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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R17 of 2023

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Troglodyte: Go Flea-mantle!
soup: apologies if serong is cooked, was my trade in this week
original: Anyone know why mckay lost points?
Dondeal: Carlton getting murdered by umps in last few mins
Troglodyte: Don’t think Jackson is playing on Pearce m0nty
Foxman69: Dropped a sitter chest mark
DrSeuss: Mine too Soup – expecting a quiet one
Raspel31: Cox my only trade this week- sitting happy- no pun intended..
Foxman69: Walshy has it on a string today
Hughsy: Ridley you bloody champion, not that injured
Raspel31: Good news but wrong site Hughsy.
soup: I hate tipping fremantle games, everytime I tip them they play like wet toast and everytime I don’t they play insane
soup: also lift serong ya spoon
Troglodyte: The Voss Out signs have come down…
original: Umpires gift
NewFreoFan: Try supporting them soup, no joy ride
Raspel31: Cox has already gone to bed- sigh.
pcaman2003: Serong is turning in to a trade in regret. Sigh!
Foxman69: Walsh is a bit stiff half Ryans disposals from KO and is on more than him
frenzy: the sunday fantasy turn pear shaped is a thing
Raspel31: Que Serong Serong- whatever will be will be. We all have off weeks.
Foxman69: Serong Libba Butters J.Kelly all the 600k+ ins letting everyone down this week
frenzy: Serong suckers 😀
pcaman2003: Rasp. I think most of my Premos have had an off week this week. That’s how it feles.
DrSeuss: Freo defenders get heaps of the ball – but they are terrible decision makers under pressure
Raspel31: Tomorrow is another day pcaman- injuries more my concern. Green useless- but he’ll score 120 next week. Life.
NewFreoFan: Cox especially Seuss, his brain works a quarter of the speed of his body
Foxman69: That was bad by old Lach
Dredd: Yeah and Ive had 2 of them for months Fox.. can everyone leave my players alone.. they were killing it
navy_blues: mark to mcgov
DrSeuss: Agree Freo Fan – Cox is the worst, I feel Ryan is massively overrated though
NewFreoFan: Walker is the other one, over complicates everything he does
Foxman69: Looks like Cripps is CD lovechild today
DrSeuss: But then he does some nice stuff every now and then lol
Raspel31: Don’t say that Dr Seuss- brought in Cox and lost Lloyd and Ridley and Dunks- aargh.
m0nty: Cripps is just about BOG, if you are watching the game
Ash777: off the bench cerra
pcaman2003: Seuss. How do you see Ryan as overrated? I’m curious.
Foxman69: I think you have confused Cripps and Walsh
Silz90: Fox do you understand the scoring system?
Foxman69: Yes Cripps has a lot of uncontested handballs
DrSeuss: Pca – Majority of the time I think he just hangs back for kick to kick – playing some nice defense today though
Foxman69: Libba Friday night had much better stats
pcaman2003: Seuss. Ithink he does his job to almost perfection. Glad I have him
Foxman69: Agree Seuss Supercoach hes a gun actual play though costs them with eventual turnovers
Pies20: 2425 with richie and fogarty thus far 2480 proj
Raspel31: Think England will win this Test- bloody Poms.
Hughsy: I?ve got a 3rd of my team in this game, all doing brilliantly
Pavs: Yes i think they will Rasp. Just get over the line
m0nty: dribbler from Cox, that’s not going to work
Raspel31: Off for a beer or two Pavs and then The Ashes. Go Freo.
Pavs: Luck Rasp
Pavs: Go to the doctor m0nty they have pills for that
beerent11: Cooked dockers! Get your cooked dockers!
navy_blues: not bad for no rucks
PAFC4eva: Shgould be a good game next wek navy blues found some form
Pavs: Cripps finding form but does slip over a lot
navy_blues: um not convinced of that PAF still wouldnt say we playing our best
davywap: Fuck you Freo
navy_blues: if we managed to beat port then i might think we on road to better footy
2Ph0nes: longmuir cooked
TheFlagger: fark
TheLegend6: Need 122 from Walsh to win league game
PAFC4eva: Port due for a loss
PAFC4eva: is it at marvel good record there
Foxman69: 122+ Walsh lets go son
TheFlagger: yes pafc
navy_blues: depends which carlton turns up PAF
wadaramus: Enough with the magnanimosity PAFC.
Foxman69: Come on Sam!
Pavs: Yep I googled it Wada just to make sure
Pavs: Glad I don’t play scrabble against you
beerent11: Of course Johnson subbed. Covering dunks.
wadaramus: LOL, yes I do like exercising my vocabulary 🙂
PAFC4eva: Dont be bitter wada crows having good year
beerent11: Dark days for wa footy
Pavs: Glad I know how to copy and paste
Foxman69: Hewett under 300k could be nice if Kennedy is long term
wadaramus: I’m not bitter PAFC, I’m pissed off.
PAFC4eva: Gws at home should win wada next 2 might be hard
wadaramus: First half was fucking deplorable.
wadaramus: The speed and ease we allowed Essendon to move was inexcusable.
wadaramus: Hot dog, these Boozy Fruits are going down way too easy.
wadaramus: Got to be the most delicious beer ever, with the exception of Coopers Original Pale Ale 🙂
TheFlagger: need 110 cez
Pavs: Wada your extensive vocabulary even went to “chippy chippy” last game 🙂 Just read the chat log. haha
wadaramus: Glad you’re paying attention Pavs, this is a skill in itself 🙂
PAFC4eva: Will have to call you gobbledonk wada
wadaramus: Chippy Chippy is quite elaborate when you drill down into the etymology.
wadaramus: I’ve been called worse PAFC you South Aussie legend 🙂
Pavs: Might just take your word for that mate 😉
wadaramus: Despite the fact you support Port, I still like you PAFC 🙂
PAFC4eva: Making me blush wada cut it out you old port legend
beerent11: Cloudy overhead at Leeds. Cmon cumball!
TheLegend6: 20 more Walsh!
beerent11: Not sure who wins if freo play wc next week.
Pavs: Need a big one from Boland I reckon beer
Pavs: Unless we can can sub McGrath back in
Troglodyte: That’s round 22 beer
Hughsy: Brought Darcy in and made him C, bloody brilliant
TheFlagger: how’d ridley end up pavs
Pavs: Sore Flagger hahaha. I deserved that.
Troglodyte: stfu Doc why go off during junk time?
beerent11: Yeah pavs. Pat can?t do it all.
navy_blues: ryan under rated i think lol
Pavs: Great bowler beer his Captaincy concerns me around field placings and tactics
TheLegend6: I needed 122 from Walsh, are you kidding me! argghhh
lana2146: So glad I didn?t trade Ryan out a few weeks ago when he was putting up 80s
PigeonPies: thats tough legend, pray for some scaling
soup: scaling could still come in legend
Pavs: Going backwards hard luck Legend
exatekk: Ryan REALLY under-rated navy
beerent11: Can?t argue with the results pavs. Reckon he knows more about it than us. Poms wanna hit boundaries. Reckon it?s working
Pavs: Yeah I get that mate a bit on edge about it. Next week all have a great week

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