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Chat log from P1 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, P1 of 2023

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TheFlagger: lovely new layout. is there a dark mode?
TheFlagger: Go blues
TheLegend6: Welcome back for another year!
benty691: and we are back, elite
bhg26: Lads
frenzy: howdy
TheFlagger: anyone made a league yet>
bhg26: Hawks defence shocking so far
TheLegend6: Titch just finds it
TheFlagger: lol maginness
Hazza09: Great to be back lads
PAFC4eva: gday all 2 fanfooty leagues to fill 340473 and
PAFC4eva: 633319 anybody join thanks
TheFlagger: give cmac the keys
TheLegend6: Yikes, Daicos gonna get tagged outta my starting team
Hazza09: Finn brutal tag in a practice game lol
bhg26: Will Day in the guts is intriguing
m0nty: go Macca
TheFlagger: connor macdonald bnf year
TheLegend6: Mackenzie looking clean around the ball
exatekk: Hi all
PAFC4eva: can we trust the chad should score well in this side
bhg26: There is only one the chad PAFC
Baldfrog: Chad Morgan
PAFC4eva: you mean 2023 brownlow winner chad
bhg26: There is only one the Chad that is a current AFL player
bhg26: I do indeed PAFC
PAFC4eva: currently in my 22
exatekk: keep flicking between Rozee and Moore
bhg26: Tossing up between him, Tom Green and Titch
dabombers: Hey Monty, HTML is a bit all over the shop on Mobile with no login toolbar and a few other issues when using web version
TheFlagger: Chads a tag target but would be fun to own
frenzy: Ned back to Box Hill
bhg26: Love watching Newcombe play
Baldfrog: Kicking practice at hawforn this week
TheFlagger: zzz
Ash777: looks like the other daicos might be worth a look
PAFC4eva: hmmm dylan moore hmmm
TheFlagger: frampton lol
TheFlagger: worpedo wowee
bhg26: Naicos switched to Young, for the moment. Cant choose between the two
TheFlagger: Hes getting tagged no need to jump off
bhg26: Im literally 50 50 between the two flagger. I like Young as a semi POD but I could get burned if Daicos fires
Cottees: Hawks resorting to tags in practice matches lol
Ash777: Teams will put work into Naicos going forward. He’s too damaging to be let loose.
bhg26: Young is more consistent but Naicos has a higher ceiling
TheFlagger: Daicos is much safer imo. I like H.Young but he doesnt demand the ball and we dont get to see the Ryan kickout split
TheFlagger: I do have Jelly in my team at the moment so take my advice with a grain of salt lol
bhg26: So youre ready to get hurt again flagger?
bhg26: Im sure Daicos will be back in my team in about 20 minutes anyway
TheFlagger: haha yea Butters, Jelly, Darcy my team is made of glass
TheFlagger: at least whitfield hasnt made an appearance yet
bhg26: im sure he’ll be in there eventually after he puts up a bs 40 disposal performance
bhg26: Mackenzie doing very well
navy_blues: hi all
Ash777: Naicos not ready for the midfield
TheFlagger: 66 sc for Naicos. Not bad for being tagged
frenzy: Lipi with the breakout
frenzy: wow, Lipi got broken
Fatbar5tad: Lipi with the popout
TheFlagger: both cmacs very good games
bones351: Worpel TOG is low. Can we expect that to be higher in the real games?

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