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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R13 of 2023

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soup: laird or dawson for C fellas
Cottees: Reckon Laird
Cottees: I thankfully C Dunks. So a win for Hawks and a win for captaincy!!!
Beast_Mode: take bont vc or roll the dice with laird?
frenzy: Laird
Pavs: Toss a coin soup.
Gotigres: I look forward to Chesser’s 20 odd points
Bulky: Chesser would have to have a blinder of a game to rack up 20 points.
Cottees: Laird is on fire
ajconodie: Nice start for Maric
bhg26: Of course i chose dawson c over laird
hmmmm: settle down 10 minutes in
Cottees: bhg – Dawson will come good
bhg26: Ive chosen the wrong captain plenty of times, i know what im talking about
bushranger: Premature capjeculation hey bhg
bhg26: lmao
sc_god: bhg sounds depressed
pcaman2003: I’ve picked Laird as VC. Maybe my only decent pick so far. Fingers crossed!
Social: Rankine’s up for some downhill skiing
bhg26: Have you seen my mob play sc god? It’d make anyone depressed
Cottees: jeez Laird gonna make my C Dunkley pick look mediocre haha
naicosfan: Don?t go off please yep
bhg26: Dawson may even come good, but Laird going absolutely nuts atm
sc_god: laird getting shafted by CD
bhg26: Tex has 3 in a quarter, get him on the bench!
bushranger: Remember when Gaff was fantasy relevant?
LuvIt74: Laird as my C hopefully pays off
hmmmm: gaff was a top 8 mid for DT once upon a time
m0nty: Butts corked in the glute
Cottees: Greg Clark looking the goods with 3 FA
sc_god: chesser on fire by his standards
bushranger: Sure was hmmmm, in my side many times
bhg26: Dawson you little bitch catch up to laird
bhg26: haha
Social: You sound like Katie Holmes bhg
DrSeuss: How has Hunt only had 1 possession when the ball has been in the WC back half all quarter
DrSeuss: Haha Social – one of your best
pcaman2003: Nice qtr VC Laird. P
Cottees: Chesser on track for 40 guys! record breaking
soup: last minute swap from dawson to laird working wonders so far
megawatts: @bhg26 did u used to go to huntingtower
bhg26: Maybe…
bhg26: yes
EvilMonk: Tex you legend
Pavs: megawatts spill was bhg a little bitch we all need to know. lol
bhg26: I’ll answer that pavs, yes
Pavs: lol mate
soup: i dont think wet toast can win this
hmmmm: tex 200 pointer incoming
Cottees: Walker going for double digits
bushranger: Big bag of 10 coming
runners47: Brodie not getting any ball because it’s not getting as far as him – need to go looking for it, Brodie!
bhg26: How have i captained Dawson the one week he doesnt go at 90% efficiency
poolboybob: Good thing about the Eagles being this bad is that it frees up 3 hours every weekend
soup: hasnt dawson been butchering it lately?
RooBoyStu: Laird as C clap clap clap the easiest choice since Winx
bhg26: Yeah he has actually. But come on its wet toast
ajconodie: Yeo could be an option if he doesn’t snap another ovary.
poolboybob: Too early to start talking contract extension for Adam Simpson?
Doggie Doo: Keep up the good work Noah Long
Cottees: poolboy – reckon hes looking good for a longer extension than Blakey
pcaman2003: Hawks win and Laird as VC and on 82 pts with 10mins left. Life is good. 😁
_Wang_: Bhg he will make a to
_Wang_: Bhg he will make a ton dont stress
slydon: yo help please, i fucked my VC and C, accidentally left tim with vc and naicos with c after last week
ajconodie: poolboybob – I don’t think Simpson has had any control over eagles performances over the last 2 years.
slydon: my options are taranto merret, daicos or redman or ridley
slydon: who do i cap?
naicosfan: Zerrett
soup: merrett might cop a curnow tag
slydon: mostly tossing up between zerrett, naicos and taranto
slydon: naicos could cop a tag as well from petty
pcaman2003: sldon. I think I’d lean towards Zerrett
Yelse: curnow a crappy tagger
Doggie Doo: Will Laird crack 200?
pcaman2003: Massacre incoming !
thommoae: TT has been dominant against all comers recently
ajconodie: Apparently both Josh and Nick are under an illness watch.
Vultures: yeah leather poison lol
Cottees: omg Wet Toast gets a goal. Comeback is on
Fromage: Naicos and Jaicos were told to take a spoonful of cement to toughen up
pcaman2003: WC need more from the likes of Gaff, Sheed and Darling
naicosfan: Bringing in yeo this week looking good
Doggie Doo: Would be nice of Yeo could make 90
sc_god: lmao
soup: ump on the gear
m0nty: hands off Butts Greg
Pavs: Bringing in Yeo is like bringing in Fyfe who would, yep I bought in Fyfe disregard. Good idea
Fromage: Naicos and jaicos cement poisoning
Fromage: I like big Butts I can not hide
pcaman2003: Thanks Laird. Looks like you’ll be my C for this week.
p0nga6: dollar sign on campbell ‘cash cow’ chesser
Vultures: oh look, Yeo has made his average..
sc_god: yeo gets injured ever few games
RooBoyStu: Tex lol what you get when you order Tom Selleck on wish lmao
RooBoyStu: Nearest the pin, how many pts will Laird score? My guess 180
ajconodie: 158. I think he will slow down.
Gotigres: 202 Rooboy
slydon: is that sarcasm ponga
RooBoyStu: T.Green shkuld go huge tomorrow against my rabble of a team.
Social: Joey Potter is positively fuming at half time
Pavs: Does Greg Clark get the Penguin m0nty?
RooBoyStu: On Fox saying Sicily 2 to 3 possibly
p0nga6: slyboy – yes
pcaman2003: RooBoy. You guys have good up and comers like us. Be patient, they’ll come good eventually.
Gotigres: Both Daicos brothers out. Is that what I just heard?
RooBoyStu: pcaman 7 years mate of bullshower, ever since scott sacked Harvey, Petrie, Dal Santo and Firrito we have never recovered
RooBoyStu: Gotigers yes
Social: remember that photo of Dal Santo holding the peanut hehe
RooBoyStu: Social makes yours look like a pip hehe
Social: Fir point rooboy, I’ll get the StKilda schoolgirl to get a polaroid of it
Raspel31: Oh my- working all day. Needed Laird to stay low. Oh dear.
Gotigres: Get into it Chesser
Doggie Doo: Ton up Long
soup: love your work desk
Ash777: should have called the game at half time
RooBoyStu: Long as useful as a Vegan working at a Butcher Shop
sc_god: not your best work giraffe neck
Doggie Doo: Can McHenry score more than Clark by the end of the game?
pcaman2003: Sorry Raspel. Prayed for 10 solid mins for Laird to score massive.
RooBoyStu: Let me get my Crystal 🔮 Ball out @doo
Pavs: Wine fixes everything Raspel.
Social: Can Dawson extract his thumb out of his own aaaarse
Raspel31: True Pavs- and lying- not at work but at a party so the pain is easing. Least I capped Dunks
Social: Also, making fun of Silsorpe’s lisp is not cool
loginpaul: I love life
bhg26: Dawson = bitch
ajconodie: Could we see our first teammate double ton?
slydon: opp has dawson, sorry to yall but YAY
thommoae: How many two way tsunamis do you know, Monty?
Social: hehe thommo touche
Raspel31: Can Coast pull this back/
Pavs: Yep I capped Dunks as well and intend to tell everybody another 8 times at least.
sc_god: glad i put the c on laird and not dawson
DANGERous: go laird
original: lift TKelly
Raspel31: I took the C off Laird at the last minute as I realised I didn’t have him.
lana2146: Keays looks good as a cheap upgrade
Pavs: lol good last minute decision.
Hughsy: Yeo is also a good cheap upgrade lana
sfenda1: slow quarter from laird wont get 200 now
Social: they could probly sub laird off at 3/4 time
Yelse: need Laird most disposals for 1590
slydon: lets just hope they dont though social
Pavs: A bit surprised that Murray got subbed out thought they would rest Lairdy
slydon: this game needs an R18+ rating, Wet toast are being treated like the girl from the idol hbo’s new show
Social: dushun
pcaman2003: Should I take Laird VC, or Trac as C? Lol!
grassguy: tex having a night out
Social: when do the Monday teams come out?
Troglodyte: Sunday evening
Pavs: Oliver out and both Daicos brothers in doubt if that helps
Social: Thanks Trog. I’m not sure they’ve actually considered SC players with that timing
EvilMonk: or the bloke in Deliverance up on the hill… reeeeeee!
EvilMonk: that was a response to @slydon by the way xD
original: 40% DE Tkelly ffs man
Social: Telly sold his soul a long time ago original
Doggie Doo: McHenry now on skips more ahead of Clark lol
original: 95+ plz Tkelly
slydon: at least someone got my joke Monke
slydon: is that the dude that gets his head curb stomped?
Hughsy: Kelly get 100 please
Doggie Doo: FFS will Walker get 200
FoopyTime: Tex for first 200sc score this year no chance in hell would i have picked that to happen
pluggerpig: Tex will get 220 at this rate
Yelse: laird get of the bench need you most discposals for multi
navy_blues: Muppet for butts!
Raspel31: Laird- stay on the bench just as long as you like.
Raspel31: But does any sane person actually have Walker?
Gotigres: Chesser’s BE is 16, so we may see a $
Pavs: It’s normally about now that the one chat wonders tell us they Captained him.
Doggie Doo: 7 more points Walker
original: didnt c laird as i am ahead of oppo and he has daicos C so i played it safe ffs
sc_god: had the vc on dunks but glad i roled the dice with tex walker as captain, good times
pluggerpig: how good is it seeing anyone kick 10
Cottees: Walker hits the double digits!!! and presumably 200
Hughsy: Well done walker
Legix: How good?s that
navy_blues: wd Tex
Doggie Doo: Bow down to Walker
Raspel31: I said sane person Doggie.
Rebuild: You love to see it
pluggerpig: he’ll finish with 12 i reckon
Pavs: sc-god has a sense of humour like
RooBoyStu: The Mitchell Johnson wannabee kicks 10
Sillybugga: the one week i dont have tex captain fml
Doggie Doo: Walker has given you a challenge Luke Ryan
Raspel31: Benched Tex this week.
original: Cmon tkelly
naicosfan: Thank god I put tex as C this week.
Sillybugga: with the Voss sacking tomorrow is Hardwick still short favourite??
lana2146: Great scores for SuperCoach but is this good for the AFL especially when they want a new tassie team more floggings comi
Pavs: Quick to dump Dunks Naicosfan. Did I tell you I had the C on
sc_god: dont think laird or dawson will get back on the ground
Doggie Doo: Maric good job son
Doggie Doo: Maric good job son for first game
ajconodie: this could be the greatest milestone game ever.
Raspel31: Indeed- good work Maric. Something from the gloom.
naicosfan: Lovely pavs, he set a great score, but tex
lana2146: Interesting to see who went keays and or Yeo this weekend
Sillybugga: imagine kicking 10 snags and it doesnt impact the game lol
Doggie Doo: I got Yeo
ajconodie: I had keays but figured he willc rash back down to earth after this week and took him out.
lana2146: Yep I might be going keas after the bye I think he will keep this role
royboy16: Tex. Not a bloke I like, but what a game
Sillybugga: some teams have zero shame
ajconodie: 1 point off Laird’s score. What do I win?
loginpaul: how do you not like Tex, roy
J.Worrall: Yup, really well done, Tex!
loginpaul: bloke hates champions
sc_god: texan is a racist, garbage human
Sillybugga: hawks carlton n crows zero shame haha

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