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Chat log from EF of 2023: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, EF of 2023

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frenzy: howdy
clay007: howdy frenzy
pcaman2003: Howdy back Frenzy. A bit busy in here tonight
Wends: Gday Frenzy, clay
Wends: pca 🙂
clay007: Tight game so far Wends.
PAFC4eva: evening all
pcaman2003: G’day Wends, Clay and any others about to show up:)
frenzy: Clay, Maynard stiff to be sent to the tribunal
clay007: Evening pafc.
clay007: I have not heard the result frenzy, what is the charge?
Wends: Need the Ferris Bueller NRVOUS meme clay!
pcaman2003: Maynard hopefully gets off or AFL is totally screwed.
PAFC4eva: happy to see swans win tonight that will get the crom talking
clay007: Agree pca, brayshaw’s momentum forward contributed. His intention was to smother, not bump.
clay007: I am just worried about bhg’s blood pressure.
frenzy: Christo has Norfolk and idea
Wends: Two chamomile teas (well, actually … margaritas) down so that is helping no end, just quietly.
clay007: Kick straight and the winds of change will sweep through.
Pavs: Rough conduct was the charge clay
wadaramus: So if the MRO can’t make it fit the grading matrix, he just sends it to the tribunal?
clay007: Viney took it well.
clay007: Blues vs Melbourne next week will be huge if blues win.
wadaramus: The VFL is an incompetent shit show.
clay007: Pav-rough conduct is contact unreasonable in the circumstance. On that, he should get off
Pavs: They have left the door open clay yes
pcaman2003: clay. Viney reminds me of Clarko. Angry little ant.
clay007: They will appeal it if it leads to weeks
clay007: Funny and correct pca
Pavs: 2 key words clay intent & momentum
ReggieOz: Where is the Benny Hill icon lol
frenzy: Van Ruin got 1 week for the elbow
Raspel31: And Maynard looking at 3.
clay007: I think Martin will get a week for his swinging arm at the reptile
clay007: Wends, you might need another drink. I would scull/ skol that one.
Wends: Hee hee. Just steeping the chamomile clay
beerent11: Carn the brown paper baggers!
frenzy: pigs alps
Wends: Have faith we can still get over them clay… How’s that Exorcist line go?
clay007: I agree wends…look at last night. I thought we were home, then…
Wends: Trying to atleast 🙂
Wends: You must be pretty chuffed after last night
Pavs: Might need you to do a welfare check on bhg Wends
Wends: Lol pavs…. he’s prob ruined his manicure by now
wadaramus: surely the Crows would be more compitetive here?
PAFC4eva: still a sore point wada ?
beerent11: He might be out on a date.
Wends: Ahh wada… even I can admit you were completely ripped off
clay007: I think the crows would have been competitive. Not sure they win at MCG wada
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet.
wadaramus: Just disappointed we didn’t get the chance 🙂
clay007: Who is more passionate about their team, Navy or bhg?
wadaramus: But as I said last night, out goal kicking was woeful, we are the reason we missed out.
clay007: She is just finishing her pack of tim tams rasp, lol
PAFC4eva: trending upwards wada 2024 ?
bhg26: That even a question clay
wadaramus: Kick straight, win games PAFC.
Raspel31: And maybe just munched the last one clay.
Wends: Not yet but she’s easing off the lounge, to go pour the water ready to start gargling rasp 😉
wadaramus: Mmm Tim Tams, possibly the best chocolate biscuit ever?
wadaramus: Reece Walsh = Gun.
clay007: Great work bhg! I think it is you, but thought the faithful would know better.
wadaramus: Who’s playing NBL Supercoach?!
wadaramus: BBL Supercoach?
wadaramus: EPL Fantasy?
Ash777: can we get a repeat of carlton 2009
PAFC4eva: who was the better pick walsh or rozee close one
PAFC4eva: always play bbl good to watch and play
wadaramus: If I had to pick one PAFC, I would pick Rozee.
Ash777: rozee a high chance for the brownlow
beerent11: McKay is a liability at this point
clay007: Curnow is a phenomenal kick of the pill.
clay007: Gulden is a phenomenal kick of the pill.
Wends: eek
clay007: The fat lady has grabbed another pack of tim tams and settled on the couch wends.
clay007: It appears that the group has headed home. Goodnight all!
Wends: We’ll see clay gah, blues got one back!
Wends: still here… just keep having to walk away from tv, bc obvs that’s when swans score 🙂
clay007: It is just you and me wends. Gulden playing huge.
Wends: Amazing clay…. just really keeping us alive
Wends: Cmon boys… get back in it!!
clay007: That goal hurts wends, but pies were up by 25 at 3/4 time and almost lost.
circle52: hatd to beat umps when they call htb when hand did touch it.
Wends: Fingers crossed!!
Yelse: the home crowd will bring them home
FlaggersXD: Disgusting umpiring. Should be banned for life
clay007: Cmon wends, that was a clutch goal
Wends: Parker in trouble there
Wends: In the spirit of bhg… some rather questionable decisions happening
clay007: Do you have any strong thoughts flagger? lol
clay007: Wends…15 pts is nothing.
bhg26: I?m about to throw my phone on the ground wends
Yelse: Game on!!! harry broken rib?
Wends: don’t jinx it clay lol
clay007: Unless he has ribs in his head yelse, i think he was concussed
Raspel31: Well hush my mouth-I did say fat lady not singing yet- still mumching them tim tams.
Yelse: he aint concussed he fell on floor in agony
clay007: …and gargling the water rasp.
clay007: He was walking like he had a gutfull of beer yelse
Wends: Gah! no jinxing 🙂
FlaggersXD: He’s still got more brains than the umps
Yelse: just read Laura Kane intervened in the maynard case wtf
Wends: Honestly watching Swans is like watching one of those old Japanese torture reality shows. Also bhg put phone away lol
clay007: Yelse…it should be fine, the pies will challenge the hell of out of this.
Yelse: Yeah Clay i still think he will get off
frenzy: should never of been sighted
Yelse: lol umpire that was deliberate
circle52: Do the Pies jhave Blues lawyer name.
clay007: i think deep down, in the pit of your heart, you are a pies supporter Frenzy
Wends: Not enough noise of affirmation Yelse
frenzy: 2nd team clay LMAO
clay007: 9 pts, the fat lady has parked herself on the porcelain express. Game on
Yelse: fat lady got a hot choc now too
Raspel31: Fairly new to this game -are refs appointed as job experience?
clay007: Well north is my 2nd team frenzy, proud to admit it. Future looks bright
Wends: I can hear the “karma” mantra all the way from adelaide if we don’t get this
PAFC4eva: and if you do wends you will still hear it wah wah wah
Wends: Also rasp – only at finals time… training for 2024
Raspel31: Still feel the team which scores the most points will clinch this Wends.
clay007: Remember wends…you guys have finals experience, the blues none. Swans deserve to be here
Wends: Think you might be onto something rasp
Wends: We’ll see clay!! Trying not to watch tho
clay007: You must watch your team wends, it is what it is all about
Wends: I can’t… swans score when I look away for some reason
ballbag: yeah, then dont look away @wends 😉
Raspel31: Fat lady finally in full warble.
Yelse: comnnn draw
Wends: Might need another tactic ballbag 🙂 Your boys are in I think
ballbag: dont underestimate carltons ability to fuckthe un fuckable
TimT14: Draw would make this epic
Wends: Likewise swannies ballbag – tortureous!
Wends: Damn… that was horrific. Swans kicking coach might want to avoid Horse for a while

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