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Chat log from PF of 2023: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, PF of 2023

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navy_blues: do or die still proud of the blues
navy_blues: 15th to a prelim not a bad effort
PAFC4eva: on the baggers today navy lets go
bhg26: Bears look awful
lana2146: Go the Blues
bhg26: This is embarrassing
lana2146: Go the blues hahahaa
navy_blues: great start still long way to go
PAFC4eva: think we all going blues thanks to one certain person 🙂
lana2146: It be great for the AFL to see a pies vs blues GF
lana2146: 2 of the most famous clubs in the game
bhg26: What a ridiculous “advantage”
navy_blues: was not a trip shouldnt of been a free anyway bhg
Cottees: Andrews has been insane. Only reason Lions have a small chance
bhg26: Has Charlie Cameron made it to the ground yet?
bhg26: He has been massive cottees
wadaramus: Holy guacamole, it appeared to flick his hair, you are kidding me.
bhg26: Just drop punt the thing Cameron
Pavs: Similar to last night the one scoring end
Cr1cketeer: Baffles me to no end, the snapping obsession
TheFlagger: go bllos
bhg26: It’s become comical cr1cketeer, you nearly always expect them to miss it
TheLegend6: Thank god for this
bhg26: Kiddy Coleman has been huge
TheLegend6: Hows that not high
DrSeuss: So that’s a high free – but not down the other end?
navy_blues: looks like collingwood premiers 2023
FlaggersXD: Bris better chance than Carlton
Dredd: All we know is that it won?t be you Navy 😛
navy_blues: bris earnt the right no probs there but now they have to play at mcg
RooBoyStu: There might be a Tremor in Victoria tonight The Carlton supporters coming back to earth with a thud!
RooBoyStu: Where’s Fevola now? What a muopet
navy_blues: now he shows up lmao
RooBoyStu: Brisbane 30+ next week
DrSeuss: Lets not call it too soon thanks gents
navy_blues: looks like idiots all coming on now
bhg26: Hes in the Brisbane section now rooboy
TheLegend6: Nothing worse than losing a prelim
Dredd: You have been here the whole time navy, what you mean?
RooBoyStu: First 5 goals then choked lol
bhg26: And heres dredd
RooBoyStu: Navy eats 2 min noodles for a month
navy_blues: thats right i have but certain others just turning up now
RooBoyStu: Turning up to see your excuse
navy_blues: we done well to get to prelim a lot closer than norf thats for sure lilboy
RooBoyStu: Cry in your pillow
navy_blues: no excuse at all
RooBoyStu: First 5 goals lol
TheLegend6: You don’t get anything for losing a prelim, means nothing
RooBoyStu: Exactly nobody remembers Prelims
RooBoyStu: Go Brissy
thommoae: I’ll remember the prelim. :/
navy_blues: says the muppets that didnt make finals
TheLegend6: Sorry mate, too soon haha
RooBoyStu: We’ll win a Flag before Carlton. Remember 1999
DrSeuss: High Tackles have been ridiculously inconsistent this weekend
thommoae: These matches aginst class opposition + 95 000 fans are an issue 😉
bhg26: RooBoy youre bringing up a flag i wasnt even alive for
pcaman2003: Did Cripps just poo himself when he heard footsteps?Lol!
FlaggersXD: Crippppa
Pavs: I don’t understand faceless people getting joy out of someones unhappiness.
PAFC4eva: well said pavs
thommoae: Carlton to score the first five … and the last five?
navy_blues: im not unhappy pavs disappointed but i thought we would lose last week im happy with season tho
bhg26: Its game on navy
navy_blues: maybe if we get next goal
navy_blues: not enough time now wd brisbane
pcaman2003: Game over! Well played Lions
TheLegend6: Cya bloos
thommoae: McSharkthy!
Pavs: Great season navy & thommoae.
navy_blues: ty pavs
bhg26: So we going for brissy next week?
thommoae: Rah, Pavs. Next year …
pcaman2003: bhg. Absolutely!
DrSeuss: Yep great 2nd half of the season for the Navy Blues and GWS
navy_blues: brissy wont get within 30 points of collingwood
TheLegend6: Everyone is defs going for Bris next week
bhg26: I know pavs but still going for them!
PAFC4eva: nah pies for me
Pavs: Not on next week so thanks all. Next year 🙂

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