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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Sydney, R1 of 2023

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bhg26: Oh flower we have Kelli Underwood commentating
bhg26: Your goal Chad
navy_blues: yep
navy_blues: wont last long on this channel with her on here
bhg26: mute button looking appealing navy whenever she starts talking
BRAZZERS: constable playing well
bhg26: Constable got his projection
BRAZZERS: at least he’s getting involved now
RooBoyStu: Why is Kelli Underwood commentating on a Saturday night? Heard more make sense at the pub last night St Pats
J.Worrall: Kelli is great!
RooBoyStu: Like putting finger nails on the blackboard she is
RooBoyStu: *the
m0nty: back on the game please
PAFC4eva: Hows this years brownless medallist going Bhg :]
bhg26: Doing usual Chad things PAFC
Cottees: Is Constable efficiency absolute garbage?
PAFC4eva: brownlow
Baldfrog: Well done PAFC TAB got my money
PAFC4eva: swapped him for gulden still happy
Pies20: 10 possies for 5 sc what the??
PAFC4eva: Yes great game glad i went
PAFC4eva: Can the crom do it tomorrow?
stocko12: Obviously Cottees. He has had 9 ineffective disposals and 5 direct turn overs.
Baldfrog: Na don’t think so but my tipping hasn’t been good so far
Pies20: Doubt it pca
bhg26: Gold Coast getting rub of the green so far
MrWalrus: Constable been a little unlucky from CD but also had genuine clangers I reckon
stocko12: 9/13 ineffective Walrus and 5 clangers (direct turnovers).
Baldfrog: Good sign for constable is he’s getting the pill
Cottees: Yeah Bont would be up to 30 with Constable’s stats lol
bhg26: Oh so now the camera quality is good
bhg26: Derm talks a lot
navy_blues: cool as kelli’s cucumber
Baldfrog: She’s a ladyboy Navy?
MrWalrus: Dermie has got to be the worst commentator going around
navy_blues: she is a lady lover baldy
BRAZZERS: nah not that bad
Baldfrog: Didn’t know that
navy_blues: she says cool as a cucumber allthe time was what i was meaning lol
pcaman2003: Keep it up Errol. And get rid of the clangers and up the DE Charlie.
Yelse: Where is flanders playing?
bhg26: Half forward yelse
Gotigres: Is Constable seriously 23 from 15 possessions?
mattmac24: Yeah GoTigers… 33% DE and only 1 contested. Shocking SC stat line
bhg26: Yes
BRAZZERS: yes he’s been a disgrace
TheLegend6: Constable losing points for knocking a ball out of defensive 50 to a teammate? Okay then
MrWalrus: He’s copped a vit of that legend but also been loose
TheLegend6: 27 points is overkill though, not been that bad
pcaman2003: Well, at least constable has gone past his BE.
MrWalrus: Agree Legend
bhg26: Chad to Errol slotting it from 65, you love to see it
PAFC4eva: Who said gulden was a 1 week wonder
BRAZZERS: settle down nackers it’s only GC, you would’ve loved seeing it in the grand final
bhg26: Cant enjoy seeing two of some of the biggest prospects linking up and scoring a good goal?
bhg26: Plus you were waiting to use that line
PAFC4eva: Was that you Brazzers no surprise
Depressed: I’m glad i jumped on the gulden bandwagon
navy_blues: buddy on holidays
Raspel31: That calf could be a problem.
casey22: Buddy time off
bhg26: If buddy gets suspended for that i give up on the tribunal… more so than i already have
PAFC4eva: He will get off protected species :}
Raspel31: What’s your team bhg26?
bhg26: Not as much as your mate Dixon PAFC
bhg26: Cant remember raspel
MrWalrus: Bud should be fine, will get weeks though I suspect
Harambe: Why do people pronounce Constable as Cunstable?
PAFC4eva: Nice ton gulden 94 to go
bhg26: Because commentators cant read harambe
Harambe: Remember when Bruce kept calling Menegola ‘MeneNgola’
fruity: Just turned over from watching the other game and heard “that Voice” in commentary…OMG! she’s shocking.
Harambe: Kelli exclusively commentates when Orange teams are playing
pcaman2003: Fruity. We need to clone a few D Commetti’s
frenzy: there is no bigger seagull than Lloyd
fruity: pcaman2003 Totally agree
bhg26: Naicos the prodigy frenzy
Harambe: Amazing the Swans started winning when they stopped chipping sideways to Lloyd 40 times every match
frenzy: got a ways to go bhg
bhg26: Flower me just blow the whistle, neither team wants to be out here
frenzy: funny cherries m0nty
MrWalrus: Seagull got his chips tonight
pcaman2003: Nice game Errol. Some more of those please.
Flagm@ntle: What’s up with Constable Dt to Sc

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