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Chat log from EF of 2023: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, EF of 2023

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navy_blues: hi all wd blues
mags: Decent start, Saints
mags: They were always an attacking side 🙂
navy_blues: saints killing gws in the air atm
BigChief: Cogs is a massive out.
m0nty: onya Snooze
navy_blues: saints gone home?
PAFC4eva: gws playing some good footy
PAFC4eva: enjoy the game last night navy ?
navy_blues: yes cos we won but few areas to improve on for sure
PAFC4eva: Nailbiter
navy_blues: and im going for port tonight want to see some crying in chat fro bris supporters lol
PAFC4eva: Yeah they are a bit full on not confidant but hopefull
navy_blues: cotterell saad and acres were unreal last night
PAFC4eva: reckon martin crucial grabs in last 5 minutes
navy_blues: funniest thing last night swans banner broke b4 swans even got on ground lol
navy_blues: wholr left side just fell away
PAFC4eva: This is not looking good for saints
pcaman2003: Arvo all! Looks like the Saints getting buried alive.
navy_blues: game over
circle52: Navy not as confident as others – Will be at game so not a lot from me
navy_blues: well hope you enjoy circle wasnt including you in my comment
circle52: I acn guess who though
Raspel31: And arvo pcaman et al- hate to say but a tad predictable. Having said that-carn sainters.
navy_blues: i dredd to think what u mean circle
Baldfrog: Can see Port men playing like the Port women today so Bris will win
pcaman2003: Arvo Tasp. Saints would do better in a Fire ants nest.
Dredd: Navy acting like he isn’t a sook but is petty enough to want others to lose.. typical
navy_blues: lol hello mate
pcaman2003: I’l try again..Arvo Rasp., not Tasp. lol
Badgerbadg: How many games have the saints actually played at the G this year? Doesn?t seem like much of a home ground advantage
Raspel31: Not a prob sacman.
PAFC4eva: enjoy the game circle may the best team win hopefully us 🙂
pcaman2003: No worries Rapesel
circle52: Bit worried PAFC if we start slow as we have recently may not catch up. Oressure up in finals
TheFlagger: come on giants dont do this
PAFC4eva: think port will have be at their very best to win
Raspel31: Oressure is a real problem in the modern world.
TheFlagger: what a fucking kick
circle52: Pressure it should be
Raspel31: Port are steady- Lions not- depends which Lions turn up?
pcaman2003: Keep lifting Saints and apply that special Oressure.
navy_blues: saints done well last 5mins
Dredd: Port were steady when they lost 4 in the row and stumbled against the depleted Richmond all in the last 6 weeks Rasp?
Raspel31: Crumbled under Oressure Dredd- but sorted now.
PAFC4eva: due for a upset maybe tonight 🙂
navy_blues: SPP will turn it on PAFC
pcaman2003: In consultation with Voodoo doll, PAFC will win. Congrats!
Raspel31: Great win by the Froggies against the All Hacks.
Dredd: Pies were outsiders on Thursday PAFC, can’t say footy is due for an upset
PAFC4eva: thanks pcaman stick that pin in deep
PAFC4eva: i would have pies favs but happy to be proven wrong
navy_blues: pies outsiders? finished on top last time i looked lol
Dredd: Set up by early season form.. Dees were the better team second half of the season, don’t act surprised lmfao..
Raspel31: If Dredd keeps going we will all be rooting for Power soon.
Dredd: Bookies had Dees favourites as well..
Dredd: And then on the night, had +30 inside 50s and won the key stats.. Dees should’ve won no doubt
Dredd: Cause I continue to speak facts Rasp? Why do people like resorting to the opposite haha. Bamboozles me
navy_blues: stats dont win football games and that is a fact lmao!!
Dredd: Didn’t say they did.. but they tell a story and the game showed that.. Dees should’ve won the game. Plain and simple
navy_blues: had their chances but didnt take them id say
navy_blues: 4 or 5 ootf that wouldnt be in your key stats of course
Dredd: 100%.. Dees lost the game more than Collingwood won it
navy_blues: r u sober dredd?
Dredd: My key stats? I’m going off what is often referred to and what is crucial, they aren’t mine HAHAH
Raspel31: Hilary was predicted to beat Trump- stats do lie.
Dredd: +30 Inside 50s don’t lie that Melbourne dominated territory.. along with winning clearance. Credit to Pies backline
Dredd: You like trying to take pot shots at me when im not around but then can’t handle getting owned over and over again Navy
Dredd: When will you learn to keep to yourself and just allow every to enjoy the footy and chat about it without digging at ppl
pcaman2003: Won’t mention names, but me thinks someone likes the sound of their own voice
navy_blues: but what did they do with the +30 lol take the ootf off your down to +25 already without further lookig into it
Raspel31: Peace lads- all pals.
navy_blues: im peaceful rasp no probs just friendly chat
Raspel31: Oressure getting to us all.
Dredd: “im peaceful” yet hope other people’s team lose so people can sook.. while no one says that about your team Navy. Poor
pcaman2003: That darn Oressure again. Gets us all.
navy_blues: lol everyone has a go at my side lol
navy_blues: i understand dredd your a tad nervous about tonights game thatv is ok
Dredd: Do I? Nope. So why target? Its pathetic honestly and then I call you out and then you go into “im the good guy” mode
navy_blues: eye gouge toby green lol
Raspel31: Book a hotel room ladies- game on.
Dredd: Giants and getting away with incorrect disposals in finals. Some things never change
thesilentl: Lol top message is dredd having a sook, what a shocker
Dredd: Lol another fanfooty regular having no idea, what a shocker
thesilentl: There’s legit 6 messages I can of you sooking. If you hate the banter in here so much why come back every single game?
Dredd: Another idiot having no idea what a fact is.. silent you are the worst of them all tbf.. toxicity more like it..
PigeonPies: its pretty standard at this point dredd
TheLegend6: yawn Dredd
circle52: Reckon either Port or Lions not relishing the thought of playing Giants. Come on Saints
PigeonPies: giants have a great record away too, scary team
Dredd: Could see a repeat of 2019 if we lose tonight Circle..
Raspel31: Giants in top finishing form- oressure now on other teams circle.
circle52: Why I hate Toby Greene
circle52: Thanks Taspel enjoying the banter for my fat fingers
PigeonPies: i still cant believe mayne didnt make the distsance in that prelim
Raspel31: One click away from disaster.
Dredd: Robbed of a classic GF that year Pigeon.. tigs pies gf at that time would’ve been something
PigeonPies: definitely dredd
Hepatitis: U?ve got to be pretty average to lose to giants at home in a final – look at pies in 2019
circle52: Catch you all later. Getting ready for the game. Posting will depend on reception where seat is.
circle52: never been in that section but have to take tickets.
PAFC4eva: port knocked off gws few weeks ago
navy_blues: have fun circle
Raspel31: Go Power Circle!
Dredd: “home in a final”
PAFC4eva: would still be nervous if we have to play them again
circle52: Just hoping for another good game and for the best team to win.
circle52: As an aside on HG isn;t Marvel more Saints home ground than MCG
Cascadian: Tom Green has achieved fantasy pig
Manowar: see ya St Shit
Raspel31: Yep Cascadian.
Raspel31: Mind you- look at Marshall’s possessions- and a ruck?
TheFlagger: well done giants
beerent11: Most of the team in their prime and a good coach will take a ways.
beerent11: * them a ways
Cascadian: Tom Green paying $4.50 to finish too 10 in the Brownlow is a good price
Cascadian: *top
pcaman2003: Butler useless when it counts, yet again.

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