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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R11 of 2023

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Wends: Looks like it’s just me, myself and I. Keen to see how Mullin travels.
freofan123: im here too
Yelse: can there be another upset now? seems to be the flavour of the round
Yelse: wilmot or weddle?
TorturedSC: Who decided white was good for the GWS numbers?
Hazyy: Brought Stewart in this week
Yelse: cogs lift
Pavs: Weddle most you could gain is probably 20 if Wilmot plays well
lana2146: Here to see if Stewart can match Sicily and go bananas
TimT14: 160 would be nice Tom Green
TheFlagger: lift rat
Manowar: k’mon Stewrat
sheezel420: VC stew man, keep it up son
Wends: Good afternoon Freofan… you’d be pretty happy
pcaman2003: Hopefully GWS will keep kicking it to Stewart. Nice start!
Stu7: Go Greene
freofan123: afternoon wends, i’m over the moon
DiggaDogga: Gday all. Anyone else 0/3 in their tips???
pcaman2003: freofan. You and me both. 2 very good wins today.
beerent11: Mullin is a warrior
Cottees: pca – mate you should see my smile
pcaman2003: Thanks beer. First time I’ve been called that. Cheers!
Wends: Was a great contest even for neutrals
TheFlagger: justice for knevitt
Wends: #Istandwithknevitt
beerent11: Stewart is a different beast at kardinia park
Dredd: Was set on Whitfield.. changed to Rioli 30 min ago and now Whitfield on fire.. sigh
Dredd: 30 min before the game*
Hazyy: Cmon cogs
Pav300: Cats First Nation kit looks better than the hoops – love the Indigenous jumpers
Gotigres: Geelong jumpers look like Carlton
Wends: They’re awesome Pav… and keep it up giants
Pav300: Yes Wends great to see some upsets today 😉
navy_blues: didnt een think to vc stewart thoufght ball be in geelongs frwd line heaps
frenzy: the upset round
naicosfan: loving this toby
TheLegend6: Suns beat dogs tonight imo (based on what we’ve seen today aha)
navy_blues: giants were 7$ to win this
Wends: Same re Cogs, Navy – thought playing at Kardinia Pk wld be slow scoring
naicosfan: lol legend, i dont doubt it, they have put up great fights against top teams already this year
Cottees: TheLegend – looks like itll happen. My tips gone to shot
TheLegend6: Mullin looks good but don’t back his JS long term
Wends: Cats crowd sound like they’re about to riot!
frenzy: Oisin goes okay
lana2146: Mullins an enigma
Gotigres: Just saw De Koning lol
beerent11: Or even short term legend
TheLegend6: Whats up with Tanners TOG?
beerent11: Stewart needs a nickname. I suggest disco. Any others?
DANGERous: just give us knevitt now
Cottees: Greene is going huuuuge
Pav300: Alf? Beer
beerent11: Like it pav. Clubhouse leader.
DiggaDogga: Rod?
stemy1243: Yeah disco Stu for the win.
beerent11: Far out, if jelly wasn?t injured this week I was going to take day up to sicdog. Ah well.
frenzy: goodthing you didn’t beer
Cascadian: Bont, Zerrett, Dawson or Neale as captain?
beerent11: Has dekoning gone the jalen brown?
beerent11: Cmon disco , let?s go!
beerent11: Cmon Alfie, let?s go!
TheLegend6: stewart playing key back with esava off injured
BigChief: How about Martha beer?
beerent11: Cmon Martha, let?s go!
sc_god: rats subbed
Spifflicat: A touch of the Hong Kong Phooey about TDK?s look tonight
beerent11: Nice goal Roman Roy
MontyJnr: @TheLegend6 Stewart is not playing key back at all. What a confusing comment.
Hazza09: First Darcy and now Rat, I can?t win with injuries
TheLegend6: He was initially from my observation Monty
pcaman2003: Nice going Tom. Keep going!
lana2146: Stewart will go 160+
Gotigres: Oh no, Rat injured
Hazyy: Stewart going big
Wends: Martha lol. She does have some great fitted sheet folding hacks tho
pcaman2003: lana. Let’s hope so.
BigChief: I didn’t know Keeffe was still on GWS list.
lana2146: Pcaman2003 160 easy mate
lana2146: Cogs always goes missing in 3rd quarters
Pav300: cracker game
Hazza09: Your a joke Cogs
naicosfan: buckley get a bunch of useless kicks please
BigChief: 140 at most for Martha @lana
stemy1243: Carn Martha seagull the shit out of it!
lana2146: Some of the free kicks given lol weak as pee
Pav300: Cmon Kingsley – time to man up Martha!
lana2146: That should seal it congrats gws
BigChief: That didn’t look high
lana2146: It?s an indictment on the afl these weak free kicks
DrSeuss: Flopping in the AFL is starting to become a problem like it is in the NBA
slydon: jezzas had a howler tonight. you cant be taking the pots like that and then bang a point in
thommoae: Jezza – ace goalkicker and salesman
slydon: but as the old basketball saying goes, “ball dont lie”
pcaman2003: Keep the clangers up Cogs. They’re helping!
Wends: Fahey on!
stemy1243: Marth back in the kitchen non nom nom
lana2146: Stewart scores for looking at the ball
BigChief: They can’t win surely
Pav300: yes its good news Wends, just heed to keep him in the team now
slydon: blame it on codey weightman Drseuss, he started doing it first
navy_blues: another nailbiter
sheezel420: VC stew ez game
sheezel420: @navy yeah we’ve had heaps of good games this week
navy_blues: de koning looks like batman lol
pcaman2003: Stewart racking them up now. Keep it up.
navy_blues: wow another close 1
yeah_nah: miers been in everything this quarter
slydon: from the current games so far im concerned wet toast might be able to find some form against us
Cottees: Slydon – yeah I think you’re screwed at how this weeks gone haha
navy_blues: now that would be a upset
sc_god: hang on gws, beat these muppets
BigChief: Cerra and Parker 1 weeks bans
DANGERous: knevitt been great
lana2146: No chance bombers lose tonight
navy_blues: sicily probably as well chief
lana2146: Dogs will win too
BigChief: Didn’t see that 1 navy. Take your word for it
Cottees: lana – I mean saints shouldn’t of lose. So who knows what happens tonight
thommoae: Cogs – the thinking man’s midfielder. Haters – hate away.
Crave: Brent Daniels X factor if GWS win
DANGERous: imagine Bruhns scoring with proper tog
BigChief: Suns in Darwin huge chance
navy_blues: shiel out bryan in and ja ieson out xavier oneill in late changes for ess v wc
lana2146: Cottees no because of how many upsets already have occurred the laws of averages say no more tonight
Dredd: Wish he was better with his eff% tho thommoae.. was hoping for a 200 like he has scored once before
Wends: Wow, what a win by the giants
Dredd: Briggs is someone to consider now.. 2 100’s at 250k
BigChief: Well my tipping up that creek we all know of. 1 from 4 games.
DrSeuss: O’Neill in for West Coast likely means a Tag for Merrett
sc_god: merrett always fails when tagged, sub 80 score tonight

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