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Player news from R18 of 2023: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

News snippets for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2023

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Jack Silvagni (110/141): First goal… 4.1 from 19 disposals and 5 marks with 4 tackles. Playing a forward/ruck role on Jonas.
Silvagni also had 10 taps.
Nic Newman (108/106): Coming off a HBF
Newman contributed with 23 possessions, 4 marks, 9 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.
Patrick Cripps (100/107): Copped the Drew tag in Q3… 24 disposals and 7 tackles plus 1.3… helped out by 3FF. Playing inside midfield.

Charlie Curnow (98/101): Most of his goals in second half junk time… Kicked 3.3 from 11 grabs and 15 touches. Starting at CHF on Jonas then got Aliir in Q2.

Tom De Koning (97/109): First ruck
De Koning contributed with 13 touches, 2 marks, 6 tackles and 33 hit outs.
Blake Acres (89/83): Matched up on Duursma… 24 possessions with 17 by foot… also 8 marks. Playing an outside game.

Sam Docherty (86/86): Playing wing
Docherty contributed with 25 touches, 3 grabs and 3 tackles.
Mitch McGovern (80/116): In defence on Finlayson
McGovern contributed with 21 touches, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.
Sam Walsh (76/88): Tagged by Drew until HT… 23 disposals and 6 tackles. In central midfield.

George Hewett (74/78): Matched up on Boak… 19 possessions and 3 marks plus 5 tackles. Doing jobs in midfield.

Lachlan Fogarty (70/66): Playing a forward pressure role
Fogarty contributed with 11 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles and managed 1.1.
Adam Cerra (62/77): Head to head with Rozee… 17 possessions with 14 by hand… also 6 tackles and 2 marks. Starting on ball.

Jesse Motlop (62/100): Late replacement for Matthew Owies… three goals in Q2 as Carlton surged… 4.0 from 10 disposals and 2 tackles. Rotating forward.

Matthew Cottrell (52/49): Rotating in midfield
Cottrell contributed with 10 touches, 3 marks and 2.0.
Adam Saad (51/65): Forward tag on him by Mead… twisted left ankle in Q3 but played on… 13 touches and 3 marks plus 2 tackles. Running from defence.

Jack Martin (50/59): Playing a half forward role on Bergman
Martin contributed with 9 possessions, 5 marks, 2 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.
David Cuningham (50/60): Playing a HFF role
Cuningham contributed with 14 disposals, 2 grabs and 1.0 on the scoreboard.
Jordan Boyd (49/41): A slam tackle on Byrne-Jones in Q2 had him subbed off and will be assessed by the MRP… 0.1 from 12 touches and 3 marks plus 2 tackles. Rotating in defence.

Brodie Kemp (49/73): In defence on Lord
Kemp contributed with 10 disposals, 6 marks and 2 tackles.
Paddy Dow (46/27): On in Q1 for McKay to play small forward… 15 possessions and 2 marks. Started as the sub.

Jacob Weitering (40/70): Standing Marshall
Weitering added 10 disposals and 4 marks.
Alex Cincotta (31/56): Rotating at half back
Cincotta also had 13 touches.
Harry McKay (13/8): Off in Q1 with right knee injury landing after a marking contest and subbed off for Dow… 0.1 from 2 touches and 2 marks. Starting forward on Aliir.

Dan Houston (156/176): Starting at half back
Houston contributed with 41 possessions, 9 marks and 6 tackles.
Connor Rozee (111/107): Head to head with Cerra… 2.1 from 28 touches and 4 marks plus 6 tackles… gave away 3 FA. Playing pure midfield.

Willem Drew (92/95): Moved his tag from Walsh to Cripps in Q3
Drew added 27 touches and 7 tackles.
Ollie Wines (92/66): Playing wing
Wines contributed with 23 disposals, 3 marks and 7 tackles.
Xavier Duursma (85/67): Matched up on Acres… 22 possessions and 8 marks. Playing an outside game.

Kane Farrell (82/103): Playing a HBF role
Farrell contributed with 21 touches, 6 marks and managed 0.1.
Sam Powell-Pepper (76/50): Playing a forward role with mid rotations
Powell-Pepper contributed with 14 touches, 2 marks, 6 tackles and 1.3.
Zak Butters (68/84): Spent much of Q4 on the bench after running out of energy in the second half… 1.0 from 17 possessions and 5 tackles. In midfield.

Scott Lycett (64/80): Well beaten… 28 hit outs… also 12 possessions and 3 tackles. First ruck.

Travis Boak (63/68): Matched up on Hewett… copped a heavy McGovern knee to the back in Q3… 18 touches and 2 marks plus 4 tackles. Playing a half forward role.

Lachie Jones (62/82): Playing a half back role
Jones contributed with 16 possessions, 4 grabs, 3 tackles and managed 0.1.
Dylan Williams (60/60): Rotating in defence
Williams added 18 disposals and 4 marks.
Todd Marshall (59/50): Starting at CHF on Weitering
Marshall contributed with 8 possessions, 5 grabs and managed 3.1.
Jase Burgoyne (50/53): Rotating in defence
Burgoyne added 14 disposals and 3 marks.
Jed McEntee (44/49): Playing a pressure forward role
McEntee contributed with 11 touches, 3 tackles and managed 1.0.
Ollie Lord (44/57): Playing key forward on Kemp
Lord contributed with 10 possessions, 3 marks and 1.2 on the scoreboard.
Aliir Aliir (42/60): Moved from McKay to Charlie Curnow in Q2 after McKay sub
Aliir added 14 disposals and 3 marks.
Miles Bergman (40/39): In defence
Bergman added 10 touches and 3 tackles.
Darcy Byrne-Jones (39/60): Trudged off in Q2 to take a concussion test after a Boyd tackle… subbed off at HT for Burton… 7 touches and 3 tackles plus 1.0. Playing small forward.

Jeremy Finlayson (37/47): Playing a forward/ruck role on McGovern
Finlayson contributed with 9 possessions, 2 grabs, 2 tackles, 4 hit outs and kicked 0.1.
Ryan Burton (31/32): On in Q3 for Byrne-Jones… 9 disposals with 7 by foot… also 2 marks. Started as the sub.

Tom Jonas (30/35): Moved from Charlie Curnow to Slivagni in Q2 after McKay injury
Jonas contributed with 6 touches, 2 marks and 2 tackles.
Jackson Mead (17/14): Playing a forward role on Saad
Mead added 5 touches and 2 marks.

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