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Chat log from R10 of 2024: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R10 of 2024

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Yelse: Diazos Vc? no real tagger ?
Troglodyte: Keays will tag him into oblivion. Or he won’t . Who can know for sure…
Yelse: get rid of reid or fyfe for sullivan?
Troglodyte: Whichever player has the lowest average or highest breakeven
Troglodyte: lol ChatGPT answer was not what I expected
Yelse: getting rid of fyfe more time on the pine and more injury risk
Troglodyte: Seriously, give ChatGPT a go for trade advice. It’s way less helpful but much more entertaining.
frenzy: howdy
Troglodyte: Afternoon frenzy
frenzy: sure to flower up the VC again this week
Yelse: Going luke ryan VC i think over Dacios
Troglodyte: Ooh, Ryan. Are you sure?
bhg26: Same here yelse, has gone 171 and 156 in 2 of the last 3 games against the saints
Troglodyte: What other options do you have?
Yelse: keys on de goey
Manowar: You are scared of Laird
soup: Faded rankine for last minute trade to Stewart. Petrified
Manowar: Fade him back next week!!
soup: Get off the pine Dawson you crab
StuL: Go Laird
circle52: Flipped a coin on Naicos and Bont for VC have a guess which one won. Shows my SC luck this year
CamT: Te worse Stewart plays, the more people want to trade him in.
Stu7: Great Laird & Soligo on the bench
EvilMonk: the old goat doing it at the moment. <3 pendles
original: how do i change my icon to clown. didnt vc Naicos
Raspel31: Bit late to the party- did Geelong win on Thursday?
Lachie_H: pendles in unreal form
Pavs: Alcohol will do that to you Rasp
original: duck duck quaynor
StuL: All the cats fans here arent happy Raspel
BRAZZERS: has essendon won a premiership lately? or this century for that matter?
StuL: ok should have vcd naicoa probably.
Roarix: Imagine choosing Rankine over Zorko..
biggs2dujj: Like the look of this Sullivan kid! Real goer
NickyD: BRAZ, they have to win a final first
StuL: Laird 60-70% tog again
Roarix: 2000 counts as this century btw Braz
EvilMonk: good game of footy, real arm wrestle style at the moment
Stu7: Laird you spud
EvilMonk: umps not a problem yet, reason being, only 5 frees paid.
NickyD: @StuL, yep VC on my boy looking good
EvilMonk: let the game go, it’s so much better.
wadaramus: Nicks on radio this week “we have plans for Nick Daicos”.
StuL: Laird not enough tog% again. looks like hes being managed
EvilMonk: Naicos best score ever is against Adelaide, not sure why I didn’t pop on a cheeky VC. I VC’d Ryan, feels bad
wadaramus: Our plan is to let him get 60 possessions.
StuL: Naicos vc ers will be happy
Roarix: 6 Clearances already for Naicos.. Crows midfield coache and analyst aware of this?
wadaramus: Nathan Van Berlo, the misfield coach who starts Matt Crouch on the bench.
shancrows: We’ve played poorly so it’s a relief we’re only 7 points down
original: now i just need bont to get close to naicos
Hazza09: Nicks do youvWant to put a tag on Daicos you flog
wadaramus: I think we actually need to tag Pendles, he’s doing the damage!
naicosfan: Give crouch more bench time, it?s beneficial for losing
Roarix: Welcome to the team next week Richards
CamT: At the Brownlow Medal this year are they going to be saying “1 vote M.Crouch, Kawarna” if he gets the vote ?
original: they say the team first anyway
shancrows: Tweak your strategy Nicksy it’s shit
Jack SC: Does it matter CamT?
CamT: Ye, it will sound ridiculous.
Jack SC: Piss off. Who cares it’s a good way to acknowledge a huge part of our game. Such a boomer racist view.
GJayBee: Go Pies
Silz90: Vc on daicos
EvilMonk: lets try and focus on the footy lads. not the divisiveness in our societies
shancrows: Play with some fucking heart crows useless cunts
Gelly: hot pies atm
Troglodyte: Don’t tag Nacios I have him as a unique against the top seed for my league 😛
original: keays is awful. wasn’t he once good? shocking
EvilMonk: I reckon Keays has been thrown around so many times to different roles
TorturedSC: When he plays outright mid he looks good original
frenzy: like Jaicos
Troglodyte: Did Frampton play in the GF last year?
original: goto the bench Naicos. perfect quarter from you
colin wood: dawson getting cleaned by CD
EvilMonk: that Dawson kick was perfect
original: dawson had back to back out on the fulls tho
Pavs: Yes Trog scored 2 sc points
original: goal ssist tho normally bonus points
Troglodyte: Good one, thanks Pavs
frenzy: heres crom
Troglodyte: Almost time for a tactical sub, who’s coming off?
Troglodyte: This team needs to get crowactive…
original: since i told naicos to go to the bench he’s piled on anther 15 sc in 6 mins ffs
original: dumb rankine
bhg26: Naicos triple double first half
frenzy: has the penny dropped original
StuL: Naicos still on for a 150 something
EvilMonk: wowee, everyone saw the Hill hold except the one with the whistle
original: dive harder bobby. pretty obvious
Troglodyte: HIT. Don’t crow away, we’ll be right back…
Pinnas: Worms, data, bugs and birds. All animals I am attracted to
shancrows: Ffs Tex
wadaramus: Crouch starts on the bench again, nothing like starting without your best mid to gain the ascendancy.
banta: daicos brothers have it so easy, never have an opponent
EvilMonk: or is it just them making it look easy @banta =]
colin wood: Considering Nick had 16 of his 26 possys contested I’d like to think that they just work harder then their opponent
JockMcPie: yeah banta i think that might just be how it looks out there :’)
Troglodyte: Which dirty bird is crowing to win this game? Hmmm
Yelse: if diazos wasn’t 35 DE would be 120 easy by now
bhg26: We just going to let trog get away with these crow related puns?
Troglodyte: Sorry its auto-crow-ect…
banta: pies never get injuries and always best run with umps coz supporters always complain
soup: Wowee what’s with all the fumbles
EvilMonk: @banta pies never get injuries? really hope this is satire lol
original: remember when noble couldnt get a game
original: dawson is playing terribly
slydon: banta with the banter
EvilMonk: it’s a real testement to how hard he’s worked to get into the side @original
GJayBee: Let?s go Laird
slydon: fun fact i played footy with sullivans older brother and went to school with both of them
cronoscrow: crow with knife
slydon: junior footy*
slydon: decent people
StuL: yes indeed. Lets go Laird
EvilMonk: @slydon good that the guy finally got a go, does very well at VFL level.
original: rankine is so weird to watch. could be awesome but does some weird things. no shepherd then, his handball earlier,
slydon: hes a hard worker, i reckon he can find a place in this side ona consistent basis as a sub or wing
frenzy: Daniel getting Bevo’d as the sub again
Raspel31: Is Naicos a good trade in?
original: hahaha bevo is a troll. no way
RooBoyStu: Carlton so weird to watch, every year we hear Premiers pre June, then fall apart.
bhg26: One off game raspel, stay away
StuL: Lets go Naicos. 150
Raspel31: Thanks bhg.
frenzy: Lol bhg
J_Herer: Earth calling Adelaide coach – put Laird on he is good
MontyJnr: Naicos has burnt VCers with his poor DE%
J_Herer: yep Carlton need a rebuild now it seems
StuL: Laird spends over a qtr on the bench now
soup: Maybe worry about your own mob roo
Troglodyte: Right you are Herer – Eyes on the Pies Nicks
original: naicos was 55 at QT no? idnt VC him and was hating myself
pcaman2003: MontyJnr. Yep! 10 possession qtr for a 20point SC return not ideal.
RooBoyStu: What’s for dinner soup? Minestrone
wadaramus: 18 contested and 12 cleaances CD puts too much negative influence on the score due to clangers.
StuL: May not be necessary to have vcd him after all
runners47: Just get off the pine and do something , Laird!
Troglodyte: Is Crispy back?
RooBoyStu: Only 1 player at crows can have a West End post match is Crouch
J_Herer: Full quarter Laird and Adelaide can win the game…
beerent11: Just sat down. How has Richards looked fellas? Reasonable score so far.
pcaman2003: beer. Cruising along nicely and will be a good cash cow I think.
StuL: Come on Laird.
frenzy: good first half beer
beerent11: Cheers
beerent11: Gee rankins good to watch
beerent11: Dragging them back in it
pcaman2003: FGS Naicos! 36 touches 20 CP’s and still no ton because of clangers. Plonker!
StuL: Laird gets a kick and back on the bench
Yelse: wtf daicos what is this DE
slydon: looks like im rolling the dice and putting the c on butters
GinniFan: they said Naicos has 29% kicking efficiency
Stu7: Laird doesn?t get enough game time willl have to go next week I have too many passengers
pcaman2003: GinniFan. And it shows as he’s added 17pts to his half time score. What a waste.
MontyJnr: Surely Laird is a slingshot at the byes
Gotigres: Naicos has faded my vc score
StuL: We went one season too long with Laird Stu7.
Troglodyte: Come on Rooks, need a loop option to get Reid off the field…
Stu7: Yeah StuL 65% game time killing me
soup: Nankervis ran all the way back to Adelaide wtf
Stu7: Ffs now soligo is on the bench, I can?t take a trick
StuL: And its been like that for weeks Stu7
pcaman2003: Naicos on my never again VC list. C’mon Crows!
Raspel31: Not much vested interest in this but, being human- go Crows!
beerent11: Rank!
RooBoyStu: NDaicos sheep will be fuming need shearing
EvilMonk: umps have no idea about the holding the ball rule this game.
Stu7: Still killing me
GinniFan: whos everyones C after this? thinking Gawn or Bont
soup: Ryan into Gawn for me ginni
RooBoyStu: Ginni i took Heeney score but T.Green is a good option vs Doggies
beerent11: Serong or Bont into Gawn. Probably serong.
macff: wouldn’t trade daicos for everyone on your list Stu you plonker
naicosfan: Same here soup
Ooost: Daicos Vc will probably C Luke Ryan
original: what a turbulent ride its been not VCing Naicos
RooBoyStu: macff what’s that a new mccafe coffee without caffeine?
GinniFan: i had VC on Heeney but think Gawn could go huge against WC
Raspel31: Thinking Butters over Heeney but Ryan tempting.
Birdman18: Hmm Daicos
runners47: Never again, Laird
Birdman18: Butchering it
bhg26: Now a quadruple double for naicos
beerent11: So a lot of people must have paid up for Ryan huh?
RooBoyStu: Come on crows finish the skunks
Stu7: Gawn Ginni
pcaman2003: Tossing up between Ryan or Serong as C, but leaning to Serong.
frenzy: no CD love today Naicos
RooBoyStu: Crisp 3 votes
original: dumb by keays again. horrendous kick and decisions
bhg26: Game in the balance, Crouch off. Wow
RooBoyStu: franzy plenty of love 29% kicking eff anybody else 60pts
Stu7: Thanks heap Laird & Soligo ya pair of spuds
Raspel31: Ah pcaman- another in the mix- you’re confusing me.
Troglodyte: This game is crowing down to wire!
Ooost: Daicos 113 right now a game winning goal could see a VC keeper
beerent11: 60% de frenzy. Had the cleaver out.
pcaman2003: Great effort Naicos with 11 clangers. Shocker of a 2nd half.
frenzy: someone said 29% by foot
pcaman2003: Raspel. Confused how? Me no understand.
beerent11: Rank hammy
EvilMonk: what a horrible decision to stop Rankine from running…. I don’t care I’m a pie fan, that’s shocking.
banta: Rigged
banta: Umpires looking after big clubs as usual
StuL: thanks Laird
bhg26: Matt Crouch 35 disposals and crows needing a clearance, lets take him off
J_Herer: lol Adelaide coaching staff midfield time…
original: he bounced it
sheezel420: I don’t have Crouch but he was robbed, deserved 130 at least
EvilMonk: @banta if you think our 8 frees today was us being looked after, you’re having a laugh
EvilMonk: but seriously what a bad decision
OffaStep: Even I could see that was 16 steps and I’ve only got one eye.
Birdman18: He did run over 15 metres, but still that’s rough
bhg26: I do own Crouch sheezel and I agree
original: 14 steps ater he bounced. umpire didnt see the bounce obviously. shocking
suns4ever: Never pay running too far but when it’s collingwood in a close one gotta make an exception
naicosfan: Clearly 16-18 steps
Pinnas: awful free
Yelse: do i take Mcrea 52 or risk it with darcy jones?
EvilMonk: @original spot on, I reckon he didn’t see the bounce
suns4ever: It’s not steps it’s metres boys
EvilMonk: pies fans, you can be happy about the win, but that decision was awful.
naicosfan: Stay mad Collingwood haters
Pinnas: lol naicos we all saw it awful whistle
EvilMonk: absolutely abhorrent decision, I don’t stand with these muppets.
GJayBee: Why Laird why
Troglodyte: Geez none of those are great options Yelse, is there anything else you can try?
original: 14 steps
macff: its not steps its meteres and he ran about 30 of them
EvilMonk: yes, with one bounce @macff which meant 15m either side, which was absolutely fine
Pinnas: was a regulation run, he bounced the ball, its an over zealous whistle. no one would be up in arms if that wasnt called
Gelly: only explination is umpired blindsided, did not see the bounce through the contest
Troglodyte: Its a crow-spiracy for sure!
Gelly: umpire was on the wrong side of the contest
macff: mate, if you think he ran 15 metres after he bounced I dont know what to tell you
macff: Each one of thos lines on the ground is 10 metres he easily ran 25+ watch it again
soup: Right in front of me
Pinnas: defending that call is embaressing mate enjoy the win leave that one alone
macff: Why cause it is the rule lmao

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