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Chat log from R12 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R12 of 2023

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wadaramus: Go Radelaide!!
bhg26: Can Atkins please get a role this week as opposed to whatever he did last game
BigChief: Cmon Suns. Need you for tipping.
Troglodyte: muppet for Rachele
sc_god: tipped the crows, get it done lads
bhg26: Surely the AFL has better goal umpires, missed the post by a metre
a1trader: Glad I traded Atkins
Troglodyte: Rowell obviously didn’t eat enough grass to get the methane tanks firing
bhg26: Atkins is my 18th player. May as well have 17 the walking donut
TheFlagger: finally got dawson can happily watch adelaide now
Raspel31: Atkins about to explode- or spontaneously erupt frm inertia-sigh.
bhg26: Someone get the children away from the TV! There?s a gruesome pushing contest
DANGERous: is atkins out there?
hmmmm: absolutely bewilders me that guys still have the rat or pasta after last week
DANGERous: who is pasta
TheFlagger: humpty dumpty
hmmmm: fiorini
bhg26: Atkins sighting! This is not a drill!
grassguy: go bazza
Raspel31: At least Barry Humphrey’s is scoring- Atkins- wake up lad.
original: humprey 1 effective disposal for 26 c. wtf
Bulky: Pedlar’s had more than 1 tackle.
DANGERous: scores a joke original
a1trader: 10 SC for that Atkins handball – now the man needs a rest
bhg26: Atkins only needs 10 touches for a ton, get going!
pcaman2003: I like very much. Opponent has Rachele,Rankine and Atkins.
Raspel31: lol bhg.
pcaman2003: Go Dawson and Laird. Big scores required boys.
sc_god: humprey sc too low
original: wish lair d scored as well as humphrey
pcaman2003: I see Humphrey has taken a leaf from Bont’s scoring book.
Gravyy: Humphrey just has alot of neutral disposals
m0nty: donut for Butts
frenzy: get him in, pcaman
grassguy: Rankine not doing very good lol
bhg26: Hemorrhoid m0nty?
_newcomber: damn i wish i got keays over greenwood
original: when is constable getting subbed on
DrSeuss: Who goes first Voss or Dew? Suns looking like Carlton from last night
Spifflicat: Cannot wait to trade Atkins this week
BigChief: De Goey down to Humphrey pcaman?
Oddsy5: me too spiff omg he cant score
Spifflicat: I also have the wrong -owell
bhg26: Pick the ball up Atkins you dud
TheFlagger: dawsons gone home
bhg26: Atkins have the shot you moron
Gotigres: Here’s Humphrey
bhg26: Humphrey is so good flowering hell
pcaman2003: Chief. DeGoey out this week for maybe Tracca.
Jaypa: Humphrey is like a baby GAJ the way he hunts the ball
wadaramus: Oh FFS this umpiring is so fucking over the top.
Manowar: k’mon Matt
wadaramus: Too high, too low, too fucking whatever.
bhg26: Atkins has legitimately had 10 fumbles
clay007: Butts a bit exposed down there without Doedee
RooBoyStu: Lift Laird FFS lol
DrSeuss: Can’t wait to trade out Macpherson and Fiorini – Dew seems to change roles from week to week like Voss
nbartos: meaning what Flagger?
Bwad: Test post, why is this so hard to join???
Bwad: Test
Bwad: Finalllllly, sorry to spam guys. Now I can slag off RAtkins with the rest of you all!! 🙂
_newcomber: glad i traded macP instead of powell
_newcomber: still i wouldn’t mind powell lifting
TheFlagger: test has passed bwad welcome mate
dezlav: Contact Hinge. Get in there son
_newcomber: lay a tackle laird
m0nty: Butts fell down, poor Butts
clay007: Who is covering Butts?
PigeonPies: rowell becoming better and better every week
nbartos: Dorkson – poor “tackle”
Pies20: Keep going suns tipped ya
bhg26: It?s fun watching Gold Coast play
Dredd: Miller not needed for the Suns.. if we wants to win a flag, Im sure we could fit another mid hehe
DrSeuss: Hopefully Suns get Miller and Weller back sometime soon after the byes – give them a bit more structure
_newcomber: i jinxed macP darnit
DANGERous: lift crom
bhg26: Yeah I thought Crows were 157 on the pressure gauge
bhg26: What?s going on?
bhg26: Butts making a mess
PigeonPies: crows are playing like 2013-15 hawks
PigeonPies: i meant the suns..
Bwad: Put the crab icon on Atkins and be done with it…
navy_blues: crows stopped
PigeonPies: atkins to neale potentially
slydon: is it pissing down sideways up there, i just switched on
TheFlagger: jeffrey impressive
Sillybugga: the mist fan is yes
original: atkins to neale! yes. good idea.
pcaman2003: Get to a ton by 3qtr time Laird and Dawson.
Oddsy5: atkins to neale was planned last week after atkins score. no brainer! choccy neale
_newcomber: screw u powell
bhg26: Laird how shit is your tank? Goes to the bench twice a quarter at least
naicosfan: atkins i want at least 60.
_newcomber: stupidly captained laird in af, argghh
bhg26: Same here newcomber, loving his sc work though
bhg26: At least Kelli loves Atkins? work tonight apparently
sc_god: did i just hear underwood say atkins has had a lot of the footy? lol
naicosfan: witts owns every ruckman in the comp
bhg26: She?s into a different kind of grass sc god
DrSeuss: HTB on Powell a bit rough
nbartos: Wittsy not getting the CD love tonight
pcaman2003: Lift big time last qtr Laird.
wadaramus: The 8 unanswered goal streak from GC was just fucking unacceptable.
wadaramus: The Crws are still just not good enough.
Sillybugga: bulldogs always going to struggle with their depleted midfield
bhg26: You?re talking like me when the swans play wada
wadaramus: It’s frustrating bhg.
sc_god: is laird dead?
DrSeuss: FFS Come on Suns should have put this one away in the 3rd
Oddsy5: humphreys done stuff all this last half 🙁
bhg26: I know how you feel wada
lana2146: Come on Humpty Dumpty
clay007: Wada-Be positive. They have been the laughing stock for years, now they are respected and enjoyable to watch
bhg26: Laird you?re second half has been woeful
wadaramus: Not enjoying this clay.
bhg26: Sorry your*
PigeonPies: humph going at 33% how is he on 71 lol, glad to own him
frenzy: witts at 16%
Bwad: C’mon Humpa, keep rakin that cash for daddy
TheFlagger: crows stink away
Bwad: Witts out out there or in our SC teams to hit targets by foot, let’s be real
bhg26: Laird can you fucking stay on the ground for 10 minutes
Bwad: **isn’t
Dredd: Damn still 12 and a half of this game.. lovely. What a solid Saturday night of footy
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird and Dawson. Get busy you two.
beerent11: Go humph!
Dredd: Meanwhile Baker got 17 at 50% for 41 hahaha @pigeon
lana2146: Go humpy you Beauty
naicosfan: keep climbing atkins
Bwad: I like the positivity Dredd, keep enjoying your night mate
Dredd: fk sorry 22* hahahah even worse lol
naicosfan: humph loved by cd 31%
wadaramus: I so hate AFL umpiring.
lana2146: Another humpy tonne loading,,,,
Oddsy5: well humpty got a move on and atkins got going in the end
Social: oh hello, what’s happening here
original: not bringing in humph the biggest miss of the year ffs
Dredd: I have to Bwad.. had to sit through a smacking today with the VFL club I work for.. sigh
Cottees: If Butters got the support of CD for Humphs. I would of gotten an amazing VC for once.
wadaramus: I hate AFL rules.
Bwad: Even though I missed the first rise, picking up Humpa looking very delish
slydon: way to kill any cash gen for uwland, not that he was gonna make much but this nukes it
Social: quite different to SA National FL rules Wada?
DANGERous: humph with a lot of cd love for 35% de
Raspel31: He was definitely offside Wada.
grassguy: same here Bwad
bhg26: Who was bagging Atkins?
Bwad: You take a 70 from the RAt every day too, maybe he will end up as bye cover
Oddsy5: omg atkins has gone nuts this q
naicosfan: wp atkins, hit proj. 😀
wadaramus: Very different to every other level of Australian Rules Football Social,
Pavs: Atkins racking them up now. Should have changed channels
wadaramus: How the fuck was that HTB?
naicosfan: atkins yin yang
grassguy: im happy with the Rats score bwad might trade him out for neale
wadaramus: OK, maybe he had a split second of opportunity.
Spifflicat: Been doing it all night Wada!
grassguy: i agree naicosfan
bhg26: Rowell will get a week for that because he?s not Victorian
Bwad: I dunno, reckon he might have a couple of games left in him. I can’t cop Neale this season, have other plans
nbartos: witts masterclass in rucking again
pcaman2003: Will Laird be benched 3 more times before game ends?
beerent11: Pedlar passes his breakeven. Bit harsh with the wall m0nty.
Bwad: Atkins, kick a goal son and really bring it home
grassguy: yeah maybe neale might change though still dunno who to pick
wadaramus: Well I have to say this is a fairly disappointing/pathetic effort by Adelaide.
Social: Suns top draft picks really starting to put it together
Raspel31: Which is your team wada?
Spifflicat: 31 to 20 shots on goal, this could have been a much bigger margin
Bwad: At least you don’t support Carlton Wada, be thankful mate
wadaramus: Clumsy, comical, inept, useless…
clay007: GC are better than you think Wada! They love these conditions.
nbartos: cant travel Crows hmm
wadaramus: Had them on the rack, let them kick 8 straight, unable to find a way to combat it.
frenzy: Carlton gives good value to the supporters every week
clay007: It’s cool Wada-just trying to keep your blood pressure down.
wadaramus: I’ve got tablets for that clay, but thanks for your concern 🙂
clay007: Well done Wada! Funny stuff.
Troglodyte: I called it on the heat. Would have been a different result back at AO
frenzy: rest up Witts, bye next.
Social: rah rah rah
Pies20: Shower house wada sums it up
wadaramus: I concur Pies20 🙁

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