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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R23 of 2023

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navy_blues: just as well underwood not commentating this curnow be playing for both sides
bhg26: Good start stupid sexy flanders
Gotigres: That was Charlie Cameron navy
navy_blues: hmmmm ok tigs thought was curnow
Gotigres: You’re doing well so far with Flanders filling in for LDU, bhg
bhg26: Was my plan all along gotigres
BigChief: Blues have not turned up. Long day ahead.
Gotigres: Don’t overdo it Rowell. 1 handball already after only 10 mins
circle52: Not sure how much wind is down the coast but a gale in Brisbnae, So whether to Suns benefit not sure.
Gotigres: That’s it, now go and have a rest on the bench
Tea_Bagger: Geewhizz umpires making it clear who they are supporting
navy_blues: omg martin
BigChief: Yep T-bag. 5-2 frees in favour of Blues.
clay007: The blues will respond, surely?
navy_blues: better be soon then clay
clay007: This will hurt my multi…sigh
circle52: Nlues have so much to play for so lift if they are to get a chance at 4th if Dees slip up
BRAZZERS: geez rubbish start baggers, always a danger game tho. suns did smack brissy here a few weeks ago
clay007: Suns with the cyclonic breeze in the first qtr.
Gotigres: That’s great Rowell. One handball every 10 minutes…oh wait, you got a kick as well
circle52: Thanks Clay been trying to work out who had it.
navy_blues: htb out the window
Sloaneyyyy: surely its clear that McKay and C.Curnow can not play together, get rid of Harry I reckon
circle52: how to 4 tackling blues ket it get out.
BigChief: For a side trying to cement a finals spot, Carlton have been shocking.
clay007: Anyone know the dimensions of this ground?
soup: Touk on the never again list
TheFlagger: typical
Pavs: Not a lot different to the MCG clay a little narrower
circle52: so about 95% size of MCG
navy_blues: omg umps lol dangerous?
clay007: Thanks circle and pavs. Thought it looked bigger than clearly not.MCG,
navy_blues: some get on swallow!
beerent11: Oh how very carltony this is.
navy_blues: one
circle52: Pity only a 25k capacity though nice ground.
navy_blues: back to old carlton by the looks
navy_blues: or normal carlton lol
BigChief: This game is over already.
TheFlagger: we dont deserve finals playing like this
navy_blues: coming from a norf supporter thats funny beer
navy_blues: flagger we have won 8 in a row beat 3 out of top 4 sides dont jump ship yet geez
beerent11: At least we know we?re rubbish at the moment navy
Cottees: hahahaha join in and Carlton supporters are sooking classic. Playing like you’re North
navy_blues: yes u are
navy_blues: but we were there too beer
circle52: WTF Chl find the open man
soup: Carlton supporters gonna be rushing to smashing up their facilities and threatening their own players again
TheFlagger: massive hold there haha
Cottees: only Curnow can save Carlton lol
TheFlagger: horrendous viewing experience
thesilentl: Curnow needs to stop playing for free every play, makes it hard to see how good he is
navy_blues: not out of this yet
beerent11: Starting to come good now navy
Cottees: Curnow plays for frees cause it is so easy to bait umps lol
TheFlagger: maturity of the side keep it up
TheFlagger: or a lack of maturity by suns i guess
Sloaneyyyy: Curnow really wanting Tex to kick 10 vs West Coast again next week
navy_blues: lol u change like the weather flagger
soup: Asking Curnow not to play for frees would be like asking him not to breathe
navy_blues: dont deserve finals 1min the mature side
navy_blues: lol your fav player soup
TheFlagger: george hewett my cerra replacement not bad
Cottees: navy – to be fair this year nearly every team don’t deserve finals with the consistency this year lol
TheFlagger: anyone see the blues vfl lmao
Cottees: Flagger – they’re even worse than your seniors haha
Rebuild: Macpherson done well to get points without coming on the field
beerent11: Nice to see dow playing decent footy. Some kids just take a bit longer.
bhg26: Yeah flagger think they were outplayed a bit
bhg26: Binns still went nuts
TheFlagger: what a kick
TheFlagger: binns loves a 31 and a goal stat line. will be a gem to start next year lets hope
BigChief: 2 great kicks from Cottrell and Curnow.
navy_blues: im happy with how we all dont know the make up of the 8 yet lot more exciting for final few rounds
Raspel31: Game well and truly on.
BRAZZERS: lol flagger, constable tore them a new one
circle52: Stpid Luko – Muppet Urbs
TheFlagger: This game is over already.
bhg26: Thats an average game for him in the 2s brazzers
beerent11: Flagger the die hard
davywap: If the suns don’t give them the game, the umpires will
navy_blues: constable who is he?? the forgotten player
Cottees: This game has done a full 180 lol
BRAZZERS: burgess kicked 8 lol
Pavs: Haha Constable still on my bench. Explains my year
bhg26: Didnt think Paddy Dow was gonna show up for my draft granny but here we are
BRAZZERS: well done baggers, tips back on track
Cottees: Brazzers, basically like kicking 8 on eagles in seniors. Ain’t hard lol
circle52: same Pavs since Rd 1
beerent11: In a draft granny are ya bhg?
beerent11: Get a few did ya?
TheFlagger: Brazzers he was playing on plowman, lewis young and sam durdin lmao
bhg26: Plenty of free agents beer so snatched up dow, coleman and rachele
Pavs: Who did you beat to get in the Granny bhg?
bhg26: beerent pavs but i wont gloat I was very lucky because he had libba last week
Pavs: Thought so mate. It’s ok beer Libba cost me in my final that i lost by 20 points
bhg26: Docherty been a very underwhelming inclusion for Naicos
beerent11: Stupidsexy!
clay007: Anderson is flowering killing me.
Pavs: Stupidsexy worth a look next year. Been good the last couple of weeks
beerent11: I should?ve accepted your trade request for libba bhg.
bhg26: Yeah beer that was poor from you
beerent11: Lowest score of 81 from the last eight pavs.
Pavs: Is he dpp beer?
beerent11: Yep fwd mid.
TheFlagger: any chance we can kick it between the big sticks?
Pavs: Might slow him down if Dusty goes up there
Sloaneyyyy: hahaha McKay, needs to go to another team, he’s jinxing the bluebaggers
Nicko006: What happened to Curnow?
clay007: Who was subbed off for GC?
clay007: I think this chat forum is cooked.
clay007: Thanks Monty…Johnston
pluggerpig: wow massive load for swallow today
bhg26: Docherty you spud
clay007: Yes, he has had his fill today pig
naicosfan: Ed curnow threw that to Cripps
naicosfan: Even in Gold Coast Carlton have the umps..
navy_blues: yeah right
DukeNewc: Nick Newman was my daicos replacement, currently doing what he needs to and more
BigChief: You guys got lucky today @navy. Didn’t play great but got the W like good sides do.
navy_blues: agree played 1 and half qtrs not good enough
navy_blues: 40 points down still good win from there

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