Dream Team Talk fires up again in 2009

Dream Team Talk 2009

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The boys at Dream Team Talk have outdone themselves with their latest episode, featuring the long-awaited Underbenny!

I don’t normally blog about each Dream Team Talk episode because I expect you already have them in your RSS reader, but I thought I should chuck some links their way because Roy, Calvin, Warnie, Vin Twin and last but not least Chook have been working hard in the offseason and their efforts have been rewarded with some mainstream coverage. Notably, Albert Lord is appearing on Tasmanian Southern Cross TV this Saturday at 9am on the Hawks Kids show, and Warnie was in the most recent Boag’s ad (he’s in the scene where the canoe gets thrown in the river). I have to take my hat off to them for Underbenny as well, especially Chook who apparently did the hard yakka wobbling bits of paper in front of greenscreens. Not to mention some traditional football values in this episode: crossdressing by Roy! 😀

There is also now a continuous chat page on DT Talk, though both times I have been on for any length of time there have been idiots spamming the channel into uselessness. Once the bugs are ironed out, it should be fun!

I fully expect to see the DT Talk boys with a regular segment on the Footy Show before too long. If not, then it’s the Footy Show’s fault for not seeing their talent. Whichever big media company picks them up will get a fabulous show!


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