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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Richmond vs Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Sydney, R17 of 2023

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Baldfrog: Navy who out of Fogarty and Cunningham has best job security?
Legix: Evening lads
frenzy: evening chaps
navy_blues: id say cuningham if heastays injury free baldy
Baldfrog: Cheers
Troglodyte: Alright! Which one of you broke Dunkley?
DrSeuss: Unlucky for the young Bauer in his first game
OffaStep: Bauer: 24 (seconds).
JohnHoward: i got 3 trades left and am full premo, do i trade dunks for butters or hold dunk an play maric
Baldfrog: Dunks is only 1 week isnt he?
NickyD: Mills to the bench already? Must have been the most tiring 5 minutes ever.
sc_god: unless you think you can win the whole comp, then hold assuming Dunk will be back next week that is
Hughsy: I would hold, you dont want to end up without dunkley in the finals
Baldfrog: I would hold as you’ll get injuries and you only have 3 trades left
m0nty: pay that OffaStep
navy_blues: vc parker tonight
sc_god: swannies by 15 goals
TheLegend6: first gamers get us excited, so sad looks like Bauer is done. Promising start too.
Gotigres: How do I reverse my trade on Mills?
Baldfrog: So no Grimes tonight then sc-god?
clay007: Sheldrick 2 turnovers, and 17 pts. Taranto not getting the same treatment
Baldfrog: Cant m8 round has started
Legix: good man VC errol
AlsoGmax: I traded Bauer in.
Hughsy: why
lana2146: Sheldrick my 24th premo n loving it
Gotigres: Oh thanks Baldfrog. I thought Mills was a premo. My mistake.
AlsoGmax: Hughsy, my bench was in a sorry state. Still is.
navy_blues: pinched by pickett lmao so funny
snake_p: you mean nickett @navy
BigChief: Sheldrick in rooms atm
Gotigres: Sheldrick down in the rooms
TimT14: How do the tigers look this bad every week?
Dondeal: Vlaustin “That was embarrasing” Umpire “Not for me” lol!
TheLegend6: Sydney are appalling, they’re making us look eagles quality
navy_blues: tigers era is over
Gotigres: Sheldrick only had his ankle restrapped. Should be ok
Baldfrog: Thought the ground would be full
pcaman2003: Ridiculous Gulden getting a clanger for long kick into a goal square contest.
TheLegend6: no shit sherlock
Baldfrog: Can see Tigers asking for a priority pick
BigChief: AFL would grant it too Baldy.
ballbag: ouch Sheldrick injury. that will guarantee low game time now
sc_god: taranto on pace for 20 clangers
navy_blues: i like young ones at richmond but to old at top
Gotigres: I can see why Mills was only 400k
BigChief: Just like your clanger last week sc_god? Did you pay your bet yet?
seanfc99: nank holiday
Baldfrog: Not the seagull
JohnHoward: your a dog nank, rip lloyd fmsc
JohnHoward: nank u big ugly fuk
TheLegend6: please be okay lloyd
Legix: please stay on Llyod
sc_god: how much was the bet?
pcaman2003: I see Taranto carrying on with his top clanger form from last week.
ballbag: OMG im done with lloyd. worst trade all year
navy_blues: wasnt lloyds fault lol
exatekk: nank = grub
Pavs: Yep all his fault ballbag
Baldfrog: Not Lloyd fault ..Navy recind this guys blues membership
pluggerpig: wankervis
TheLegend6: Nank isn’t a grab, he just got that one wrong
J_Herer: was just getting excited about L-Loyds start
navy_blues: lol
NoneyaB: apparently lloyd hasnt gone to the rooms as of yet
DukeNewc: I’d hope sheldrick becomes the next humph or sheez
BigChief: Really Legend? Not the 1st time he has done that.
sc_god: good hit imo, seagulls deserve a good brain massage occassionally
navy_blues: warner out
Baldfrog: Legend doing his best Grimes and Walrus impersonation
bestguykai: so do sc gods
JohnHoward: please LLLOYYYD please be strong and pass the test
NoneyaB: now hes gone to the rooms
TheLegend6: He’s a big guy who throws his body around sure, but doesn’t target players to hurt them
TheLegend6: Baldy still salty from 2017, every tigers game chat it’s too obvious
Baldfrog: move on loser
bestguykai: If he played for any other team legend would be saying something else
navy_blues: lloyd out
BigChief: Lloyd subbed out
Legix: fuck me llyod out
_Wang_: Lloyd out time to delete the app
JohnHoward: noooooooo. LLLOOYYYYDD you are weak as pisss. u useluess seagull go choke on a chip
TheLegend6: i can unlike you baldy, weirdo
FoopyTime: dam why would lloyd rule himself out with concussion
ralfsmiff4: How many weeks for Nank we thinking?
FoopyTime: 3 minimum maybe up to 5 at most
pcaman2003: Nice qtr so far Errol. Keep it up.
BigChief: min 2 weeks for Nank you would think.
Baldfrog: Least 3 ralf serial offender
_Wang_: 5 lol
Baldfrog: Nank one of the sniper brigade
soup: get a move on hopper you bozo i’ve got you for 20
pluggerpig: liking Buddy’s game tonight… for a change.
BigChief: OMG Richmond you suck.
ballbag: baldys a nut job. anyone remember Mr baldy
exatekk: you cant move on legend, just like all the rest of you idiots, keep bringing up stuff that happened 6 years ago.
TheLegend6: ooo adelaide friends
ralfsmiff4: Even me and my blond mullet will get back into the Richmond side at this rate
Pavs: All the rest of you idiots?
ballbag: hey thanks for your effort Lloyd. done real good buddy.
exatekk: richmond fans pavs
exatekk: richmond fans Pav
Baldfrog: Daisy pearce could gtet a game at richmond atm Ralf
Pavs: Trolling ballbag
DukeNewc: 2 weeks of wonders for pcaman, lot of things starting to go his way.
Baldfrog: Legends only friend is a ballbag
Pavs: Okie exatekk 🙂
pcaman2003: Duke. Some things yes and some no.. Overall can’t complain.
pcaman2003: Duke. For example. Wish I put the VC on Errol. Changed mind before game and VC’d Libba
exatekk: by the way, is anyone gonna beat me in FF draft? lol
ballbag: i VC gulden but lloyd KO’d has ruined the weeks score
Baldfrog: Have VC on Errol but also have seagull
pcaman2003: exatekk. I would, if I was in it of course. 🙂
Wo0lfeee: Mills effective tackle and his score goes -1 hmm
exatekk: lol pca!
beerent11: I would give anything, just to be like him.
thommoae: ‘Find Cotchin’ sounds like a ring-in to me.
Baldfrog: Beer you boomer
beerent11: Was a hot ticket the draft league. Will run a few more next year.
exatekk: yeah id be happy to go around again beer. undefeated so far lol. If more are interested we could run 2…
Raspel31: Wow- just home after a long day in the orifice. Gulden?
exatekk: good evening rasp. big game sunday 🙂
thommoae: Banks finding out a bit at present. Head up, young man.
Pavs: Already said to beer I am in next year exa. Not sure what I am doing but that is the same in Supercoach.
Raspel31: You bet exatekk and now going to have to loop Lloyd, sigh.
exatekk: ive been playing for years Pav, no one “really” knows what theyre doing lol
JockMcPie: cursed myself in the FF draft leak by AFKing two rounds of the draft, set me back slightly
Raspel31: So, I’m sure this was answered 1000 times before- but just home. Who traded or kept Dunks?
gorg: does anyone know if matt roberts will play next week
exatekk: still undecided rasp
Baldfrog: Kept here
soup: rasp i think my answer to that depends on how sheldrick goes tonight
Pavs: Keep Dunks. Finally traded Oliver though slow learner me.
Baldfrog: Probably wont be worth bringing Clarry back this year
Ash777: did something happen to dunks?
Raspel31: I captained Laird again as only lost by 7 points based on that joking I kept Dunks.
exatekk: tracca could be an option with pig out for longer
Baldfrog: Thigh strain Ash
Ash777: injury says only a 1-2 weeker but I’m guessing him being 700k means you could trade
navy_blues: think richmond woulda been better off playing cyummberland instead of old man riewoldt
navy_blues: cumberland
TheLegend6: cyummberland sounds cooler
beerent11: Lloyd brings my injury/ concussion/ suspension count to 16 for the year so far.
pcaman2003: What is CD doing to Gulden? Half time was 91, then dropped to 86, now 83. WTH!
Baldfrog: Do you win a prize for the most Beer
Raspel31: cumbertyllwydllannon sounds better to a Welshman. Come On England!
Baldfrog: Pcaman every player that goes off concussed usually goes up in points not seagull
pcaman2003: beer. And people thought I had bad luck. Lol!
DukeNewc: He’s the weekly target of CDs shenanigans pca
BigChief: 205m out hey m0nty? Miller longest score ever. LOL
pcaman2003: Duke. It’s truly bizarre.
Raspel31: pcaman- behave- I have Lloyd and not complaining. So flow the sands of time.
navy_blues: lmao
frenzy: from the pie stand, bigchief
navy_blues: raspel better bowling li e up for poms with wood and woakes in
Baldfrog: m0nty’s had a couple it seems
pcaman2003: Maybe you should Rasp, not that it will make nay difference.
DukeNewc: He’s kicked a behind from gate 3 chief
soup: fair goal that
Ash777: Elliot has a challenger
Gotigres: Heard at half time that Oliver is out for another 3-4 weeks
Raspel31: So should I take the cap off him Gotigres?
navy_blues: ross super sub tonight keeping tige
navy_blues: in this
Baldfrog: Dunno how Pickett gets a game before Ross
Gotigres: I belong in dunce school. I got sucked in to getting Mills
navy_blues: khawaja gone
Raspel31: Wicket whoops- back to the footy.
Baldfrog: Whats the weather like Navy heard rain was coming
Gotigres: If he is useful for you Raspel, then probably keep him. I’m thinking a straight swap to Sicily next week.
pcaman2003: Gulden getting screwed over. Not paid the great tackle, but earnt a clanger for a throw.
TimT14: Gonna be hard to be clean with the consistent rain
Pavs: I traded him in also Gotigres been a bit hard done by from CD but not his best game yet
Raspel31: It was irony Gotigres Gulden, you keep me alive.
naicosfan: Pca, I think the umps remembered they are playing at the G so they had to pay frees to the tigers, lol.
pcaman2003: Where is Sheldrick being played?
DrSeuss: Sheldrick having a rough night after the early ankle injury
naicosfan: In saying that there have been ordinary calls going both ways
BigChief: Centre Half Bench pcaman.
pcaman2003: naicosfan. Lol! Yet it is CD deciding the clangers
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief. Hardly seen him which is why I wondered where he was.
Raspel31: One week with the flu Taranto- but -2 simply unforgivable. Step up lad.
Gotigres: Mills playing in defence now
Gotigres: Great scoring Melican
pcaman2003: He gets plenty of ball Rasp, but just consistently butchers it.. Very frustrating!
FoopyTime: well he is called the butcher for a reason
pcaman2003: Sheldrick gave a free away,but Gulden copped the FA and clanger. This is utter BS.
pcaman2003: Wouldn’ be surprised if Gulden gets another clanger after 3qtr time, just for fun.
Baldfrog: Raspel any pictures of you in those nudes floating around?
Raspel31: No 11 Bald the one with the well placed fig leaf.
Baldfrog: I’ll keep an eye out
Pavs: Careful Baldy it might take an eye out.
Baldfrog: I only have one pavs
davywap: People booing Buddy, must be racism
Raspel31: Did he walk beyond the mark davywap?
Raspel31: 3 fer
davywap: Nah, got a goal
dodgybros: Swans back to back draws?
davywap: But he threw the ball at the stumps when Dusty stood out of his crease
Baldfrog: Lab has been disappointing these ashes
davywap: Can we trade Warner and Marnus to England?
Baldfrog: Anyone can have Warner
Raspel31: For a Bairstow- fair trade davy.
davywap: When u put the VC on Gulden but change your mind 😔
elvundir: lol davy i did that too
Raspel31: 4 fer- just kidding- keeping you on your toes.
davywap: Always go with instinct
sc_god: tigers should be up by 4 goals, butchery at its finest
Baldfrog: Has it been safe for the Aussies to be out there Rasp?
Gotigres: Mills seems to have woken up now
Soups07: the scores of mills rn in crazy
davywap: Fuck that was a nice kick by Dusty
Raspel31: Not sure Bald – I’m Londoner but called in some favours from the Yorkshire mafia.
FoopyTime: how to find an englishmen
FoopyTime: jellied eels
Baldfrog: Taking Errol’s score
Pavs: Why would the aussies not be safe has something happened to upset the English folk 😉
Raspel31: Bald- hold on. Better players to come.
Baldfrog: Ok Rasp I will
Ash777: another draw pls
pcaman2003: Why oh why did I not VC Errol? Doh!
Raspel31: Why oh why did I captain Laird last week pcaman- and so flow the sands of time. Roll with it.
davywap: That guy needs to never go to the footy again
PigeonPies: what is mclean doing..?
TheLegend6: Up the fkn tigers
bhg26: I?m sick of this sport
Raspel31: 4 fer.
Pavs: That was strange Pigeon
davywap: Who’s that 40 year old guy playing for Richmond?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Those sands just keep flowing. Lol!
PigeonPies: mcintosh and i cant believe hes not even 30
bc__: Fkn swans. Not tipping them again this year. 2 weeks in a row.
bhg26: Fair enough bc
davywap: David King is like one of my students, whilst everyone else is talking he’s staring at his laptop

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