The hot tip: FanFooty comp on Footytips (win an Xbox!)

FanFooty tipping comp

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An Xbox, plus FF chat and forum privileges, are up for grabs in the new tipping comp in conjunction with Footytips.

FanFooty and Footytips are combining to open a free new competition where you can win an Xbox Arcade edition just by tipping winners each week, plus a new weekly game that gets you special privileges on the FF live chat!

The FanFooty comp on Footytips is now open. Entry is free, and the winner after 22 rounds gets an Xbox Arcade edition pack, worth A$299. There are four games to play:

Tipping – Pick 8 winners each week, including the margin on the first game of the round

Flexi-Tipping – Tip only teams you think will definitely win. How long can you go?

Streak – Tip only teams you think will definitely win. How long can you go?

Trivia – Test your Aussie Rules general knowledge and history

The Tipping comp is the one which will determine the winner of the Xbox Arcade edition at the conclusion of the home & away season.

The weekly winner/s of the Tipping comp, plus the weekly winner/s of the Flexi-Tipping comp and the current leader/s in the Streak competition (minimum 5 wins), will earn the right to special coloured names on the FanFooty live game chat (colour as yet undecided), and can also have a special message and/or logo attached to their posts in the FanFooty forum.

The term & conditions of the monetary portion of the competition can be found on the Footytips Web site.


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