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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, R13 of 2023

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RooBoyStu: Sicily sent to tribunal, no tv icon yesterday lmao
Pavs: First world problems RooBoy.
Cottees: Sicily getting potentially more than Pickett and equal with De Goey. Actually rigged
Doggie Doo: Dislike both teams hope its a draw
Beast_Mode: lol doggie
Beast_Mode: sicdog 3-4, trading him?
Pavs: Have to Beast Mode can’t hold him for 4 weeks
Pavs: Probably to Sinclair for me
Doggie Doo: Yes Sinclair
Beast_Mode: sinclair not exactly been consistant, dont like it
Pavs: Fair point haven’t looked into it properly yet
Beast_Mode: average 105 in last 4 games but has scored 65 71 in 2 of them
original: nice dive zerrett
Social: This is why I went Sinclair about 6 weeks ago, I want the Sicdog but he can’t be trusted
Troglodyte: An hour and a half without consecutive footy… outrageous.
Bulky: Great start Cripps. Stink it up from the outset.
Pavs: Cincotta you beauty. Might need you in the backline to cover for sicily. lol
Social: Cincotta with chips!
TheLegend6: Hobbs is gonna be a top player
Social: Italians at both ends, Cincotta and now Due Metro Petro!
Vultures: Awesome ! My captain has a heavy tag
DrSeuss: Gotta love having Zerrett when your opponent has Hobbs for half the price
Hazza09: Ofcourse Curnow heavy tag on Merrett
soup: stay low rids
Troglodyte: Unlucky Vultures, but the Curnow tag was called numerous times this weekend
Social: Fear not, the fluffy-haired tagger will run out of puff
Beast_Mode: daisy played 50 games at a mediocre level now she’s an expert
Pavs: Wrong soup go big Rids.
original: advantage double chance wtf
Vultures: My VC loophole fell over, sometimes it can work against me
Pav300: i could listen to Daisy all day Beast – if you can’t its an easy fix
Social: It’s like the demonstrative abuse rule, you’ll only ever see it once in your life
original: not enough free kicks this qtr
pcaman2003: Finally Zerrett gets a free for being held.. They missed all the other holds. Plonkers!
Pav300: thought i[d give Crippa one more chance this week, bad decision…
Bulky: Cripps has gone from Brownlow medallist to an absolute spud in the space of one year.
Beast_Mode: doch projection 136 lol
Vultures: WT the sick dog is off to the tribunal.. (?)
Pav300: Could be worth packing him in ice and get all his injuries fixed for next year – Crippa
DrSeuss: Cripps hurts Carlton atm – pushes guys like Kennedy, Walsh and Cerra out of the middle as he cant play anywhere else
Beast_Mode: sure is, goneski 3-4 weeks
Vultures: Disagree, Cripps could play anywhere
Beast_Mode: he must be injured, shouldnt be this bad
ralfsmiff4: Gambled and went with Cripps as my captain. Not looking good. Zerrett was too risky with the Curnow tag
Zee94: Wright having an almost game
TimT14: Wright stiff to not be paid a mark for a certain 2nd goal
Vultures: Waiting for CCurnow to rip the game apart
Pavs: Same brother Pav don’t like sideways trades but Crippa is skating on thin ice
Zee94: Ball bounce is out to get us..
Pav300: only selection for him unfort is Never Again list eh
Beast_Mode: baggers playing, well not enough score board pressure for the dominance tho
Pavs: He has been on that list before. I am a weak man.
Vultures: Cripps has only one full preseason of late & he won a Brownlow.. Preseason is key
pcaman2003: Had Crippa most years, except this year. Dodged a bullet me thinks.
Social: What’s with sporting declarations? I say they’re overrated.
TheLegend6: Cripps definitely playing injured
Vultures: Had Cripps all yr last yr coz of his preseason
Social: Kohli gone!
original: how is that HTB
Bulky: It’s one thing to be injured and still playing well and another to be injured and playing awful like Cripps is.
Pav300: tks Social – trying to keep an eye on both
Social: Oh my, now Jadeja, the Big Vic ripping through them
ralfsmiff4: So Cripps was injured in this most recent preseason? If so, anyone know what the injury was?
TheLegend6: I’ve heard Cripps is dealing with a back injury but not 100% sure
DrSeuss: Gotta love my opponent’s Hobbs outscorring Walsh and Zerrett combined
ralfsmiff4: In my 10+ years of SC, this is easily my worst captain pick (excluding mid-game injuries)
Vultures: Cripps did an ankle r11.. Don’t know why he didn’t do a full preseason but he didn’t
Pav300: [very optimistic pick Raff, hope you enjoy sideways trading him as much as the brothers Pav will
Pies20: Who was your vc ralfi??
Social: The look on Scotty Boalnd’s face… I just won the World Championship hehe
sfenda1: the free kicks in this game man…
ralfsmiff4: lmao DrSeuss this is a bizarre half as far as fantasy goes (and actually an entertaining match despite the low scoring)
Pavs: He has to go Brother feel a rage trade coming on
TimT14: Bombers giving away frees to play McKay into form
Pav300: what a year he has had Social hes a ripper
DrSeuss: Dunno about entertaining ralfsmiff
ralfsmiff4: Cheers Vultures! My vc was Dawson Pies20, lots of touches but mustn’t have used it well
Pav300: Any idea who you will trade him to Brother Pav?
TheFlagger: blues are back
Social: sure is Pav, love a good honest trier
Vultures: Flagger, it’s called token resistance lol
TheFlagger: Sicily has to be a trade if he gets 3 weeks, right?
ralfsmiff4: Only because of the atmosphere from the big crowd DrSeuss! Skills are very ordinary though I’ll give you that
TheLegend6: 4 weeks due to the bye flagger
Vultures: No way will Sicily cop 3.. 1 is 1 too many..
TheFlagger: yep. at least he’s cashed up
Bulky: Line in the sand game for Carlton. Captain Cripps 18 points at half time. Pathetic.
TheFlagger: piss off ridley
Raspel31: And of course I benched Hobbs but go Dons!!
DrSeuss: Yeah thats fair ralfsmiff – skills have been terrible and not like it has been super contested
ralfsmiff4: If they give him 3 like what the AFL is arguing, then I’ll be trading him
Pav300: Sicdawg owes us owners a beer – especially if you held him already last weeks absence. lol Rasp
Loggy17: hope you’re right vultures
Pavs: Flagger mate leave Ridley alone. lol
Nicko006: Curnow now tagging stringer?
Beast_Mode: blues better team, bad kicking bad footy
TheLegend6: IMO Sic should get off but also wouldn’t be surprised if given 3.
ralfsmiff4: Low stoppage. High transition. Low tackles. Nightmare for Crippa
Pavs: Probably wait until his bye round Pav300 so in short no idea.
Beast_Mode: lol vultures its gone to tribunal which is 3 weeks min
ralfsmiff4: Cerra and Martin crushing it, who’d have thunk it!
duckky: Just in: Marlon Pickett Rich in custody in WA on aggravated burglary charges
Pavs: Sideways trade to a rookie by
Pav300: i am thinking of trading Crippa to Sheldrick – the way his price is dropping it will be an upgrade 😉
Social: they’re all over the shop ralf
Dredd: Was just about to put that here ducky.. beat me to it
TheFlagger: lol pavs . Ridley average in my team:78.75. Ridley average out of my side:118
duckky: Pickett has been charged by WA Police with four counts of aggravated burglary.
JockMcPie: same here flagger, painful to watch
duckky: Among his other charges include three counts of stealing and three counts of criminal damage.
Vultures: Fancy making 100s of 1,000s a yr & resorting to crime for more..l
Hazza09: Should have just taken Dawson?s 95
duckky: We need more trades for this crappy year.
Social: Fancy that
Vultures: Caleb Daniel is my only option for Sicily..
TheFlagger: surely theres someone else vultures
Pies20: Really ducky?? Sirely
Pavs: Mine as well Vultures wish they had their bye already though
Bulky: Re Pickett, it was for a series of break ins on commercial properties in Dec 22/Jan 23.
TheFlagger: time to pick aaron hall lol
Vultures: got Dawson, Daics, & Sinclair already
Loggy17: that’s big news duckky
Pavs: Maybe you was his handbrake Flaggers. lol
Raspel31: Haarland from Man City- on 400,000 a week skipped a Brit Rail once. Gaol him!
dodgybros: Marlion Pickett Pocket
Social: richmond culture exposed
Cascadian: Go to Marlion Pickett?s wikipedia page lads. Read the first line
TheFlagger: might get the fucker back in for sicily lol. so expect a 76 need week
ralfsmiff4: Imagine if he sling tackled the shopkeeper. 10+ weeks from the MRO
Social: he he classic cascad
TheFlagger: maybe not on his bye though ffs
Bulky: That’s hilarious re Pickett’s Wiki page. LOL.
frenzy: Pickett straight to the MRO, hit with a wet lettuce
Vultures: lol Cascadian
Pies20: Stupid if true
Pavs: Yep thats funny
TheLegend6: fuck off social
Vultures: Picjett was wanted in WA for the off season incident(s)..
J.Worrall: I’m splitting my sides …
Cascadian: It?s been removed now. lol
Social: Justin Langer’s on fire – when Kohli makers those mistakes, it makes the kids cry! hehehe
TheFlagger: tigers and their stripes ay
Vultures: relevance please social
LuvIt74: So is it the top 18 players that make up your score right?
Social: sport dude
Pavs: Correct Luvit
Vultures: yep Love
Vultures: Read the chat rules, Social
hmmmm: damn hit him with the relevance call lol
Social: I’ll let that one through to the keeper vulture
BigChief: Vultures what relenence does Pickett have in this game? Read chat rules.
Vultures: lol social
Vultures: I didn’t start the Pickett thread BC
duckky: I do wish Stringer would spend more time at training practising goal kicking
Social: alright then, back tot he footy
Vultures: And we’re not getting a running commentary on the Pickett drama
pcaman2003: Zerrett slowly fighting back. If he gets over a ton, I’ll be happy
EvilMonk: wow what a shocker
original: what a goal worth SC wise
hmmmm: relevance
BigChief: But you started the relevence thread.
original: wasn’t merrett on like 45 at HT? mark and goal only 10?
Pavs: If it is getting heated I can tell everybody that I had the C on Dunks if you like:)
original: guelfi free and goal 12
original: stringer just dropped that
EvilMonk: oh good, I had Laird @ Pavs
Vultures: Blink & the Blues are gone
pcaman2003: original. He’s going okay on 62 now.
clay007: Is Cripps the captain or is this his first game?
Loggy17: apparently 2 metre Peter is 203cm. should change his nickname
Doggie Doo: Goodnight Carlton.
lana2146: Soo will Voss be sacked this coming week
duckky: Carlton panicking
original: ducked
clay007: 203 centimetre Peter does not quite have the same ring.
Vultures: No lana, I’ll put money on it
frenzy: nah next week against the Suns, lana
Zee94: How can the commentators say not a lot in that LOL
DrSeuss: So that’s the 3rd high on Hobbs – maybe tackle him a little lower?
pcaman2003: Maybe the Blues can call on Mick Malthouse
Loggy17: lol, no clay
Loggy17: hahaha pca
lana2146: Long overdue I say
Vultures: Nah Mick’s job was done..
clay007: 22 frees to 13 Seuss, poor take on head highs
clay007: I saw Hardwick on the bench.
Social: either way, it’s my pleasure
pcaman2003: Is Curnow having trouble keeping up with Zerrett?
sfenda1: umpires been paid off surely
Doggie Doo: Voss might be walking the green mile
DrSeuss: What do you mean Clay? I said they should tackle him lower? Do you disagree?
TheFlagger: carn bloos
TheLegend6: There’s no way Voss doesn’t get the sack after tonight
duckky: Voss might divorce his players before he gets sacked
Pavs: Cmon Carlton Ridley is getting cold down back
clay007: There has been some dodgy decisions tonight Seuss. I am a Pies man, but I think the umpires have been trigger happy.
Loggy17: Voss is just not that clever
TheLegend6: Fantastic goal
duckky: Woof. That last goal was dominant.
EvilMonk: Essendon on fire, Woweee!
pcaman2003: They better hurry with that call to Mick
Social: why does Ridley have the female icon now?
DrSeuss: Possibly too many frees – but high tackles will always be called – be less clumsy
Vultures: Ducky, Voss’ expectations are too high, it’s usually why great players make shower coaches
Whiskeyjak: Blues deserve this for appointing Voss
Cottees: Poor Ridley has stopped cause Carlton sucks hahahaha
Malaka: Two Moida Poida!!!
clay007: Agree to disagree Seuss. But, Hardwick to Carlton, brings Dusty with him
_Wang_: Witches hats
EvilMonk: @Vultures, yeah but Carlton never have patience, they always overreact. They’ll sack Voss and half their players again
Loggy17: which great players have been great coaches? Blight? Hardwick was a great player but not superstar
Social: luv
Loggy17: Dusty is done
DrSeuss: We can agree that Voss needs to go – watching Carlton triggers me from his Lions coaching days
NickyD: Bringing in Nick Martin soon. Such good form
Doggie Doo: Is it time to bring out the fat lady?
clay007: Probably right Loggy
Social: Rahane htb, gone…..
clay007: Carlton supporters, compare Cripps’ impact to Merretts. One gets the ball, the other jogs around.
hmmmm: relevance social
lana2146: How good has young Nick Martin become
Vultures: Oh there’s CCurnow
Doggie Doo: Royce Hart coached dogs
Social: hehe
TheFlagger: go blues
Loggy17: did Hart coach the dogs well Doggie?
Pavs: It is relevant to me Social keep up the good work. Might have to go to bed and talk to my wife if the cricket finishes
Pav300: agree Lana
TheFlagger: lap it up fellas
Doggie Doo: Go Bolan
duckky: Be fair Clay, Cripp’s body is cooked from years of carrying Carlton on his shoulders
clay007: What is htb Social-holding the ball? Does that rule exist in cricket?
Loggy17: lol Pavs
Doggie Doo: When Hart coaced dogs won the wodden spoon
Social: That scenario is relevant to me also Pavs.
Vultures: One liners are accepted, Social.. lol
Pav300: we wouldnt want that Brother Pav…..lmao
Pavs: Definetly worth a look Lana, been great the last couple of weeks that I have watched him
clay007: I only sook dukky, cos I picked Cripps up on the back of a few 100’s, been ordinary since. My apologies.
Social: Trying to blend the codes surreptitiously clay, but you caught me out 😉
Vultures: Damn, I don’t have any Carlton players
Loggy17: Pav300 you should look after ur borther Pavs and talk to his wife for him!
Doggie Doo: Gone lbw
duckky: Where’s Wright’s cape?
Loggy17: Carey was holding the ball Social
Pav300: lol Loggy but then he would have to talk to mine and trust me thats scary
clay007: Seuss thought Rahane was tackled high. Lol
Social: hitting middle
clay007: Funny stuff loggy!
Loggy17: hahaha 300
DrSeuss: Clay was complaining about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd umpire lol
hmmmm: witches hats for all of indian test side
Pavs: Ridley get off the bench here it comes
TheFlagger: da da da da da
clay007: Love ya work Seuss-all light-hearted stuff
hmmmm: sorry i’ll relevance check myself
Social: this is happening all too quickly… just like my wife says
Doggie Doo: Carlton reminds me of India
clay007: hmmm-that was the funniest call tonight-witches hats
Vultures: This game is shot so let’s chat cricket
DrSeuss: Always Clay – except when the Lions are losing 😉
Pavs: Apparently I get into trouble for “communicating” with other peoples wives.
Social: Never point out a missed button Pavs
bhg26: Yadav has absolutely no idea
Bulky: Might trade Cripps to Marlion Pickett this week. Oh wait.
clay007: Thankfully the lions rarely lose Seuss-was worried about Mccluggage though, looked bad.
Malaka: Indians not so good when they can’t doctor the pitch.
hmmmm: yadav’s stumps looking about as watertight as the eagles goals
clay007: The swans are keen on Yadav bhg
Doggie Doo: Carlton should have picked up Bolan in mid season draft
pcaman2003: Nice comeback Zach. Helping my score nicely
Social: relevance you buggers
DrSeuss: Yeah looked bad – but seemed to be relatively ok once he was on the bench – now back to the cricket
Pavs: 18 people traded Pickett in this week. lol
Social: hehe
clay007: Using cricket vernacular-Carlton 8-125
hmmmm: you walked so the rest of the cricket chat could run social
frenzy: why would ya even check that Pavs, LMAO
Pav300: generous Clay lol
bhg26: We?re already talking with the streaker last game clay
clay007: Wright is bowling well and Merrett taking catch after catch. The slips catch by Ridley-elite
Pavs: Yeah but Crippa is still batting Clay
Doggie Doo: Well defended Bolan at least 9 points
clay007: I thought you were the streaker bhg! Thought you would be incustody, except for the fact you got away.
clay007: Great work Pavs! That will make a difference.
Pav300: WAS Police could have arrested Marlion BEFORE last nights game – Freo might have had a chance….
bhg26: Just don?t be surprised if I?m not on fanfooty during swans games clay, may be busy
Social: Charlie really should be looking to go over the wicket, around the wicket is proving to be inaccurate
Doggie Doo: Great morning session Bombers
Pav300: Obviously not too many Freo supporters in the local constabulary
clay007: Were you locked up or Marlion bhg?
Doggie Doo: Time to bring in another fat lady
hmmmm: 3 brownlow votes for carey for that mark
EvilMonk: don’t think we care Pav
clay007: Do you think Carlton are still at tea doggie?
clay007: Only a single for Mackay
Social: Screamer from Carey! You’d think he’d played some aussie rules at some stage
Doggie Doo: Carlton are done like India
Pavs: That is why Ridley should be kicking in
duckky: The fat lady just let rip
bhg26: Marlion clay, I was able to get away Scot free
BigChief: Kermit for Young and witches hats for all Blues.
Doggie Doo: Carey mark of the year
clay007: Australia with the premiership, same as the Saints
Vultures: Kermit looks way out of sorts..
DrSeuss: Vossy about to be all out?
Doggie Doo: Is the ball turning in the last quarter
clay007: I think Essendon have doctored the wicket
duckky: Draper subbed out? Interesting
clay007: Draper out for 44, edge to slips.
Social: I wonder what one of those sad flats costs overlloking the oval… ah mean the MCG
duckky: 20 minutes is a bit long to milk the clock
Loggy17: was looking at them Social, maybe the big red one is office space, ugly as
Pavs: Sublime kicker Ridley
Social: The goat snatches a wicket, one remaining i.e. 10 minutes to go at the MCG
Loggy17: wasn’t Jack Martin meant to be awesome? He’s awesome at getting njured
clay007: Cripps 50, small raise of the bat-did not kiss the emblem on the helmet. Only 2 have raised the bat so far.
Dredd: Can bloke a player in the marking contest but a slight hand in the back is paid.. consistency is poor from the clowns
BigChief: Loggy he isn’t injured this time.
Dredd: Can block*
clay007: Carlton are out of reviews Dredd
Pav300: Awesome – well done Aussies
Doggie Doo: Got the double Essendon and Australian to win
duckky: Get off the bench Merrett
Vultures: Jack Martin got a high hit
DrSeuss: Good to see Voss still playing Walsh forward – the genius never stops
RooBoyStu: Vossy Vossy Vossy oi oi oi
Vultures: DrS, Voss thinks he’s a rocket scientist or Kevin Sheedy
Bulky: Inspirational quarter of football from Captain Cripps.
Pavs: Thank you m0nty for letting us talk a bit of cricket tonight. Or did we disguise it so you didn’t
RooBoyStu: Go Djokovic
DaicosQB: The bottom 6 at Carlton aren’t even close to good enough, and now the top 6 they pay half the cap to do nothing.
DrSeuss: And Voss plays his best players out of position
Social: Aaah yeah, just got back from pogoing Around the block
Bulky: No more Friday night footy for Carlton and you can add Sunday night as well.
Social: oi oi oi
Social: 3 votes Scotty freaking Boland
Doggie Doo: Statitics show Carlton could win the wooden spon
Zee94: Riddler 17 kicks at 100%
BigChief: Think you need to look at fixture again Bulky
slydon: up the dons
RooBoyStu: He means future years BigChief, but you can’t think past tomorrow
BigChief: Oh really RooBoyStupid? You know exactly what someone else is thinking? Good for you.

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