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Growing obsessions: New fantasy footy media

New fantasy footy media

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Fantasy footy media is springing up all over the place, so time to add some RSS feeds to your reader.

I have seen a fair few fantasy football Web sites come and go in my time operating FanFooty. There was Dream Team Hero, which petered out in May last year. There was Football Salvation, which seems to have disappeared entirely after starting early last season, as has Footy Talk. A new season usually brings a fresh crop of new sites, however, and 2009 is no different.

The Dream Team Ruined My Life podcast (also available on iTunes via its RSS feed) is already onto its second episode. Helmed by the notorious footylover18 with offsider Cosmo providing a younger perspective, the boys have toned down the constant swearing from episode 1 and have already improved noticeably. FL18 in particular knows his stuff, and he’s well worth listening to. Their plan is to keep their weekly show to around 30 minutes, which is smaller than the 60-120 minutes that the Coaches Box normally runs to. I know that some people prefer longer or shorter shows depending on how they listen to their MP3s. Some listen as they take their daily constitutional walk, with or without dog. Others like to strap on the iPod as they work out at the gym. Others, like me, like to wear wireless headphones and listen as they work around the house or on the computer. Neither length is necessarily better in format than the other, but it’s good that there’s a choice of length now! The more fantasy media the better, in my opinion.

In that vein, Footy Tragic is committing to a post per day, with set features every weekday including a video podcast every Thursday! Note: the following is last week’s episode, their schedule is to post a new one at 8:30pm every Thursday night.

Dan (the one on the right) was one of the winning coaches of the $20,000 league prize in Premium Dream Team last year… as were both I and footylover18! Small world! 😀

Finally, in what I think is a first, we have a Super Coach fan blog called Your SuperCoach Coach, written by a fellow called Marcus. Marcus is already in the top 1500 in Super Coach and he has an almost-all-premium backline, so obviously he knows what he’s talking about – though he did buy Jason Porplyzia for some reason.

What other non-mainstream-media fantasy publications do you check out every week? Did I miss any new ones this year? Give me some pointers in the comments if you’ve found something I haven’t listed.


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