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Chat log from R18 of 2023: Collingwood vs Fremantle

Chat log for Collingwood vs Fremantle, R18 of 2023

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navy_blues: it was a NOBLE effort
TimT14: Darcy get to 150 plz
Stu7: Afternoon all
Stu7: Daicos 140 please
naicosfan: Come on NickyD big game mate! Got the C on you.
Stu7: Go VC on Naicos Naicosfan
Manowar: k’mon C Wagner
naicosfan: VC on gulden this week, only reason I?m not taking it is because my opponent put the C on gulden for some reason.
Manowar: VC on De Goey today
Stu7: Risky naico unkess you?re desperate for points
naicosfan: Not really, oppo has 3 donuts because of all the recent outs and still proj 200 over, I think I should be alright.
TheFlagger: C on Nick Madden go huge son
Stu7: Sweet Naicos
Stu7: Hamstrung at 5 mini ute mark
Stu7: Lol Flagger
Manowar: happy with J. De Goey so far,
Pavs: Didn’t trust Madden this week Flagger went D Cameron
Hughsy: sean darcy as C for the second week in a row
navy_blues: lol markov
original: can someone injure someone so titch gets on early? pls
Stu7: My luck Naicos will score 60
The Hawker: Banfield could be tagging Naicos
Manowar: N. Daicos VC fail
Cottees: Who had Pendles to kick first goal? lmao
navy_blues: think naicos doing a lachie neale from last night lol
Manowar: very suspicious, umpires cheating for Collingwood so early in the game!
Raspel31: I stupidly got stuck with Neale as cap- the booze will do that to you- groan.
Stu7: Bad luck Raspa
Troglodyte: Good to see all the Carlton supporters cheering for their second favourite team
navy_blues: waiting for hill weekly moty attempt
PigeonPies: me too navy lol
navy_blues: Trogvon the grog again
PigeonPies: moore is incredible
PigeonPies: why is markov actually good for us
naicosfan: Robbery
navy_blues: good review lol
PigeonPies: hahaha our review system makes me laugh
Nurfed: markov not the best user but provides such a spark when he gets going
PigeonPies: hes been better than i expected
navy_blues: its ok naicosfan you will win by 10+ goals
naicosfan: Hopefully navy.. lol
PigeonPies: de goey backed out of the contest smh
TheFlagger: carn dockers
Gotigres: Is Dogga a skanky female?
Nurfed: moore got it on a string
navy_blues: moore not got a opp just cruisin in back line
TheFlagger: brayshaw underscored
bhg26: Ryan has been awesome on debut for me
Hughsy: Ryan will have trouble scoring today… collingwood are a hard team to stop when they are charging forward
Raspel31: I was going to cop for that bhg- me too.
bhg26: That?s better
Nurfed: jeez not sure about that last deliberate
clay007: 26 is not a bad first qtr result bhg
bhg26: Was on 16 20 seconds ago clay lol
bhg26: Seemed to have fired him up
TheLegend6: I hate comments like Clays hahaha he was obviously struggling when the comment was made
clay007: Was not having a dig at bhg, the game swings pretty quickly though, unless you are Lachie Neale.
Nurfed: that was a beautiful passage
Gotigres: On the bench again Johnson. I didn’t realise you were so lazy
Hughsy: Anyone else hearing that Collingwood fan in the crowd?
Gotigres: Johnson is the new Brodie, but not as good
clay007: What is the knock on Brodie, Freo were a good side last year because of him. Anyone know?
Stu7: Off the pine Naicos
hmmmm: whenever your ready brayshaw
TheFlagger: longmuir in trouble?
Dredd: See Brisbane, this is how you put a team awayu when your on top.. pathetic
navy_blues: dimma might have choice of 2 clubs
naicosfan: Witches hats
Nurfed: this got out of hand rather fast
DukeNewc: It’s because Luke Ryan is on the pine naicosfan
TheLegend6: Naicos is a freak
original: Anyone limping? Get titch on
naicosfan: True Duke.
Nurfed: maynard almost BOG right now, just wants it more than anyone
clay007: Hard not to love him Nurf. Great team effort so far.
naicosfan: Good half so far naicos.
Stu7: Manowar still a VC fail for Naicos?
bc__: Both Daicos’s lock next year
Stu7: Off the bench Naicos
beerent11: 69 nice
Stu7: Probably rest him now
clay007: Darcy not looking good.
navy_blues: thought i saw darcy limping
Hughsy: Noooo Darcy
The Hawker: Ouch there goes the patella
a1trader: that kneecap looked horrible
bc__: Peddles alright?
frenzy: or rest pendles stu7
beerent11: You?re patelling me! Poor bugger.
navy_blues: wheres the golf cart stretcher?
Raspel31: I think just resting him bc?
Stu7: Pulling my hair out frenzy
naicosfan: Naicos racking up points while this is occurring
navy_blues: lol eventually it arrives
Nurfed: just had to drive the cart all the way from the carpark
Stu7: Naicos doing sweet fa Naico
beerent11: Gee the dockers have a lot of Oompa Loompas
beerent11: Naicos went from 69 to 81 without touching the ball
navy_blues: hill on same as mitchell in possies
Dogs5416: Remember when Brayshaw bad q
Dogs5416: Remember when Brayshaw had 12 in the first quarter? I want that Brayshaw back
navy_blues: dont think darcy will be back
clay007: Darcy-ankle
Spenny2012: Darcy done.
sc_god: surely taylor adams blue moon
clay007: Darcy was on 71 when he went down. Score has gone up nicely.
beerent11: Neil on fire
devize: naicos big last quarter to rack up some brownlow votes
Stu7: Now big last quarter Naicos pleaseeeeeee
Stu7: Nice icon on D Moore Monty lol
beerent11: Everyone has naicos. Doesn?t really matter what he does. Unless you?ve vc or c?d him
Stu7: Come on Naicos big one buddy everything else has gone to sh1t you can make up for it
Gotigres: I looked up what Dogga means Stu and it said skanky female and it sa
Raspel31: But I have him on the bench beer- tactical.
Stu7: I have VC on him my opp hasn?t beer
Stu7: Don?t follow Gotigres
Stu7: Wake up Naicos
Nurfed: Bobby!!!
beerent11: You?re always 1 step ahead of the game raspel.
Gotigres: The icon is Dogga. I had no idea what it was so I looked up the meaning and apparently it means a skanky female
devize: darcy still racking up the points
bhg26: Earth to Ryan
Stu7: Ohhhh sorry got ya 🙂 thanks Gotigres
Stu7: Just as predicted Naicos in the bench just to ruin my VC option
beerent11: Who?s your back up stu?
beerent11: Mat Johnson looks like he?ll be good
runners47: OK Naicos – do some serious scoring in the next 10 or so
Gotigres: Nice move up Johnson
naicosfan: Yes Nick!
Stu7: Taranto beer
beerent11: What a gun
Stu7: Naicos has sealed it now beer well done Naicos
beerent11: Don?t think you?ll need him
Stu7: He?s a bl00dy superstar
Stu7: Please don?t bench Naicos
beerent11: He?s done the impossible stu. He?s made me look forward to watching Collingwood
runners47: Was lining up Dawson as C, but sticking with Naicos & the loophole
Stu7: Ha ha pi55a beer
Stu7: 100% runners
Stu7: Keep de gooey on the bench instead
frenzy: I like having Naicos that much, I went and got Jaicos
navy_blues: bobby hill needs to be dropped if mcrae serious bout finding their best 22
Nurfed: ya jokin navy, hes been fantastic all year
navy_blues: he is useless only cares bout taking moty
clay007: You hate Bobby Navy.
navy_blues: 3 touches in a game of footy isnt good enough
naicosfan: It?s because Carlton don?t have any good small forwards.
Nurfed: has one bad game all year, better get rid of him!! find a new slant mate
navy_blues: i dont hate clay but i will say what i think clay
clay007: How come you are not talking about Jye Amiss then navy. You bang on about it every week, possible trolling.
All Reds: bobby is a jet
naicosfan: I?d like to see Motlop have a consistent spot in the squad.
clay007: Im with you nurf.
Nurfed: blokes kicked 20 goals and been a valuable crumber all year
sc_god: ginni better
navy_blues: why are u defending him? he doesnt work hard enough
navy_blues: so u guys sit here and say stuff bout players but i cant right?
Nurfed: correct navy, your opinion is wrong and will be contested.
navy_blues: coach says wec still trying to find best 22 hill cant be in your best surely
navy_blues: and i will say same bout carlton if u know me
sc_god: these muppets always in the pies chat never never go to their games lmao

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