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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Geelong vs Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R8 of 2023

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frenzy: howdy
Troglodyte: Hi. Everyone else watching the game of the round
TheFlagger: gday lads. keays tagging stew?
FoopyTime: petition to delete Kelly as a commentator
Troglodyte: Not that I can see
Cottees: Laird and Dawson already gonna pass Taranto. God i suck at choosing VC
FoopyTime: let TEX cook
Dredd: Kelly is commentating.. I think I prefer to watch the other game..
TheFlagger: ffs dawson and these goal assists never gonna get him
Yelse: how is cellar on 41
Cottees: Yelse, hitouts to advantage plus 100 efficiency with 4 Contested and 3 clearances lol
biggs2dujj: Thanks for ruining me Dangerspud
TheFlagger: yes rat
bhg26: in my draft team i have rat and pedlar, whichever one i bench goes nuts
bhg26: Right on time
Cottees: bhg, both going huge lol
bhg26: As soon as i make the comment cottees pedlar kicks a goal lmao
Cottees: Keep making those comments about Taranto please lol
_newcomber: is rachele getting cbas
BigChief: Wrong game Cottees
lana2146: Let?s go Simpson
Cottees: Damn Dawson
bhg26: Wowee dawson
Cottees: Who is Rat playing on?
Cascadian: Dawson C life?s good
Raspel31: Damn- too late to switch vc to Dawson- pooh!
Gotigres: omg I started Rat on field and he had a good qtr
TheFlagger: wake up stew
PigeonPies: is that the same umpire that did the crows game last week? i swear it is
Cascadian: Yes Sam Simpson great stuff mate
TheFlagger: first chandler now simpson. small forwards killing me
Cottees: I wanted to save boost this week for later on. But regretting not using it for Simpson oof
bhg26: Same here cottees
pcaman2003: C’mon Stewart! Time to get cracking as you do.
PigeonPies: pedlar, rachele soligo and michalanney are all going to be guns hopefully for a long time for the crows
BigChief: I was debating between Angwin and Simpson. Went Angwin as he was cheaper.
RooBoyStu: If it was the 1980s Butts would have a ciggy icon but now we are too PC
Cottees: So many 50/50s Chief. Feels like I miss them every time haha
pluggerpig: lot of fisting and butts going on from the commentators
TheFlagger: fuck me where is dawson getting these points from
Gotigres: Hopefully Simpson has done enough to hold his spot for a few more weeks
Cottees: Umps Flagger ofc lol
zadolinnyj: Should have a simpsons logo. Seemorebutts
RooBoyStu: Lol gold comment coming from a plugger
ceaserr16: afternoon lads! First time speaker, long time viewer
TheFlagger: suspend dawson pls
RooBoyStu: GonDanger my POD
ceaserr16: afternoon lads! first time speaker long time viewer
RooBoyStu: Danger staggering only in small % sc teams
RooBoyStu: Welcome ceaserr16 what team you support mate?
zadolinnyj: Nice ceaserr16
pcaman2003: Welcome to the jungle ceaserr.
PigeonPies: welcome aboard ceaser
ceaserr16: Thanks for the welcome boys! Ahhh I?m not sure if you wanna know that
ceaserr16: Pies man through and through Stu!
TheFlagger: what a freak
tor01doc: Hail Caesar
PigeonPies: pies fans arent welcome here
PigeonPies: couldnt imagine being a pies supporter
AuroraBore: welcome ceaser! the more pies fans the merrier
ceaserr16: I agree. Hate the black and white
ceaserr16: Not a happy man. Can?t believe I last second switched Dawson to TT VC smh
PigeonPies: TT doing well too, he had a 40 point 2nd quarter
Raspel31: Just realised I left the C on Dawson- whoops, in a good way.
lana2146: Dawson gotta be best player in the AFL?
tor01doc: RooBoyStu – Danger?
Fromage: Murray subbed for crouch
TheFlagger: ratugolea two point second quarter lol
Fromage: Danger subbed
Cottees: Lana, Dawson definitely at least top 5
Raspel31: Oh bummer- Danger gone.
Cottees: What happened to Danger?
LuvIt74: Is Danger ok?
bhg26: Not a soccer goal kelly, had the ball in his hands
DiggaDogga: Danger hammy by the looks
Crave: Probably just rested?
thommoae: Danger out – time for Tanner to step up. 🙂
biggs2dujj: FMSC. I am the kiss of death
BigChief: Raspel your young mind forgetting things already? Too many red wines?
Gotigres: Keep going Simpson and Rat
Fromage: Sore Butts
Gotigres: Stewart gets 5 points for a handball that was through for a behind. You have got to be joking
Legix: Keays was flabbergasted
BigChief: Ratu getting better every game.
wadaramus: Murphy you are a hack.
jfitty: Stewart the CD lovechild
FoopyTime: can anyone else hear a fart sound effect everytime kelly talks?
pcaman2003: Go Tommy boy. Keep those points ticking over. Get going again Laird.
wadaramus: Has Stewart really had 7 CP’s?
Spifflicat: Ump didn?t like the ball toss from Ceglar, free for dissent. really?
TheFlagger: stew done very well
Tangent: He’s on his right left thats the right one
DiggaDogga: Confirm Danger right hammy
DiggaDogga: **Left
pcaman2003: Good day so far with TT, Hopper, Stewart, Laird and Dawson
lana2146: If dangers out a few weeks Holmes becomes very relevant
runners47: Keep going, Holmes – prove that you’re a worthwhile POD!
lana2146: Great price too,,,
obbynl: not sure if i should take simpsons score rn or field chandler and hope he gets a higher score than simpson
beerent11: Very good player. I nearly started him this season
beerent11: Holmes that is
mattmac24: Do we take Dawson VC? I need to use Constable so gotta choose before 4:35
beerent11: Should safely get over 125 mattmac
beerent11: Who?s the c?
LuvIt74: @matt I would be
mattmac24: Nvm, realised I can use Roberts to loop. Will hold out. Bont or Zerrert otherwise
Raspel31: Hard one Matt- looked so good at 50 at half time but prob yes.
LuvIt74: Simpson has done SFA in the 2nd half… lol
beerent11: Chandler v Gold Coast. Worth the risk
runners47: Right about Holmes, beerent11 – picked him up in Draft late, but happy to do so
sc_god: is simpson dead?
Raspel31: Qtr time- whoops.
Gotigres: This is great Rat.
bhg26: Id say the adelaide representation in the crowd is low but i bet only 15 fans were allowed to buy tickets
zadolinnyj: Hard to get in there at the catery
beerent11: Think pedlars score has frozen urbs, he?s been on 40 for an hour
pcaman2003: Who’ll score higher, Bont or Ollie
zadolinnyj: Bont
beerent11: Clarence
beerent11: That tackle will be Close
Raspel31: I’m leaning Clarry
Bulky: Holmes is a gun. Has a touch of the Buddha Hocking about him.
bhg26: To say thats unnecessary from laird is an understatement
faisca7: Bit of James Kelly about Holmes too
pcaman2003: I ended up putting Clarry in as C.
Jazza74: So did I pcaman
mattmac24: Certainly wouldn’t have called Holmes’ goal the sealer..
BigChief: That makes 3 of us with Clarry
sc_god: lol thats a free kick
Danstar: Who kicked first goal? No *
mattmac24: T.Walker kicked the first
RuffLeader: Two weeks in a row, Rankine running into an open goal, missed
Yelse: laird not the possession magnet he used to be
Danstar: Fk. That?s 2 weeks in a row I forgot to put bet on him FG scorer and he?s done it

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