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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R11 of 2023

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frenzy: ugly today
TheFlagger: carn norf
Gotigres: I went early on Ford so I could get Sicily in
Rebuild: go norf!
Hughsy: Lovely start Cameron
sheezel420: go norf
Hazza09: Sheezel playing forward?
sheezel420: keep it under 100 points lads
Peekay86: going to be 100 at half time at this rate sheeze
Cr1cketeer: Poor steele
Yelse: diazos benched twice?
Stu7: Any intel on why Naicos such little game time?
naicosfan: naicos tog???
Sheezus: Stu, he started off & finished off. Playing on-ball this week
Sheezus: No tag
Yelse: great C NDaicos looks like Mcrea resting players last few weeks this could be the way for diacos
naicosfan: true yelse
Doggie Doo: Bad luck Bottom
beerent11: Nice start jdg
Raspel31: Have a feeling Norff got this.
obbynl: de goey 58 already
naicosfan: de goey 200+
Pavs: Not 100% about that feeling
LuvIt74: This Ford kid looks to be a must have. Will be he most traded in player next week.
beerent11: Hope so naicosfan
Stu7: Thanks Sheezus
naicosfan: soft free, not that much of a block there
EvilMonk: it was a side bump.. hardly a “block”. Seems weird that you can full push in the back and take a mark now.
EvilMonk: but the smallest nudge in the side is a free?
TheFlagger: DC will be cheap is chips after his bye
navy_blues: no one on de goey
LuvIt74: blah, blah blah how ,longare ya’s gonna bitch and moan about a nudge bump who.. Its in the past fella’s move on
sheezel420: Ford has historically not been good… hard to tell if this is legit or he’ll be another Drury
pcaman2003: That’s it DeGoey,just rack em up.
Raspel31: But are the chips too deeply fried TheFlagger?
pcaman2003: Keep going Eddie and Will.
naicosfan: de goey will ton before HT
TheFlagger: at this point I’ll take chips that’ve been cooked 10 times to finish my team
pcaman2003: Hope so naicosfan. It will help make up for C Libba.
Hazza09: Libba was horrible last night pcaman, hope it was a one off
LuvIt74: @Sheezel That could be the case with ny rookie but Fords cash generation in the first week will be $70k
pcaman2003: Hazza. Here here!
Raspel31: pcaman- known you for years- tell me it isn’t so. You capped Libba?
pcaman2003: Luvit. Ford will be a good cash generator IMO.
Hazza09: Ford is in front of Wardlaw at the moment for next week
DrSeuss: Why play Wardlaw forward?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Dared to be different and paid the price.
LuvIt74: @pca 100% he’s already on 46 if he doesn’t score another point his BE will be -70ish
pcaman2003: Raspel. Opponent had Marshall C so not too bad.
LuvIt74: Ford on target to ton up again
Raspel31: Went Marshall to Bont- okay I guess- but Libba pcaman?
pcaman2003: Luvit. I only got him in so I’m happy so far.
pcaman2003: With Ford, Phillips and DeGoey going well, my smile has come back
lana2146: JDG wow I love it just wish I had the c or vc on him
Yelse: haha to that free there is 100 a game of those never call them
Ooost: Eddie Ford 😀
beerent11: Very excited about the young Roos coming through
pcaman2003: Raspel. Libaa has a ton in all but 1 game. Just needed him to get over a ton. Last night was his lowest score. Just bad
pcaman2003: beer. Very similar to the Hawks. Both sides with exciting youngsters coming through.
Hazza09: If Ford tons again what?s his BE?
Raspel31: Well pcaman- wish I’d capped Rowell in the same game but obviously didn’t as I’m not an idiot x
Vultures: lmao negtive 54 is Ford’s BE now
pcaman2003: Vultures. Probably won’t matter much as everyone will probably bring him in.
Doggie Doo: Seems Foed a better pick than Wardlaw
pcaman2003: Justf glad I had Ford on field while Owens out and on my bench.
beerent11: Reckon you can take Ford and wArdlaw
sc_god: he always was doggie, 194k is too much. not really worth it upless he averages 70 plus
LuvIt74: @Hezza09 If Ford scores 100 his BE will be -85
pcaman2003: beer.30k players in SC brought Wardlaw in this week.
Raspel31: I didn’t.
Yelse: Diacos def getting rested through this game
beerent11: Reckon he?ll be ok. How much is he?
Loggy17: no doubt yelse
Vultures: of course a stack load brought in Wardlaw, viable rookies are hard to come by
Pavs: Greenwoods contract must be nearly up playing as if he cares today
DrSeuss: Wardlaw will be fine if he gets TOG and isn’t forced to play forward
Vultures: Maynard is no spud, just saying,.,
Yelse: geez the pies need to lift they have dropped to norf level
LuvIt74: I could never bring in a $200k rook based on one game, i hate doing it even if there $100k
clay007: Why are you saying that Vultures?
Vultures: Coz Maynard doesn’t warrant the spud icon next to his name
Yelse: JDG should be 2nd fav for brownlow to bont
sheezel420: should be a comedian Yelse, got good material
Raspel31: But in all truth Maynard is a spud- facts are facts.
Vultures: Maynard is our junk yard dog and we lubbs im
Stu7: Come on Naicos finger out
clay007: I agree Vultures! I did not see that. Maynard is no spud, I love the way he plays.
Yelse: us sheezel injured?
Urbs: fwiw that’s a bull icon, not a spud
clay007: What happened to Cheezel?
PigeonPies: this is the first time ive versed will phillips all year i cant believe it
pcaman2003: Loving DeGoey, Ford and Phillips game today. Not so much Ziebell
beerent11: Degoey is the first ton in my mids this week. 3 90s and an 85.
Raspel31: Kidding me beer- whoops- bad week laddie.
Vultures: 100 before quarter time I hope beers.,.
Gotigres: Sheezel subbed off apparently
Vultures: three quarter lol
DrSeuss: So Wardlaw back on the bench and being played forward? Good development for the kid
Gotigres: Bit of confusion. Spicer subbed off not Sheezel.
Vultures: Wardlaw, the kid goes flat out..
Raspel31: Think we will all have Sheezel- another problem in the quagmire to fix
beerent11: Winning all three leagues rasp. Obviously not the only one.
Vultures: there’s a few tasty upgrade from sheezl
Hazza09: We were all hoping Sheezel could make it to the byes
Raspel31: And the Sheezel back.
Stu7: Where did you get your intel on Sheezel Gotigres?
naicosfan: stu7 hes not wrong, it said on tv for me too
Urbs: Commentary to blame for Sheezel, was just off getting some stitches
Manowar: Sheezel subbed out..Fake News!
Stu7: Thanks Urbs
m0nty: Muppet for Seven comms
Stu7: Cool naicosfan
LuvIt74: Why would you contemplate trading Sheezel when he’s only had the two sub 100’s games
beerent11: Phillips is resetting his breakeven nicely if he keeps going
pcaman2003: Beer. Pahillips looking the goods today. Quite impressive along with Ford.
Stu7: Ziebell come on mate
DrSeuss: Ziebell, Wardlaw – anything?
beerent11: Was just wondering pcaman. Are you happy with degoey, Phillips and Ford?
Vultures: sorry Seuss, they’re playing the Pies
pcaman2003: beer. Hahaha! .I get it. Can’t help myself when I’m happy with players.
slydon: jaicos please ton up
Hazza09: Seriously Ziebell, 2 weeks in a row
ebol: 50,000 Eddie Ford trades incoming this week
Raspel31: Think you on a safe bet there slydon- oodles of time.
Vultures: SC yes
Hazza09: Anyone still keen on Wardlaw next week?
Stu7: Maybe as a bench Hazza
Stu7: Go Naicos French fries please
clay007: Wardlaw against the best side in AFL, he will be better against lesser sides.
sc_god: nope his b/e will be in the 20’s its hardly worth it
Yelse: seriously magpies last 2 weeks have switched off in last qrt
clay007: I’m very keen on this Ford character. What is he worth on SC?
Yelse: percentage important has anyone told them
Stu7: Ziebell concrete boots
slydon: he hasnt had much of the ball tonight raspel thats my concern
DrSeuss: Wardlaw hardly worth it if they keep playing him forward
beerent11: Sheez battling away to a decent score
slydon: rooks im looking at: ford, briggs, humphrey and possibly lord
Stu7: Naicos come on mate few more points
hmmmm: loving the trash time from you zieb
Stu7: Nice recovery Ziebell – fantasy that is
slydon: JDG making a great case to get a recruit over the bye rounds
beerent11: Might?ve missed the boat on humph slydon. One of the few things I?ve got right this year.
slydon: could be a god m7 or fwd5/6
pcaman2003: Did I mention I’m happy with DeGoey, Ford and Phillips?
EvilMonk: few soft frees for us today. be good if they put the whistle away sometimes.
naicosfan: agreed monk
sc_god: titch with some serious bin stats
slydon: come on jaicos get 20
slydon: sadge
pcaman2003: North gallant in defeat. Put up a good fight.
frenzy: moore 93 is Lol

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