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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Sydney vs Carlton, R11 of 2023

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Yelse: Good ebening everybody!! Who’s everyone VC and C this week
BigChief: Papley to kick 5+ and Swans win.
Pavs: Hi all, Yelse not a clue mate probs Bont to Laird/
bhg26: vc on Errol, really the only one i can put it on. C on Zerrett vs west coast with no o’neill
Malaka: Heeney to get somewhere between 0 and 50 possessions and Swans to win.
Pavs: Hi all, Yelse I don’t have a clue mate probs Bont to Laird?
Pavs: Soz went twice
Baldfrog: Marshall to Faicos for mine VC and C
Cottees: Might VC Marshall or Serong. No idea who
Pavs: Like to go Crippa but not sure which Crippa will turn up tonight
Baldfrog: It’s hard this week Pavs even not confident about bont or Libba
Troglodyte: Gulden VC. No choice only have Oliver as loop option
navy_blues: to many choices and i always choose wrong lol
sheezel420: stew into zerrett for me
bhg26: Bloody Oliver gets injured and all of a sudden vc and c becomes hard to pick
Baldfrog: Thought about Walsh Navy but inconsistent
navy_blues: atm marshall into butters
Pavs: Agree Baldy. Bugger it going Crippa
Baldfrog: Good to see 15k has turned up tonight
BigChief: Merrett into Naicos for me.
Fromage: Parker already has a bandage on his head
JockMcPie: crippa VC about to pop off
frenzy: same as Bald
sc_god: marshall into bont or maybe serong into bont. hmmm decisions
_newcomber: vc on green, ik it geelong but without kelly should go big
Nicko006: Walsh?s tackle in the first play not count..?
Gotigres: vc Gulden for me. This season I have had mids, rucks, defs and fwds as Capt
Baldfrog: Sheesh seagull needs a rest already
pcaman2003: Have Libba VC and Laird C. Fingers crossed as usual.
navy_blues: lucky there
DrSeuss: What are you doing Curnow?
Joegreg123: Harry McKay is terrible
navy_blues: actually some pressure being put on will it last?
Hughsy: Walsh has been so consistent
navy_blues: cripp warming into game
Cottees: navy hoping it holds up. I tipped Carlton
Moona: is that the worst shot for goal ever??
bhg26: God we are frustrating to watch
a1trader: lol – worst kick for goal I can ever remember
Joegreg123: Mc Andrew more like mcterrible
DrSeuss: Still no idea why Voss moves Walsh forward of the ball after starting on ball
Stu7: Go Blues
Social: Gulden syrup
BigChief: Blues just bombing the ball into f50.
sc_god: longmire cooked, he’s on the chopping block
Stu7: Thanks heaps Monty for helping me get back on FF much appreciated mate 👍🏻
Hawkthornz: Dont watch a game without fanfooty on the other screen
Social: Stu ya bloody ripper!
Hawkthornz: Dont watch an AFL game without Fanfooty on the other screen
Baldfrog: Cmon Carlton seagull not even getting a look in
Gotigres: I’m so happy I got McAndrew at the start of the season, rather than Ryan
Stu7: Hey Social good to see you
Gotigres: Welcome back Stu
Vultures: I’m tippn a draw
Joegreg123: Mc Andrew more like mcsittingonthebench
navy_blues: ump missed dtb there
beerent11: We all got Errol vc this week?
Pav300: Rasp in Ibiza with his neighbour Damien H?
Social: Lots of empty seats… they’re a fickle lot
Ash777: why dont they sit mcandrew in the d50 when he’s not rucking
Pavs: I’m not that clever beer.
Baldfrog: Rasp is Damien’s new partner
beerent11: Is raspel neighbours with dimma? Funny he never mentioned it.
Gotigres: Stay above your breakeven of -5 please McAndrew
Troglodyte: Get going Hollands or Vossy will sub you again
bhg26: I swear Carlton have taken 5 plus juggled contested marks. Just swat the ball away
Gotigres: lol Baldy
Stu7: Thanks Gotigres
clay007: Is Rasp a male or female?
Baldfrog: Gender neutral I think Clay
Social: there are more options now clay
Ash777: apache helicopter
clay007: There probably is all. There are many more pronouns that we need to use I guess. They?
Hawkthornz: finally traded Hollands
Hawkthornz: is Cripps playing injured or just too slow?
Baldfrog: I didn’t hawk need him till carltons bye
clay007: Too slow and too lazy @Hawks
Pav300: lol beer
Hawkthornz: won his brownlow and is done???
bhg26: Blakey hitting a carlton player 20m on his own is quite impressive
bhg26: And then he turns into the flash
beerent11: Bhg do you know how long mills is out? Picked him up as a free agent today.
blashtroko: Kennedy offering nothing from HB and Doc nothing from HF… genius voss!
Ash777: players rarely backup their performance after winning a brownlow
bhg26: Still 3-5 away beer, swans arent saying much
beerent11: Unless your name is Robert Harvey
DrSeuss: Voss needs to put Docherty back behind the ball – getting lost in the middle
Gotigres: So much for McAandrew covering through the byes
vaficarra: I love how Carlton supporters have gone from having the greatest coach 12 months ago, to the worst coach now!
Fromage: Hewitt done
sc_god: these muppets dont know the differnce between newman and hewitt lmao
beerent11: He can get splinters then
Social: keep him on, sub Hollands instead
bhg26: It happened when they were at Sydney too sc god, every week
Yelse: McAndrew whats the point of playing him if he gonna spend it on the bench
sc_god: because he was getting destroyed in the ruck
sc_god: BT uses the word slider for about 3 different types of kicks lol
Fromage: Hewett gone
Ash777: he loves his kfc sliders
BigChief: Hewett done
Hawkthornz: this game will be close… Both teams playing below their best.
Hawkthornz: hollands finds the ball but gets tackled every time..
bhg26: Ed Curnow has been on for 30 seconds and will probably be suspended already
clay007: Gulden decided to go to bed!
clay007: I don’t think so bhg.
Hughsy: another Mckay classic
navy_blues: now kick the goal
Baldfrog: Carlton their own worst enemy
The39Steps: Swans should give Buddy one more SCG, MCG and Optus game and f&*k him off.
bhg26: Depends on how the tribunal feels this week clay
navy_blues: bout time ump
DrSeuss: Wow – Carlton with some momentum couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a tractor
navy_blues: yes baldy every game
clay007: It was very minor bhg. There may be some bias tonight from you. Love your work though.
beerent11: Nice clay keep him going
Fromage: Durdin robbed
bhg26: I dont think thats suspendable, just a stupid action definitely from a boost of adrenaline
blashtroko: Doc back? Where have you pulled that from?
Cottees: Far out – Carlton just keeps kicking it into sydney players. Jeez
bhg26: Dont mind that bounce
beerent11: Errol stuck on the dead wing
bhg26: And we keep kicking it to them cottees
Gotigres: Wake up Hollands
DrSeuss: Whats the record for smothers / kicking into an opposition player in a game?
Gotigres: McAndrew just lost half of his points
pcaman2003: How can Cripps HB to a Swan player and no clanger?. BS !
Joegreg123: McAndrew on in the positives rn
DrSeuss: Curnow should have had 2-3 goals by now – ridiculous kicking
Joegreg123: Fire**
Bulky: Cripps a shadow of the player he was last year. Can’t get near it.
Hawkthornz: get off the bench Gulden
navy_blues: lmau Seuss wanna talk bout that dud dripwood u guys have?
Hawkthornz: dont see cripps flying for marks or kicking goals
beerent11: Richo reminds me of cousin Greg
Hawkthornz: crippaaaaa
DrSeuss: So Navy you are happy with Curnow’s kicking? How about Harry?
sc_god: North have the better McKay
original: cripps had kicked a fair few early last year. but he was resting fwd. now he isnt
Baldfrog: Dunno why Voss doesn’t leave Curnow at FF and McKay at CHF and play up the ground be more drive for Carlton
navy_blues: harry is crap atm i admit that if u dont know by now im pretty realistic bout my team
navy_blues: yeah they do sc god lol, dont troll
Pavs: Now he is just resting.
original: exactly baldfrog
original: hahaha pavs
DrSeuss: What do you think of Voss Navy? I was so happy when he left the Lions coaching role
Ash777: McKay needs to be play some vfl to gain some confidence and work on kicking
sc_god: Buddy is an hopeless these days, kinda sad. Should never play another game
DrSeuss: Which hurts to say because I loved watching him play. Watching him coach – not so great
Ash777: He’s affecting the rest of the team being out there.
navy_blues: Seuss every1 blames the coach im blaming the players players are turning ball over way to much
Ash777: Same with buddy too
sc_god: yep Harry a liability
Baldfrog: Sort of agree Navy with McKay being deep forward he’s crowding the space
Baldfrog: Buddy went 1 year too long and sydney wanted to cash in on that
navy_blues: how can u have any game plan when its turnover city out there
bhg26: I would say buddy should be dropped but we actually have no one tall in the 2s
BigChief: navy it is Vossy’s game plan which sucks.
DrSeuss: That’s fair Navy – just seems to put guys in positions and roles not suited to their strengths, from an outside POV
Baldfrog: Mid season draft look foe a fwd BHG
navy_blues: u can have best game plan but if its not carried out by players who is at fault BC?
navy_blues: any plan is no good when ball is being tur over so much
original: i dont reckon voss has the best game plan. impossible thats true
navy_blues: kicking skills thats it and pressure
clay007: I think the Blues should drop Cripps. Play with intensity or fxxx off.
Baldfrog: Crippa has a long term deal tho doesn’t he?
navy_blues: least he goes in a gets the ball not like your seagull at pies clay
BigChief: navy the game plan is simple from Voss. Bomb the ball into f50 Been doing it all season.
Baldfrog: Hewitt is a loss for you navy in and under player
Ash777: Titch is playing the perfect role at pies
original: we have no decent mids in the vfl to come in next week either
BigChief: And when Curnow and McKay don’t mark it the oppo just run it out under no pressure.
navy_blues: i think thats a result of all the turnovwer we do so in the end we just bomb it in like u said BCi
frenzy: microwaves set to high
BigChief: ANd playing guys out of position is dumb. Doch at HF, Kennedy at HB.
Baldfrog: Chief that’s why McKay should play up the ground lets the smalls put the pressure on
Pavs: The one time Cripps stood under the ruckmen he got a handball away and a clearance.
bhg26: Fisher went nuts in the 2s original
DrSeuss: If Saad is tagged he needs to move Docherty back so the ball comes out of defense with purpose
bhg26: Or maybe the Paddy Dow show next week?
Pavs: Standing off the pack and hoping.
BigChief: Put McKay at CHB and let him learn
Ash777: move ed into the middle
DrSeuss: Exactly BC – play guys in roles suitable to their skills
beerent11: Don?t think you can question Crippas work rate. Just gets left behind sometimes in fast paced games.
Social: nice Split Enz haircut
Baldfrog: BC with weitering and McLovin 3 talls is too much back there
BigChief: Kemp is playing on McLean. Push him fwd and have Harry play back
Gotigres: Another failed vc
Pavs: First half it was more positioning beer.
Baldfrog: Friday night curse Gotiges
Stu7: Who?s your VC Gotigres?
bhg26: Any chance of manning up?
Pavs: Seems to play his best being the bull in the middle
pcaman2003: Crippa 22 pts in 3 mins. Fast comeback!
Ash777: I like Kemp’s game more than Young’s
BigChief: Heeney too quick for Cripps there
Gotigres: Gulden Stu
m0nty: new icon btw
Stu7: There?s still time Tigre?s
Stu7: There?s still time Gotigres
Social: outmarks Aaron Francis… wow
DrSeuss: Ok Charlie – a few more of those
Gotigres: Will Walsh get fwd status?
BigChief: Did Francis move early on the mark?
beerent11: Gulden is gonna struggle if he stays on the wing.
BigChief: Harry special once again.
beerent11: Swans high fives after getting pants dropped
DrSeuss: Docherty still playing forward – what is Voss thinking with that move?
beerent11: As a vc
Stu7: Thanks beer I didn?t know he was on the wing
BigChief: Need him back in guts beer
clay007: bhg, parker will need to be suspended.
Joegreg123: Mcandrew is tearing it up
navy_blues: parker going on hols
pcaman2003: Cerra huge this qtr. Was on 43 half time.
BigChief: Parker in trouble.
Baldfrog: Walsh tried to push off parker then and contributed to that ackle
beerent11: Go seagull!
Social: Why so many empty seats… is there a cabaret on?
BigChief: McKay turning into a liability in f50
bhg26: Sweet caroline has already been played social
Baldfrog: Always is Social
Ash777: these 2 teams are playing exactly where they are
Cascadian: Oh my god Seagull is going nuts
Baldfrog: Noice seagull hold that bat high
Raspel31: Just home- has this been worth watching or a slug-fest? Oh- and go Errol!
navy_blues: bright comment ash
beerent11: Seagull was due for a good score
BigChief: You back from Ibiza already Raspel?
PigeonPies: hey guys – where has walsh been playing?
Pav300: Thought you were in Ibiza Rasp
Baldfrog: Horribly entertaining Rasp
Stu7: Go Lloyd
Baldfrog: How was the date with Mr H rasp?
Raspel31: That’s my twin Pav.
Pav300: Lookling after the bins whilst Damo sees the world?
Raspel31: Not good Baldfrog- why home for the meaning of life now.
Ash777: No judgement here
Baldfrog: Sorry to hear m8
Social: Moore Park pigeon
Hawkthornz: get mckay up high and curnow deep forward
Raspel31: Hat off to Damo Pav- left on good terms and will snaffle any gig when it’s time for him. Good man.
PigeonPies: cheers social, appreciate you
Hawkthornz: out on the ful!!!
Pav300: Yes a brilliant exit
Joegreg123: Mcandrew clunks it 🥵
PigeonPies: thats it, im getting mcandrew in after that
Social: welcome
bhg26: Yeah dont know what the boundary ump was on there hawkthornz
Baldfrog: Cerra suspended to now
Ash777: should have been called dangerous
sheezel420: Cerra will be fine
BigChief: Cerra in trouble also
PigeonPies: wasnt dangerous lol
Hawkthornz: Mckay should be high for the contest… Curnow much more dangerous around goal
bhg26: Lmao
PigeonPies: head hitting the ground doesnt mean dangerous
Baldfrog: It’s all getting out of hand now
DrSeuss: Curnow could have easily had 5 now
p0nga6: am i the only cuck that has Cripps? worst buy of the year
PigeonPies: cripps is a fraud
slydon: Curnow could have had a 160 point game tonight but he’s missing as bad much as harry
Pav300: Happy with Ange coaching your Spurs Rasp?
Baldfrog: How has McKay only 1 muppet?
Baldfrog: They couldn’t do any worse Pavs but doubt Harry will be there
BigChief: It does to Mr Christian pigeon.
navy_blues: only 8 points down with that bad kicki
navy_blues: kicking
Gotigres: see McAndrew ponga
Ash777: should have vc’d lloyd
bhg26: Be thankful youre playing us navy, we will always keep the other team in the game
Social: yeah nah, Cerra gone
navy_blues: our kicking has kept you in the game lol
Gotigres: time to put the cape on Gulden
beerent11: What?re we doing bout clarry?
sc_god: good win if the baggers get up with only one rotation
Stu7: Good luck Gotigres
Ash777: Hollands done
Baldfrog: I got rid of him Beer demons being coy about how long he will be out
Stu7: Beer – traded him for Zerret
Gotigres: Thanks Stu, but I’m not holding my breath. Who’s your vc?
BigChief: Clarry to Green for me beer
beerent11: Who for bald?
BigChief: sc_god they still have 3 on bench
Stu7: Marshall- thought it worth a crack against Hawks at Marvel, he?s been in good form too
Yelse: i think ollie will be back for kings bday
Baldfrog: Lairdy Beer
Raspel31: Clarry the unexpected hiccough beer- stuffed my trades- straight swap to Serong but farewell upgrades.
ballbag: you can go and get fucked newman. youre fucken outta here you lazy prick
beerent11: I?ve got jelly as well. He?s 3-4 weeks
Social: go the Doctor
Baldfrog: Last game Beer crows play
Gotigres: I’m thinking about Marshall for C Stu
Baldfrog: * Wc for grand finals in SC so thats why I took him over Zerret
bhg26: our injury plague even reaches out to former swans players
Social: RoMo vc
Stu7: Yeah Gotigres I reckon he?s going to have a day out
ballbag: pfft Ross Lyon will sub Marshall out a 3/4 time you just watch
Ash777: goodbye blues
ballbag: and do something loyd…ahhh aggghh… seagull more
Baldfrog: Both Marshall and Zerrett should have field days this week
Hazza09: Is Clarry to Libba worth it?
Baldfrog: Dunno Hazza have Libba already
BigChief: No one thinking Naicos v Norf?
Social: Buddy playing like my pop
Raspel31: Think better options Hazza.
Social: And he’s been dead a long time
Baldfrog: He’s my C Chief
Ash777: how long is clarry out for?
sheezel420: Depends where Naicos plays, if it’s half back he’ll never see it
ballbag: trading out Oliver is insane. you’ll need 3 trades to get him back
beerent11: Vintage seagull. Love it.
BigChief: Mine also Baldy
Gotigres: Is McAndrew on the bench? That’s surprising
Ash777: thought lil c warner would be subbed on by noww
sheezel420: Holding Oliver is insane, will be 1 premo behind for a month
beerent11: Reckon rozee and butters will carve up the tiges
Baldfrog: Na Ashcroft has 3 more rises and clarry should lose a bit when he comes back
Stu7: Chief I?m going Naicos or Dunkley for C if Marshall flops
Hazza09: Who do you suggest Raspel?
bhg26: Stop fucking kicking it to buddy!
BigChief: Having 650k on your bench for 4 weeks is insane.
beerent11: Going to go jelly and clarry to libba and wines. May as well make some upgrade cash.
Raspel31: Hmm- Zerrett, Butters, Serong.. Hazza?
pcaman2003: Loose players everywhere. Where is the accountable footy? What a joke.
DANGERous: im holding Oliver, he’ll be back in 2 weeks. if i trade him out i wont be able to get him back
ZeeVee: Is it that bad of an idea, I’m playing a league, and 2 games clear of 2nd. Id rather the extra trades BigChief
Ash777: what danger said
ballbag: Oliver was training today. and we have 4 weeks of best 18. goodluck at wasting 3 trades getting him back in
DrSeuss: Goodnight Carlton
Baldfrog: If you are 2 games clear why would you trade Clarry Zee makes no sense
Stu7: Blues are gone
Gotigres: Cripps leg injury
Social: cabooncha
pcaman2003: Get back out there Errol.
Baldfrog: Ballbag Ashcroft and about 120k nearly a straight swap wont need 3 trades lol
sheezel420: If you’re playing for leagues can hold, but anyone serious about playing for rank needs the points
Hazza09: Where did you hear this Ballbag
ZeeVee: I was commenting on keeping him Baldy
Ash777: horror night for voss
BigChief: Pretty happy with Bont, Laird, Dawson, Green, De Goey, Merrett, Serong and Ashcroft as my mids.
Stu7: Come on Lloyd more French fries please
bhg26: I dont see why Dees would bring Oliver back in when the bye is 3 games away
Gotigres: Cincotta might be back with those injuries
Ash777: clarry is never out for long
Stu7: Nice Chief
sheezel420: If it was a 2 week injury they would’ve told us. The fact they didn’t means he’ll miss more
Pavs: Back next week Ash
Baldfrog: Sheezel thats whaI find weird they wont say
ballbag: @hazza SEN headline story Oliver was running on Monday
Social: Clarry sold his soul at the crossroads, back next Friday
bhg26: Wtf are you doing errol?
slydon: I’d be dropping McKay at this point, spend a week or two in vfl and get your confidence back
Cottees: This Carlton will lose to Eagles. Actually useless
Stu7: Bad luck about Gulden Gotigres
BigChief: Blues might win 3 games for rest of year.
Pies20: Mckay needs to go back to the 2nds absolutely mare tonight
Raspel31: Good spur bhg.
bhg26: Buddy has to do more of that, play higher up and set up plays. Still a beautiful field kick
Pies20: Agree slydon
ballbag: @baldfrog huh??? Selling ashcroft, getting cash and an upgrade is alreay 2 trdes. and thats only if you can get 120k.
DrSeuss: Yep Mckay been terrible and getting in Curnows way – need more small forwards around curnow for pressure
BigChief: 1.6 and 2 out on full from Curnow and McKay.
Gotigres: Yeah Stu. Just made Marshall Capt
pcaman2003: Gulden very disappointing since qtr time.
Social: Word’s getting round at the cabaret, these seats could still fill up
Stu7: Good luck Gotigres
Baldfrog: Ballbag Ashcroft isn’t a keeper so has to be traded anyway goodness me
Hazza09: Average Gulden
Ash777: corey on the ground
Pies20: Ballbag frustrating night i tipped Carlton never again woeful, slow and disposal been shower
ballbag: beware Marshall getting subbed if Saints are ahead. Ross loves it.
BigChief: Don’t worry Baldy Ballbag just mad Blues are useless.
ballbag: @bald either way its still trades. are you just taking the piss? lol
Bulky: Cripps to anyone next week. He has turned into Relton Roberts.
frenzy: Baldy Ballbag, Lol
bhg26: Blakey has been awesome
Baldfrog: He’s not wrong frenzy
dezlav: 123s a good return for Docherty
Pies20: I’d say good not awesome bhg
beerent11: 230 from Errol and seagull will do me just fine
Social: cocks
Yelse: iwhat percentage did walsh play fwd
Stu7: Very happy with Llyod
bhg26: 6 intercept marks in this quarter pies and took the game on all day
beerent11: SCG is tiny yelse may have helped him
Hughsy: Walsh with 31 disposals and a goal at 77 efficiency getting only 105, doesn’t feel right…
Hughsy: if bont put up that stat line he would clear 140 easily
sc_god: maybe you shouldve picked up the bont instead of walsh then
Social: gosh their rooms are very tight
runners47: Atm we can’t kick straight, can’t dispose properly – pretty bad. Fast ball movement game only OK if you move it properl
runners47: We can’t kick straight, can’t dispose of it properly – quick ball movement only good if you move it well!

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