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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R13 of 2023

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SydneyRox: No Oliver, so hope Petracca goes LARGE!!
navy_blues: ginnivan late out
navy_blues: thats no loss though
PLACEBOPIE: ginnivan out
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Nurfed: Afternoon all, carn the pies!
TheFlagger: carn JVR make me some cash
pcaman2003: Will Grundy go big now I’ve dumped him for Briggs? I wonder!
pcaman2003: Have Tracca and Naicos as my last 2 players this round.
grassguy: same here pcaman2003
bushranger: Happy Kings Day everyone
pcaman2003: graasguy. We’ll have to barrack together for our guys to go big.
SydneyRox: Petracca, Daicos and JVR for me, they need to hit 80+ though or not count.
grassguy: yeah
TheLegend6: DCam is a freak, can’t wait to bring him back in
TheFlagger: boo
PigeonPies: poor grundy, pies fans are so stupid hahha
RuffLeader: Collingwood fans booing Grundy, Pies fans really are dumb
bhg26: Grundy wanted to stay at Collingwood you morons lmao
PigeonPies: yep hahaha
naicosfan: Pies fans are insanely dumb
ralfsmiff4: Did Grundy request to be traded or could Pies not afford him? I can’t remember what happened
PigeonPies: ya just gotta laugh at em
PigeonPies: we forced him out, same as treloar
_Wang_: Ralf pies got rid of him to ease cap space
frenzy: Salary dump?
Dredd: Grundy wanted to stay but gets booed.. thats collingwood supporters for you
TheFlagger: he left the club. disloyalty has ruined this league boo
ralfsmiff4: Cheers all, gonna have a chuckle hearing the boos this arvo in that case!
PigeonPies: i know youre joking flagger but the loyalty argument is dumb anyway, clubs arent loyal either
Vultures: I wouldn’t boo Grundy
sfenda1: crisp dominating without JDG
wadaramus: Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good booing 🙂
ralfsmiff4: ffs Brawshaw first 3 touches all turnovers! Has been a terrible POD for me this year. His ceiling is a deterrent
TheFlagger: maynard in trouble for that hit. did something similar in a preseason i remember
Hazza09: Anytime you want to get involved JVR
Gotigres: Sorry everyone for getting Petracca in this week
ralfsmiff4: That’s better Angus. Enjoy your midfield time before clarry returns
Raspel31: Really not good enough Gotigres.
frenzy: good to see Sparrow up early
navy_blues: cant see dees getting within 5 or 6 goals of the wobbles
ralfsmiff4: McRae will give you a shoutout in the press conference if he keeps going like this, Gotigres
pcaman2003: Gotigres. That’s okay! I got him in too, se we’re both to blame.
nbartos: you watching the game Navy?
pcaman2003: Mind you Gotigres, I got Briggs too and he did fine.
Raspel31: Work some voodoo magic pcaman- it’s your responsibility.
PigeonPies: good hit hunter
TheFlagger: both teams trying to imitate the hawthorn handball game
naicosfan: Ffs Collingwood supporters why tf are they booing Grundy
nbartos: great game so far! good hit hunter
navy_blues: yep bartos
PigeonPies: who knows, but move on dont let it ruin ya day x
Vultures: They boo to put him off
pcaman2003: Raspel. Tracca will still score well. I’m not concerned.
nbartos: viney causing headaches
PigeonPies: johnson are you drunk??
TheFlagger: trac has awoken
Gotigres: I got Briggs in last round pcaman. He’s on my bench this week
Cottees: PigeonPies, he cannot mark for some reason. He has dropped 3 easy marks right?
pcaman2003: Gotigres. At least he’s making money on your bench 🙂
TheFlagger: anyone see merrett’s tackle. gonna get suspended as well for fucks sake. already got sicily too
TheFlagger: so he
TheFlagger: he’d miss round 15 they better appeal both
PigeonPies: 2 or 3 cottees yes
furphy: any reason d cameron ratio negative? great quarter imo.
pcaman2003: If Merrett gets done for a good tackle, they should ban tackling. FGS!
Gotigres: Yes, he’s making lots of money pcaman
nbartos: hack out of defence not working
dodgybros: Grundy playing for the pies.
Hazza09: JVR dropping everything today
Nurfed: thanks hazza
bhg26: There?s nothing in that
PigeonPies: what a flop hahaha
Vultures: The ones they pay
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Bailey Fritsch to draw a very soft free on Murphy… but misses.
Nurfed: get fucked fritsch
navy_blues: pickett and hill only interested in trying to take moty
PigeonPies: our structure has fallen apart
pcaman2003: Wakey ,wakey Trac
hmmmm: afternoon fellas, has anyone seen naicos this qtr yet?
Gotigres: I feel so good that Joel Smith has more points than my star recruit
PigeonPies: good patience harrison
original: Maicon scoring is a joke. I gave him but not a 40+er so far
TheFlagger: jvr gonna miss his 17 be at this point
nbartos: Nick asleep?
LuvIt74: Hi is this round your best scoring 18 players or 22?
navy_blues: lol
pcaman2003: Best 18 Luvit. So far I’m on 2208 wih Naicos and Tracca to add to that.
Dredd: 2208 including 2 players to lose off that as well right?
Gotigres: I really hope it’s top 18 LuvIt
PigeonPies: thats in the back any day surely?
pcaman2003: Dredd. Correct! won’t know obviously until the end as t owho.
LuvIt74: @pca Thanks mate im on 2196 with Naicos, Tracca & Van Rooyen but Van Roo isn’t doing much
TheFlagger: tomlinson has been sensational
PigeonPies: why’s cox our best kick
pcaman2003: Luvit. Good going! Good luck!
Dredd: Well you just minus the 2 other lowest scores for you atm pcaman to see where you actually sit.. then add highest 2 left
pcaman2003: Dredd. The way Trac is, he might be dropping off 🙁
AlbySmedtz: Hill gives it a hoist.
TheFlagger: typical trac downhill skier
naicosfan: Titch running up the disposals
PigeonPies: viney is everywhere
Gotigres: Petracca needs to score 63 for his score to count for me
Raspel31: He’kk still ton up Gotigres.
pcaman2003: Gotigres . 68 for me to pass Weddle.
original: Petracca score should be 35
Gotigres: Hope so Raspel. He got a lot of points in the last 5 min.
pcaman2003: Tracca picked up some late disposals
pcaman2003: Someone put a sock in BT’s gob.
LuvIt74: We should score between 2150 & 2200+ with 18 players
pcaman2003: Luvit. My current Proj. is 2261 as at checking at half time.
nbartos: johnson hungover or somethiing?
ralfsmiff4: Had 25 players score this week. Only one player scored less than my captain (Cripps) lmao
TheFlagger: If merrett and sicdog suspended, I currently have 13 players in r15 lmao
LuvIt74: 2pca i dnt get i as my proj is 2116 but my score is currently on 2223
pcaman2003: Luvit. take it while you’ve got it.
LuvIt74: @pca your proj of 2261 is that calculating only your highest 18 or 22 players
pcaman2003: Traccas score has dropped down to 38? What’s going on here CD? He got to 47 on his kick for goal.
Raspel31: He told a bad joke in the rooms pcaman.
arbel: unless he improves I’ll be dropping petracca’s score
TheFlagger: trac gonna be cheap as chips
pcaman2003: Luvit. That’s based on best 18.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Not sure what’s going on. Now he’s on 46
pcaman2003: Now 47! Lol! Have CD lost the plot totally?
Napper: How does Trac have a tackle and effective handball and not gain a point. FIx that
wadaramus: Go Tom Mitchell.
pcaman2003: Wada. Titch playing a good game as the quiet achiever.
lana2146: D Cam such a great mark
TheFlagger: carn dees
nbartos: game more than on now! Viney bog so far surely
sc_god: lol the slapper in the crowd giving the bird lmao
Gotigres: typical reaction from Pies fans giving the one finger salute to Fritsch. Great role models for their kids.
TimT14: Get moving J daicos
TheLegend6: Fancy touching it Noble?
LuvIt74: @Gotigres No offence but Tigers supporters are just as bad or even worse
LuvIt74: And no im not a pies supporter
TheLegend6: 3 touches in 20 seconds hahah lovely
andychiz: what’s going to be a good SC sore this round men?
sc_god: no offense but all clubs have fans like this
Raspel31: Well I take it back- Tracca not going to ton up from the bench.
nbartos: cmon soft
TheFlagger: murphy soft as piss
LuvIt74: @andychiz i think 2200 or above will see you go up in rank
lana2146: Yes 2200 and above will go up substantially
bhg26: Shove that up your alps dumb pies fans. Not referring to pies fans in here
nbartos: why would ya get rid of him (Grundy)?
LuvIt74: Go dee’s i hope they can go on with it
Gotigres: Yes Luvit and sc_god, but it’s especially pleasurable making fun of Pies supporters
LuvIt74: This is a cracking game
Pav300: cracker game
pcaman2003: Gotigres. As a Hawks supporter I don’t have the luxury of laughing at other teams supporters.Sigh!
LuvIt74: That should have been holding
TheFlagger: who are they booing now? JHF?
pcaman2003: Has Tracca developed a strange smell?
arbel: geez petracca try hitting a target ,,, could be on a huge score
Raspel31: Tis indeed Pav300.
Manowar: Dees getting screwed over by the umpires!
Gotigres: Can’t believe Petracca got positive points for those last 3 disposals that missed their target, but I’ll take it
nbartos: Johnson has put in the worst 3/4 performance ever! May just cost the pies the game.
slydon: its “roooooo” manowar
slydon: sorry that was @ flaggers
SydneyRox: would be nice if petracca could kick straight!! 45% disposal!!
TheFlagger: ah righto thanks
pcaman2003: Okay Tracca! Big last qtr, and no ifs or buts.
nbartos: bobby!
arbel: all these missed keeping collingwood in it … should be a lot more in front
LuvIt74: @pca keep talking to Tracca its working…lol
TheLegend6: Naicos nowhere to be seen?
Gotigres: Anyone got Petracca capt?
LuvIt74: @arbel not wrong this game should be over if Dee’s converted
nbartos: too hard and tough a game for naicos seagull style
sc_god: quack quack!
andychiz: 2200 is a big score
sc_god: dees should be up by 30, horrible goal kicking might cost them
bhg26: That was very sexy footy from Viney there
nbartos: Pendles with 4 clangers – wow
m0nty: you never want big Cox up the guts
pcaman2003: Okay Naicos, release the Cracken.
bhg26: Rooo!
LuvIt74: Dee’s have the legs/momentum
Badgerbadg: That?s all she wrote, dees defence is rock solid. Game over
LuvIt74: @monty lmao
Loggy17: I don’t m0nty but some people might
LuvIt74: Tracca will ton up just hope Naicos can also
BettsMagic: Kozzzzzi
sc_god: everyone has daicos tho, doesnt matter
pcaman2003: Luvit. I’m working on it.
bhg26: Stopped play so Adams could catch his breath
thesilentl: Hope noone has viney, got noble high, will miss weeks unfortunately with the new ‘no bump’ rules
bhg26: Nvm Adams went off but play shouldn?t have been stopped anyway
LuvIt74: Get Rooyen on
TheFlagger: pies gameplan found out? reverse of last year lol
pcaman2003: sc-god. You still here? By the way ,1 in 4 don’t have Daicos FYI .
thesilentl: @theflagger you one of the fans who booed carltonlast night after every qtr?
BettsMagic: Anyone else bring in DCam for JZ?
bhg26: Oh no
hmmmm: no flowering way
TimT14: Surely not ..
Hazza09: Wow lol
pcaman2003: How good is Naicos?
LuvIt74: well done the Dee’s
naicosfan: Hoskin Elliot???.
Pav300: awesome game – well done to both teams = fitting for Neil
thesilentl: Glad I support
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
nbartos: bobby set him up pca
TheFlagger: great game for a great cause
Nurfed: feel like rocket eade with how much i yelled at will
LuvIt74: 77 was my lowest score
sc_god: gotta give crisp the snapchat icon
LuvIt74: 2174 final score

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