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Chat log from R7 of 2023: West Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for West Coast vs Carlton, R7 of 2023

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RooBoyStu: Water Closet to win and Barrass 100+
TheLegend6: water closet?
pluggerpig: i went blues 1-39 with 3 from harry and 2 from oscar.
pluggerpig: charlie comben broken leg in the other game
beerent11: Not confident on a barass ton here roo. Got the two big boys to cope with.
wadaramus: WC is a water closet, or a wet area in a house.
Bazza2023: WC to lose and barass to not get 50, rooinfant talks rubbish
DANGERous: you can turn up now Ginbey
sc_god: Weitering really invested in this contest tonight
Bazza2023: traded ginbey, so glad, he is cooked looking for a paddock to rest in
navy_blues: cant seerooboy mouthing off atm his team getting flogged
Legix: Barrass what are you doing mate
Cascadian: Go Crippa you legend
beerent11: Not much legix. Does this about every third game
Social: Telly daydreaming about putting another extension on
beerent11: That cincotta disposal must have been something
navy_blues: was a goal assist beer
DANGERous: ginbey mitchell greene all onfield and get phillipou if Laird misses. sad
Ash777: people had the cues to trade Ginbey out when he got subbed 2 weeks back and had a high be
Bazza2023: keeping ginbey was poor, red lights were flashing he is cooked and needs a rest, but due toi injuries he is playing
DANGERous: had to keep ginbey otherwise id have had no bench this week. got scared out of no bench
Ash777: back to back colemans for curnow
beerent11: Hopefully barass is getting a rocket on the bench
Bazza2023: said barass wouldnt get fiddy
sc_god: most traded ginbey 2 weeks ago, he lost 8k last week which confirms that
DANGERous: ginbey to cincotta next week. thatll do.
navy_blues: cincotta 4 sure
Ash777: I bet a lot of ppl traded gulden out last week despite him potentially going 120+ against giants
Ash777: after last week I mean
pcaman2003: Amazingly, Ginbey still in 52% of teams in SC.
navy_blues: now can carlton keep going or do they stop thats the question
Bazza2023: is the melb game thread cooked, scores not updating?
BigChief: A lot of in the back frees being missed for both teams.
TheLegend6: yeh baz
Bazza2023: thanks Legend
Ash777: the called the game to save norf the embarrassment 😛
Raspel31: Amazing what the Blues can do against children.
Hazza09: Cincotta coming straight in for Phillipou at 9pm tomorrow
beerent11: Pretty emBarrassing Tom
Legix: he looks lost beer
Bazza2023: who will be low score tonight, wet toast or shinboner crap?
BigChief: RooBoyStu’s West Coast win and Barrass 100+ is looking amazing.
Troglodyte: He’s got a few damaged circuits that one
Troglodyte: Great pun Beer. Keep them coming
Vultures: That Silvagni is something else lol
Cascadian: Cripps 3 kicks 23 handballs
Ash777: What you expect from a kpd. Their role changes by the week and only kpds that pride on intercept marks are sc relevent
Bazza2023: saad subbed
Fromage: Cincotta welcome to my team
Fromage: Wet toast vs naught Melb be be good tv
Bazza2023: if you wanted to slit your wrist tv cheesey
Bazza2023: wet toast just hoit the front
pluggerpig: 2 cracking games going on right now. who scheduled this mess
poolboybob: Cleaver for Kelly
Bazza2023: Curnow best fwd since Franklin?
BigChief: Can Charlie get 200?
Bazza2023: yeah charlie will get 200+
Bazza2023: he will kick 12
Gotigres: Very happy I went early on Cincotta and fielded him.
obbynl: fielded mitchell over cincotta
pluggerpig: WC future is bleak. Old players need to retire, young ones not very good, nobody in their prime. Awful.
Bazza2023: we have the close one
pluggerpig: other game 121-31 lol
poolboybob: Gotta say I am starting to think the Eagles may not win the flag this year.
TheFlagger: blues are back
pcaman2003: Don’t give up hope poolboy.. You’re not far off the pace.:)
Loggy17: you never know poolboy lol
Ash777: someone just won their multi
Ash777: steady on flagger. Their playing spoon contenders
poolboybob: Fun part is that the Eagles WAFL side routinely lose by 100-150 points. AFL side is dreadful and the twos are even worse
BigChief: Not any more Bazza.
TheFlagger: surely will schofield gets a gig in the 1s
Bazza2023: i want 2 100 margins on the same night, gotta be a record.
Malaka: Too right, poolboy, my Norf vs Eagles GF bet is looking a tad shaky.
poolboybob: Anybody who can sit through North vs WCE deserves an Order of Australia Medal
TheFlagger: doch gonna be so cheap but his bye sucks
TheFlagger: also cant really trust this score
pluggerpig: trust this score like you trust a fart after a mexican buffet
Bazza2023: 96 a piece
slydon: do we all think cincotta is a stayer in this defense/midfield?
pluggerpig: Norf on fire.. back to 90
Bazza2023: told ya barass wouldnt get 50, rooboy. fwit
beerent11: Curnow missed a third of his shots. What a spud
Bazza2023: the carltank will bring the tonne up
pluggerpig: a quarter beerent…
BigChief: He also said Eagles would win Bazza
jlitza: good d on curnow wce
beerent11: Oh yeah. The beers are taking their toll
pluggerpig: 22 CP for Crippa
Raspel31: Still not going to buy Curnow- WC- but wow.

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