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Ramsay St: Pies v Dockers R1 team projections

Pies v Dockers R1 team projections

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Good fantasy back rookies like Jackson Ramsay can become good friends.

FB: Tyson Goldsack, Nathan Brown, Alan Toovey
HB: Nick Maxwell, Lachlan Keeffe, Jackson Ramsay
C: Steele Sidebottom, Dane Swan, Harry Lumumba
HF: Brent Macaffer, Jesse White, Dayne Beams
FF: Ben Reid, Travis Cloke, Jamie Elliott
Fol: Brodie Grundy, Scott Pendlebury, Luke Ball
Int: Quinten Lynch, Taylor Adams, Alex Fasolo, Clinton Young
Emg:Jarryd Blair, Sam Dwyer, Jack Frost

Injured: Matthew Scharenberg, Paul Seedsman, Adam Oxley, Patrick Karnezis, Nathan Freeman, Tim Broomhead

Doubt has surrounded the make-up of the Collingwood halfback line in round 1 since the departure of Heath Shaw and the injuries to Seedsman and Scharenberg, and we’re not much closer to solving the riddle of who to replace Heater at this late point. Ben Sinclair and Fasolo have been among a number of players tried there in the preseason, with Tom Langdon also impressing, but I think Ramsay gets the nod for his debut. Mind you, if it was Langdon, what I’m about to say about Ramsay also applies. Ramsay is the sort of player who wouldn’t do well early in a bad side, but at the Pies with their overpossession out of the backline around the boundary – yes, even under Buckley – whoever is picked to play HBF will score decent points, so at least merits strong consideration for a fantasy bench spot. I suspect the vests will be shared between Fasolo and Young, making both unattractive for fantasy.

FB: Lee Spurr, Zac Dawson, Michael Johnson
HB: Paul Duffield, Luke McPharlin, Clancee Pearce
C: Danyle Pearce, Michael Barlow, Stephen Hill
HF: Ryan Crowley, Chris Mayne, Colin Sylvia
FF: Hayden Ballantyne, Matthew Pavlich, Michael Walters
Fol: Aaron Sandilands, David Mundy, Nathan Fyfe
Int: Matthew de Boer, Tendai Mzungu, Lachie Neale, Matthew Taberner
Emg: Hayden Crozier, Cameron Sutcliffe, Alex Silvagni

Injured: Kepler Bradley, Zachary Clarke, Jonathon Griffin, Scott Gumbleton, Garrick Ibbotson, Anthony Morabito
Suspended: Nick Suban

Not much to see here in the way of innovation, but this is a Ross Lyon side so no surprises there. Apart from 211 and the premiums, not much to write home about for fantasy purposes. Sylvia is an outside chance for a vest, especially if he starts as poorly as he did in the preseason – Lyon has form on that score.


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