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New FanFooty match blogs

New FF match blogs

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I will be launching a couple of new features tonight on the live FanFooty match scoring pages.

The first of these is a separate page for live match blogging. This will look much like the live match scores you’re now familiar with, including the table with all players and their fantasy scores plus the icons, but the chat facility will not be available. There will still be chat, however, but only by FanFooty-approved game bloggers. For the Friday game that will be restricted to just me (m0nty) and Mitch Cleary (mitchc6). As time goes on and I have more and more things to do, especially during times when there’s more than one game on, I would love to get some help from the community to lend their time and effort into adding official game blogs. As you might understand, I want the blogs to be of a higher quality than the chat – no barracking, no singing out of numbers or swearing (except when really necessary 😉 ). I’m not quite sure how it’s going to evolve, in that I don’t think a full play-by-play call of the game is going to be workable, but hopefully I and Mitch and whoever else of you puts up their hand can develop something more mature that is attractive to those of you who have started to get itchy mouse fingers when the live chat gets a bit too boisterous.

The first match blog will be this evening for the Roos v Pies game. I’ll be watching the chat and the comments on this post to see what you want out of such a service.

The other innovation this evening is a special new page for the half time “purple name game”, which has taken on a life of its own! Hopefully the link that appears at half time in the live chat page, which goes to a dedicated page where you can secure your DT score pick with no contradictions on who has picked what score, will settle any arguments and allow the chat to get back onto more important matters. The preliminary subject of tonight’s name game is Dane Swan, though I retain the right to change the player at any time up to half time depending on who looks the most interesting player to choose as the game subject. Also, remember that you will only get to make your pick during half time.

I have been accused a lot lately of not listening to the community. Hopefully this will dampen down your complaints to a dull roar. And yes, I am sorry about the server malfunctions and slowdowns for the past fortnight, but I am very confident that we can return back to the old FanFooty from tonight onwards. Thanks for all your feedback, good or bad, and enjoy!


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