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Chat log from R11 of 2023: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R11 of 2023

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lana2146: Even with the tag I?m going Merrett captain lets gooooo
Wends: Hobbs seemed to be flavour of the week this week – wonder how he’ll go.
Troglodyte: Is Merrett even getting tagged? Watching other game
Wo0lfeee: Waterman channeling Quinton Lynch with that glove
Hazza09: Is there a tag on Merrett?
Urbs: Simpson giving me a workout with these position switches
Troglodyte: Very inconsiderate Urbs. Keep up the good work
Nicko006: Get on the field Merrett..
stemy1243: Get Merrett off the bench!!
_newcomber: cmon zerret 250 minimum
Troglodyte: Merret taking it easy due to having the bye this week
_newcomber: was happy to see shiel out late, but then realised o’neill also in, noooo
lana2146: Ginby will tonne up tonight
PowerBug: And has now changed all the magnets again
Urbs: I’m not a big Simpson fan tbh
Hazza09: Ofcourse my opponent has Ginbey
duckky: Meh – the week I trade Ginbey to Ridley
PowerBug: No Merrett tag for those asking
frenzy: Gaff needs to be dropped
slydon: i have reports that suggest merrett may have copped a corky at training during the weeknothing too serious
slydon: but if combined with a tag could keep him under 120
_newcomber: where is this report coming from sly
slydon: an undisclosed source inside the club
slydon: take it at face value but i beleive them
slydon: i know people at cats and essendon so its handy knowledge
BigChief: So it is bullshit Slydon. Name the source or it’s false.
slydon: offield personell not naming anyone 🙂 be salty im not feeding news cycles
RuffLeader: The commentary sounds like an NBA game where you choose to listen to the bias home team commentators
DANGERous: lets all get yeo again
BigChief: Yep that is false news 100%. If it was true it would have been reported.
slydon: wasnt that bad a corky chill
slydon: if you get a good look of him his left quad is strapped thats what its for
navy_blues: how tippa gets a game gets a game weing that unfit is beyond me
_newcomber: why does a ruckman come in for a midfielder as a late out
slydon: how was that htb on magrath?
RooBoyStu: Water Closet couldn’t beat Essendon could they lol Knowing Brad Scott as a former coach, his coaching is like Melb Weath
pcaman2003: ee Gaff having another stinker. Needs to go.
pcaman2003: I see Gaff having another stinker. He needs to go.
DaicosQB: Yeo moving like he used to a little bit in this game, could be a positive to take out of it
RooBoyStu: Sheed gone
RooBoyStu: Lollingwood devastated Sheed his C
slydon: is redman turning into our mr fix-it similar blicavs at geelong?
slydon: unfortunately tippa seems to really have lost that explosive acceleration 🙁 hope he can get proper fit over the bye rds
slydon: there it is again from tippa given he got setup for a hospital ball
biggs2dujj: Weiderman potato
_newcomber: pls zerret
Urbs: O’Neill may be minding Merrett now, will keep watch
slydon: perhaps i should have said something about merrett before the game started, soz
navy_blues: only 5 goals in front not very impressive by dons
FoopyTime: could be worse
FoopyTime: we could have harry mckay in our team
Wends: Karmichael Hunt!
slydon: quiet exit by the blues fans
navy_blues: lol well if your happy with 5 goals might cost you percentage wise later
slydon: we got em again if we need tobrads just ironing his system into the lads
FoopyTime: its ok we will make it up when we play carlton
FoopyTime: cant beat there way out of a wet paper bag with how there playing atm
navy_blues: i will be at that game actually
Wends: Of course oppo has him 😐
FoopyTime: should be a good game in all honesty
FoopyTime: 2 big clubs with big supporter groups atmosphere should be a good time
navy_blues: rather have mckay than tippa lmao
Stu7: Go Zerret
FoopyTime: hay tippa only had 1 shot for 1 point
slydon: rather have tippa than be a carlton supporter
FoopyTime: mckay had to have 4 shots to get 3
FoopyTime: love the tiprat
navy_blues: i agree he is crap right now but at least he is fit not lije tippa couldnt blow out a candle
FoopyTime: dont need to blow out a candle when u can roll thru it
navy_blues: lol u said that hehe
RooBoyStu: Billy Brownless would be more useful to Essendon than Tippa, like this Indigenous Rd over 2 weeks, it’s rounds not round
slydon: no ones arguing hes a big ol turtle meat roll
FoopyTime: but hes our big ol turtle meat roll
slydon: indegenous rounds not round indegenous lol
slydon: sorry big chief details were slightly off but i was right suck me
RuffLeader: Merrett cookie confirmed by Merrett himself. Good reporting Slydon, BigChief claimed fake news, clown
slydon: he said it himself in the post game interview
slydon: and he got under 120 as well
BigChief: Fuck you slydon. You are a liar.
slydon: suck me big chief i dont reveal my sources
slydon: not the real big chief

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