessing he's actually about 182 tops. - xztatik - 55 months ago
if this bloke was let off the leash he would average 30+ disposals a game. huge engine on him! I dont think he is 187cm tall though? - migman19 - 56 months ago
not sure why you would be looking at getting him in now, hes in a completely different role to earlier in the year: tagging and defensive. no longer getting the cheap kicks across half back. thats gone to gibbs and russel. there are better options for the same price and if you can fork out the extra $$$ - Jim Jam - 56 months ago
got him in now my backs complete. goddard,hodge,malceski,gilbee,shaw,waters,carrazzo - phil17680 - 56 months ago
straight swap maguire to carrazzo? my backs: hodge, goddard, waters, duffield, harbrow, shaw, maguire - henderson, heath. will it complete my backs? - DC_Magsy - 56 months ago
ratten has killed what was one of the few shining dt lights available in the backline. If you've picked carrazzo you are still a switched on dter - you've just been outdone by a mastermind who thinks gibbs also make a good full back. go boof yourself brett - Cahill - 56 months ago
keep goddard! - max5 - 57 months ago
Goddard>Carrazzo - VegasMagic - 58 months ago
Hargraves hasnt performed so who is the best option - Caz or goddard? - djent2 - 58 months ago
thankyou. 131 DT points. get ready for a huge year... - forks - 59 months ago
ball, but caz for the backline - toodledock - 59 months ago
who would people got luke ball or carzzo - jackoking - 59 months ago
i got him in my team this year, hes my no.1 tagger too ;) - morgs10 - 60 months ago