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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2023

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zadolinnyj: Lads
exatekk: less go!!!
Maroonies: hi
frenzy: howdy
ReggieOz: Footy is back!
Maroonies: new to site saw it last year
upweydons: Hi guys
navy_blues: hi all
Cottees: so keen!
Baldfrog: Got $2.25 for lions against Port free money, howdy partners
bhg26: Lads
Baldfrog: Reggie long time no see
Gotigres: G’day everyone. Any room in any classic leagues (free), or have they all been organised?
Gotigres: Welcome Maroonies
Maroonies: gonna go with blues tonight
wadaramus: 2023 is underway, good luck Fantasy coaches!
Jaypa: Foopy on hte telly
zadolinnyj: Welcome Maroonies. Some great people and some interesting cars on here but good banta
navy_blues: all the richmond guys hiding?
exatekk: nice baldy
Baldfrog: Lol Navy good start
zadolinnyj: Cats not cars
Gotigres: Correct Navy. No Richmond supporters here.
zadolinnyj: Did not see any Gotigres
Baldfrog: Hey Zad I’m a ferrari
Pavs: Evening all.
Baldfrog: Your special gotigres
navy_blues: hiya tigs
Gotigres: lol Navy
J.Worrall: Footy’s back!
zadolinnyj: Lol Baldy. Early form on the humour front
JohnHoward: is there a dark mode for this site.
Gotigres: Thanks Baldfrog
pcaman2003: Evening all! Nice to be back and see familiar names. Let’s go!
zadolinnyj: Is it to early to be upset about owies time off ground
m0nty: not yet JH, will work on it
TimT14: Lot of nervous players out there
JohnHoward: legend monty, me eyes are stinging
Baldfrog: Haven’t really played for 6 months Tim
navy_blues: go sos
original: i’ve missed you all. who is purple name game on
Ash777: go cowan
bhg26: Graham has taken Castagnas role
pcaman2003: This looks like it will be a cracker of a game. Go Blues!
Nurfed: Evening all, massive pressure from the tigers here
BRAZZERS: evening muppets
pcaman2003: Hewett in for a big year,but not picked by many in SC.
Maroonies: richmond may have been in a good leauge but those fantasy snap shots at goal is costing them
Maroonies: lead*
zadolinnyj: What a leg
Baldfrog: Going the early crow pcaman?
pcaman2003: Baldy! Lol. Yeah mate. Picked your man Laird as my no.1 this year. H’ell be sensational and worth the coin.
_Wang_: Hi lads another year
BigChief: Good evening all.
original: still a few not here, must have had an interrupted preseason
Baldfrog: Hey Dunstall
Baldfrog: A few hammies Original
frenzy: Ed Curnow got dusted off for a game
thommoae: Evening all. Fooo-ooty! Vale BestCoast. 🙂
pcaman2003: More familiar names rolling up. Fantastic! Welcome back and to the new guys too.
zadolinnyj: Classy thommoae. Miss the old BestCoat
Raspel31: Missed last year- Os- evening all.
original: anyone seen beerent
bhg26: My Curnow pick for the draft looking wonderful so far
pcaman2003: Raspel. Didn’t think you’d be far away.
casey22: finally changed to info in blue?
Raspel31: Evening pcaman.
sfenda1: cerra looks ready to explode this year
zadolinnyj: At least rule changes confusing umps did not affect first qrt. Hard to watch last year
original: walrus?
zadolinnyj: Lol bhg26
wadaramus: Pretty good first quarter, VC on Docherty.
Number 8: Low tackle count for the Blues
Butch14: Doch Lovely
Butch14: Good stuff doch
zadolinnyj: Koning interesting
Baldfrog: Original beer is in WA 3hrs behind bit early for being probably
bhg26: Cant wait till hes a swan zado
ballbag: yes. hi all
Raspel31: The new blue upsetting my habits. Phew- glad Owies too exxy.
original: cant remember many other names other than those who are here but will when i see them
zadolinnyj: Wada missing
Ash777: blues cant keep it in their forward half.
pcaman2003: Original. Hope you remember me after nearly 10 years. lol!
bhg26: According to Sportsbet, Taranto and Hopper both have 0 touches, absolute spuds
casey22: Been asking change from pink for years
PAFC4eva: evening all ready for another year of footy
Baldfrog: You haven’t been banned yet pcaman no name change for u yet
original: pcaman of course man, i said those who arent here 😀 10 years..been here for 14
pcaman2003: Baldy. That’s right! Call me Mr Perfect.. Hehehe!
original: still trying to win purple name game
Baldfrog: I used to be known as umpirespet
original: actually remember that username
zadolinnyj: Is that true Baldy
Baldfrog: I remember yours to Original
pcaman2003: original. Thank goodness! Was checking for signs of Dementia.
Baldfrog: Yep
wadaramus: I’m right here Zado, have posted a couple of time already 🙂
zadolinnyj: Definitely remember that name
zadolinnyj: How are ya wada
original: carlton fans try to forget a lot
Moona: HI everyone – aint it great that footys back – been waaayyyyy too long
Raspel31: Had your back wada.
pcaman2003: How good is it to have the footy banter back with old mates?
Ash777: Tigers did a practice game right?
bhg26: Richmond goal kicking must be a tribute to Castagna
Baldfrog: Certainly is Moona
wadaramus: Mate, I am fkn excellent 🙂
navy_blues: young killing riewoldt
Cr1cketeer: Young v Riewoldt is entertaining
wadaramus: Can always count on that Raspel 🙂
wadaramus: I went with Baker as a POD, not far off Hopper and Timmy T, need them all to lift!
pcaman2003: By the way fellas. The Voodoo Doll is up for rent again this year. Effectiveness is proven. Enquiries welcome.
wadaramus: Too early for a lift call?
Raspel31: My season already in tatters.
Ash777: the commentators are worse than the umps.
beerent11: Evening
bhg26: That thing should be locked in a vault pcaman, its too powerful
DANGERous: any danger of being efficient taranto?
original: who u got rasp
Baldfrog: GWS this w/e plz pcaman want us to get off to a good start
original: or are you saying that as a essendon fan
frenzy: beer
wadaramus: Surely not Raspel, you jest!
Pavs: Never too early for a Lift call
Ash777: the umps have surprisingly been decent
Baldfrog: Lol raspel you say that every year
Raspel31: Taranto, Dochs, Martin and Hollands original.
wadaramus: Thankx Pavs 🙂
beerent11: Is ky from the draft league in the house?
original: taranto the butcher knives. cmon do it. he and AT share them
Baldfrog: Taranto 17 touches for only 37 points oh dear
Raspel31: Pardon my rudeness- evening beer.
Ash777: all the tigers are butchering the ball
DANGERous: i no longer want taranto, give me my 500k back
pcaman2003: C’mon Taranto,Doc, Hopper and Cowan. I expect a big and better 2nd half.
wadaramus: 6 muppets.
wadaramus: I think muppets are too significant in the SC calculation.
original: doch needs to lift. absolutely needs to lift.
BigChief: Like the look of Cowan. Goes at it hard.
wadaramus: You kick in hope and it gets marked by the opposition.
Cr1cketeer: Cerra almost the same price as Taranto…
wadaramus: Copping a muppet is too harsh for this.
Cottees: the fact that Cowan is equal best with Doch haha
Butch14: Not great scoring from anyone relevant
Raspel31: So who’s in The Fanfooty comp- I wasn’t invited. How rudeness.
wadaramus: Doch stinky second quarter.
Baldfrog: The work experience kid is back this year
Ash777: Yeo missing round 1 made me get Cowan.
original: yeo also missing round 2
Raspel31: Yeo doubtful round 3.
Baldfrog: Don’t bother with yeo by the looks
Nurfed: hammy tightness round 4 i heard might miss
teachrtony: Yeo doubtful full stop.
Baldfrog: Not available rid 14 either
bhg26: At this rate he will miss round 5-24
original: has anyone heard about yeo and round 5?
bhg26: And finals
Raspel31: Yeo good for round 11- you heard it here.
Pavs: Should I put Yeo in next week?
wadaramus: What’s the VC consensus here?
Butch14: gonna have to trade doch to yeo
DrSeuss: Another year of FanFooty chat – Only half a game late
wadaramus: Timmy T scaled up to 40 from 19 possies.
Butch14: VC dunks for me
Pavs: Oliver VC Laird C
Baldfrog: Mc clung into Bont here Wada
BigChief: Has Timmy take the butcher mantle from Treloar?
Raspel31: I thought Dunks had retired?
beerent11: I ran a ff draft rasp. Didn?t do invitations, just gave out the league code in a preseason game and it filled up quick.
wadaramus: Clung?
Baldfrog: Wondered where my email was beer
wadaramus: Nice Pavs.
Baldfrog: Sorry Mc Clugg
navy_blues: goldstein big out for north
Raspel31: You might say that beer but I couldn’t possibly comment. How rude.
wadaramus: McLuggage!
beerent11: Was surprised how quick it filled up to be honest.
Baldfrog: Yep Wada u got it
Pavs: Should be between those 2 all year Wada might throw in Bont every now and then.
wadaramus: FFS, Timmy T scaled back to 39, curse SC!
Que Cerra: im new here and joined it. hope that was ok
Baldfrog: Pavs rekon McLuggage will have a breakout year. HEY Que join the rack
Raspel31: Lack of loyalty is nothing to be ashamed of beer- still friends.
wadaramus: Let it all hang out Que Terra 🙂
wadaramus: Que Cerra 🙂
Pavs: Welcome Que cerra
Que Cerra: thanks all 🙂
Raspel31: Whatever will be.
Pavs: Big call Baldfrog. Like it.
pcaman2003: Welcome QueCerra. As long os we each get the $50 joining fee, you’re cool.
wadaramus: Will be.
Baldfrog: We ll see Pavs
Baldfrog: Carlton getting tired
navy_blues: BT is so biased lol
Ash777: TT back on track
BigChief: He always has been @navy
Pavs: TT this years Will Brodie. Buy him cheap then keep him all year.
wadaramus: Lets go Doc.
bhg26: Whats the deal with Brodies TOG?
Ash777: but he’s not cheap though…
_Wang_: Any leagues I can join guys?
wadaramus: Lift Hopper!
thommoae: Not exactly ‘Brodie cheap’, Chief.
navy_blues: lol lynch
original: lift hopper
BigChief: @thommoae huh?
Pavs: Good point Ash he is worth more than 500k though
DANGERous: go the blues
LuvIt74: Cowan doing well
DrSeuss: Cowan has been good. Hollands – not so much
Social: haha yeah whats up dawgs and happy new year
wadaramus: Liam Baker you total hack.
Raspel31: Time to unleash Lochie O’Brien.
original: anyone take vlaustin.. i didnt but know some did
runners47: A game of defences – not much in it
Moona: Cowan was good until half time – very quiet since – still done well for a 1st gamer though
original: DrSeuss. theres a name i remember
Que Cerra: my McGovern pick in draft somehow not been horrible
wadaramus: Laptop battery failing,,,
original: mcgovern started terribly but has warmed up
runners47: Happy to have Cowan on the bench – Saad as draft pick OK…
Que Cerra: The first 30 seconds were quite concerning Original
DrSeuss: Yes original – FF just keeps bringing me back
Ash777: Get Balta off Mckay
Baldfrog: McGovern not eating Maccas these days best game since he was a crow
Gotigres: Nice move up Doc
Cr1cketeer: Falcon mark
beerent11: Shit. Doc woke up.
BigChief: Blues kicking for goal still terrible.
original: can do anything in the ruck at a throw in, but cant do anything at a centre bounce
Gotigres: Looks like TT hasn’t improved. Still needs 45 disposals to ton up
Social: DKs better off at full back
original: hopper sheesh what was i thinking
wadaramus: Plugged in, go Doc!
Baldfrog: Gee that was soft
original: justice is served. can’t tell me 20 spoils like that a game arent called. hit ball then arm
beerent11: He?ll be fine original, nearly everyone has him anyway.
pcaman2003: Hopper sucked me in. Doh!
bhg26: Hollands statpadding with that play lmao
Baldfrog: I don’t beer
bhg26: How on earth does lynch have 85 sc
Gotigres: Love how TT does a banana kick that goes straight.
original: hollands has himself as emergency on the bench
DrSeuss: Don’t mind it bhg – he has been around the ball all game – just no touches
beerent11: Are you playing this year baldy? Was it you that swore off sc last year?
original: if anything taranto’s banana went back the other way lol
BRAZZERS: simple nackers, he’s had 4 contested marks
BigChief: Hopper was cheap for a reason.
pcaman2003: bhg26. Wondering that myself . 2 clangers and only 55%DE from a mere 9 possies. Mmm!
Baldfrog: Yeah playing public only this year beer wanna chill this year
Ash777: jacob hopoff
beerent11: Nackers
BRAZZERS: lol ppl throwing toys out the cot already, footy is back lads lmao
beerent11: Cool man. Cool.
Social: did marilon get hurt?
Raspel31: Tie me up and torture me- but, point of honour, I will never own Tom Lynch.
Baldfrog: Monty we have farmer wants a wife when will you fanfooty wants a wife?
frenzy: cowan subbed, noooo
ballbag: my first year without cripps. good not tohave the stress
Baldfrog: Never change Brazzers
Raspel31: Hardly alone frenzy, sigh.
Social: thanks fellas no worries
zadolinnyj: I hear ya Ballbag
Migz: JFC are you deafy lachie
runners47: I’m with you re Lynch, Raspel
frenzy: 3 votes P Cripps and a brown paper bag
beerent11: The sub rule is gonna suck this year.
runners47: Get a move on, Saad!
navy_blues: no free to curnow
original: sub idea: cowan now gets his original score + whatever LOB scores
Migz: wtf doch marked that on the 50
Cottees: yes the doch!
bhg26: Up the Doc!
navy_blues: nice goal doxc
Ash777: super goal!
BigChief: What a bomb Doc.
Gotigres: Wow Doc. Nice goal.
beerent11: Go doc!
Raspel31: Well, 4 boxes. Tick 1.
navy_blues: omg
Moona: Blues win the 1st half of the quarter and tigers will win the 2nd half, and the game
runners47: Legend Doc!
original: not HTB or dropping it that..
teachrtony: Hopper made his BE at least.
navy_blues: saw that original
Social: dont turn your back on the options blakers
LuvIt74: Is that true Re sub rule?
LuvIt74: Will Cowan get his score + O’Briens?
Raspel31: Did I mention I had D Rioli last year/
BigChief: No @luvit
wadaramus: Lift Hopper!
original: balta isnt convincing me
TimT14: Tigers need better KPD
wadaramus: Baker is an abject fail 🙁
Baldfrog: Why does Bolton duck his head everytime
bhg26: Just kick a drop punt!!!
Social: oopsies
zadolinnyj: Bolton needs to stop ducking
original: thought the duck was prior
pcaman2003: If TT had his DE up, he’d be killing it big time.
Social: lots of free staging goin on down there Baldy
Ash777: Tarrant would of kept Mckay from running at the ball.
stocko12: Except he doesn’t ever have good DE Pacman. He is like every other GWS reject. They can’t kick.
original: 31 touches and 83 sc jeepers
BigChief: Blues fumbles should have cost them the lead.
Baldfrog: TT a 7 year deal wow
DrSeuss: Blues need to get Doc back on field – can’t get the ball out of defense
bhg26: Okay, how the absolute flower is Saad on 116 sc
navy_blues: umps will get tigers over line here can ee it coming
BigChief: Wasn’t Hopper’s deal the 7 years?
ballbag: @zado did i mention twill hurt when cripps gets 150 every other week
Baldfrog: Dunno chief BT just referred to TT
pcaman2003: stocko12. Thats’s it ! he gets plenty of ball but disposal is horriffic.
frenzy: CD picked him up in their waiver draft
teachrtony: Kayo is shite, buffering, buffering, buffering.
Social: that was hollands free
original: hopper 14 years i heard
Jaypa: Is Hopper even out there?
original: how is cripps on more than 90 Sc wowowow
Migz: im having 0 issues with kayo
BigChief: You trust what BT says @baldy?
TimT14: No issues with kayo for me
original: no free to mckay cmon man
Baldfrog: Lol Chief no
teachrtony: I live in the country, dependant on Telstra dongle. Only Kayo wont work.
Baldfrog: A draw
BigChief: Draw
Migz: hit the post you flog
teachrtony: Everything else streams no problem.
Cottees: first game draw lol
Moona: boy o boy wowee
original: ffssssssssss
upweydons: Used too much time
bhg26: wowee
DrSeuss: Anyone but Lynch please
Raspel31: Oh pooh!
Gotigres: omg
Cottees: acres bad lol – imagine dropping that
teachrtony: Great game first up, gonna be a cracker season.
pcaman2003: lol! Was that for real?
Baldfrog: Least TT got to a ton
DrSeuss: How does Acres drop that
Jaypa: Acres dropped it 55m out with 3 seconds to go, did he have the leg in him for a score?
Social: the tide is turning
ballbag: blues could have won that 3 times in the last minute fckn clown show
Number 8: Oh, footy … how I’ve missed you! That was awesome
ballbag: mcgovern should have iced it, lob should have stopped bouncing and fckn blakers SMH
bones351: And that’s why O’Brien struggles to get a game. They want to slow the game down and he kicks to a 1 on 3.
original: if they had 1-2 more preseason games would the skills be better? that was awful
Moona: WELCOME BACK FOOTY – looking forward to being at the game tomorrow night
bones351: If McKay difall over he had a chance but it wasn’t the right play. Mark and stop.

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