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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R9 of 2023

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karens: go saints. stay low dawson
Cottees: Marshall looks to be going huuge today?
Rebuild: Go Marshall go!
BigChief: Marshall was against Thilthorpe at the start. ROB started on bench.
Fromage: What a Mark Parnell
Rebuild: Wow
Yelse: seriously wtf is this sinclair in need 127 from you
BigChief: Not a bad grab from 178cm Parnell.
Hazza09: Wake up Sinclair ffs seriously
Cascadian: Come on Sinclair get going mate
Manowar: R. O’Brien enjoy the SANFL next week!
karens: r.o.b and buddy in the 2’s
Yelse: seriously sinclair wtf are you doing
Raspel31: Not a great deal Yelse.
Ash777: ROB needs to drop some kilos
Hazza09: Awesome Sinclair, what a waste of a trade
BigChief: Thoughts on Hunter Clark? Worth looking at?
lana2146: No disrespect to Sinclair owners but he was never a good trade in there?s much better options this season
bhg26: Sinclair you dud
dezlav: Walker looks up for it. Go Laird/Dawson/Hinge
Hazza09: Absolute joke Sinclair
pcaman2003: Owens stinking it up too.
karens: stink it up Dawson
original: Sinclair in this week in classic. Legendary move
original: Draft: ROB sinclair and cogs vs white field + 90.. should have been a lock
Legix: get off the pine sinclair, you don’t deserve a rest
Ash777: I have NWM instead of sinclair
BigChief: Cmon Crows I need you to win for gauntlet.
pcaman2003: Don’t have Sinclair, but this is very un Sinclair like.
pcaman2003: Owens great tackle on Keays and not paid it? Flower off CD you spuds.
Legix: Sinclair having an ‘almost’ game
Ash777: very un-Sinclair like. He would have pushed himself into the game by now.
Ash777: sinclair now in the midfield
sc_god: this is sinclairs 2nd mare for the season, very unusual
pcaman2003: I can’t believe everyone at CD missed a classic tackle from Owens. Unreal!
Napper: Sinclair underscored this quarter. Getting nothing for possessions that are effective
a1trader: All I need is for O’Brien to outscore Marshall – 🙁
FlagDons11: What tf is dawsons dis efficiency
Hazza09: 22 SC for 12 disposals, rubbish
pcaman2003: Hazza. I agree! He’s butchered the ball this game so far. Maybe 2nd half better. Good luck!
Ash777: 25% accuracy is the real kicker
navy_blues: 25 DE for sinclair says it all
BigChief: Hazza you never look at all the info. 25% DE is why Sinclair’s score is crap.
Hazza09: I?m not disagreeing, he?s been terrible
sc_god: stay low sinclair, get nice and cheap
pcaman2003: C’mon Owens! You can do much better than this.
Legix: caminiti what are you doing son
pcaman2003: Crows delivering the ball to the forwards far better than the Saints.
Ash777: Cami going to be dropped
a1trader: Come on O’Brien, accidently whack Marshall in the nuts at a centre bounce
DANGERous: u can score more than 60 points wood cmon
BigChief: Ash he will be once King is available for sure.
zadolinnyj: Yes crows
bhg26: Sinclair coming back
bhg26: and hes benched
BigChief: Stop with the clangers Dawson.
TheLegend6: Cmon Byrnes
Hazza09: Ofcourse bhg
Legix: that didn’t look good at all
BigChief: Membrey looks done. Unlucky for him and Saints.
bhg26: Thats gotta hurt
a1trader: I think Byrnes has had one touch since Qtr time
Czars: wasnt dawson on 40 at quarter time
Yelse: need sinclair to get most disposals milera not counted to win 1k
BigChief: @Czars 33 I believe.
Hazza09: Get a touch Sinclair ffs
DANGERous: ill take an 80 Mr Wood
Ash777: how is wood only on 57
TimT14: Get going Ross need you to hit 20
sc_god: thankfully laird has tackled today otherwise his score would be garbage
Yelse: sinclair can’t play in the middle put him back
zadolinnyj: Laird done
BigChief: Has Laird been subbed?
Yelse: ?laird subbed?
Cottees: probably resting Laird cause game over?
sc_god: no relax, no sub been made yet
Fromage: Laird subbed
Yelse: i hate these fcken sub rule i hate it so muchhh
sc_god: damn
BigChief: You were saying sc_god? Laird HAS been subbed out.
TheLegend6: Damn there goes the multi then
zadolinnyj: He was in a different top sc_god. Was a big give away
sheezel420: sc_god always thinks he’s right it’s pretty funny
TheLegend6: get out there sinclair
zadolinnyj: Unlucky legend. I cashed because hill looking average for 15 so lucky
TheLegend6: Was only a tenner so no issues
Hazza09: Pathetic Sinclair
LuvIt74: I’m sure Laird was subbed off because this game is over
pcaman2003: Didn’t expect the Saints to pumped this badly.
sc_god: i got that one wrong you’re right, im not wrong about North being pure garbage tho 🙂
zadolinnyj: Ribs and precaution due to calf tightness last week @luvit. No probs for next week
Czars: dawsons kicking has been horrible
Rebuild: Laird gonna crack the ton from the bench
zadolinnyj: McHenry missing every target. That why he?s sub
BigChief: How does McHenry get games before Sam Berry?
zadolinnyj: Good question BigChief
Crave: Ross never lets Marshall play in junk time
BigChief: Cmon Laird 1 more for the ton.
pcaman2003: Lairdy,so,so close. Just give him the ton.
BigChief: TY Crows. Still alive in gauntlet 🙂

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