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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Geelong vs West Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs West Coast, R5 of 2023

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RooBoyStu: Big watch on Barrass
frenzy: howdy
zadolinnyj: Gents
MrWalrus: Men
PAFC4eva: Gday peeps
BigChief: 2 missing from Cats list Urbs
PAFC4eva: Brought in stewart for doc hope it goes well
pluggerpig: same here PAFC
pcaman2003: Good win yesterday PAF.
pcaman2003: Have Stewart in this and he’s hit the bench already.
PAFC4eva: It was have keep on par with the crom
Raspel31: And once again, with no vested interest, here to keep players scores down.
BigChief: Atkins and O’Connor missing.
pcaman2003: RooBoyStu. Didn’t get to sleep with doll yesterday. Wife wouldn’t allow it.
Baldfrog: Kenny for 5 years extension PAFC?
FlaggersXD: Yeo on Cameron?
MrWalrus: Yep, Stewart back in via Doch for me too
PAFC4eva: Think this will be his last baldy
Wends: Afternoon all, like you Raspel, I’m here for the slow-down vibes on oppts’ players.
Baldfrog: Pity PAFC Kenny has been good value
Baldfrog: I know you slow me down Wends
PAFC4eva: Playing group seem to love him so who knows whats going to happen
Wends: Hmm well glad to be of service Baldy
navy_blues: eye gauger danger lol
Raspel31: May the negative force be with us Wends.
Wends: Ginbey eye injury 🙁
Wends: Indeed Rasp. Also having intense Stewart FOMO already… no idea why I didn’t take him for Day.
zadolinnyj: Tuohy lately bad
Raspel31: Well I brought Dawson in for Dochs- no complaints this end.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Wanted the same except lack of funds and settled for Saad. Oh boy!
Wends: Good going Rasp. Me too but couldn’t decide between cash gen or upgrade for Day, so hedged bets and went Weller gah!
pcaman2003: Get the ball down to Stewart WC.
navy_blues: voodoo doll on stewart today
pluggerpig: Esava looking much better lately.. glad I held on a bit longer
bhg26: Wtf Ratugolea
pcaman2003: No way navy. Need WC to get the ball down to him to gobble up.
DANGERous: time to trade Dangerfield in
Wends: Not sure if the heart icon applies (we need a little trooper {hat?} icon maybe?) for Ginbey.
Raspel31: Rat good to sell in a week or 2 for a handy buckeroo.
navy_blues: last night our local footy club had a Rump n Red night with terry daniher as guest
MrWalrus: If Danger gets F status I reckon he may become SC relevant one last time
Baldfrog: Gobble, dolls your really starting to worry me pcaman
navy_blues: but we also had Chad and Corey warner turn up my son said Chad was at recovery this morning too
bhg26: How did it feel to be in the presence of greatness navy
MrWalrus: Yeo making me very glad with my decision not to roll the dice on him.
bhg26: And Terry Daniher
pcaman2003: Baldy. Hahaha! No need to worry mate.
navy_blues: cool bhg my son asked what chad ate after the game usually he said a triple cheeseburger or whatever he can get
navy_blues: to get calories back into him
Haydo: Brought Yeo in this week, not paying off
Baldfrog: Geelong should have been handicapped 10 goals just to make this watchable
pcaman2003: Another big qtr please Tom
DrSeuss: Looks like this game could get very ugly very quickly. Not ideal for Stewart if the ball isn’t going there
Wends: Very cool Navy, kids must’ve been buzzing. Also for the 7% of AFLF players with De Goey: *possible late out (sickness).
Raspel31: Keep the doll on Bowes please pcaman- working a treat.
pcaman2003: Ok Rasp.
pluggerpig: cats are gonna win this by 100+
Wends: m0nty needs a redaction function. Do not wish to see Stewart’s score.
Bazza2023: Mercy Rule for Wet Toast
Bazza2023: good curtain raiser for the main attraction later
BRAZZERS: cats will score 200 points today
slydon: jezza kick another bag today please to save my team
RooBoyStu: Who has the Rat covering Witts go “clap clap”
Baldfrog: The hawks bazza?
MrWalrus: Well this escalated quickly.
pcaman2003: Stewart may have to move up the ground soon to get a touch.
pluggerpig: i had jezza 3 goals in my multi and 5 mins ago was getting a bit nervous..
Bazza2023: nah Pies Saints mate
Bazza2023: 2 games at this oval isnt it back2back?
DrSeuss: Remember when West Coast was winning this game…
PigeonPies: wouldnt know mark howard is a cats supporer would you? screaming every time they get the ball
slydon: surely people are coming around to the idea that jez could plssibly kick a hundred if the cats play through the finals,
slydon: possibly even in home and away
Raspel31: Still feel it’s Geelong’s to lose DrSeuss.
Bazza2023: Howard has to change his pants a few times a game due to jizz
RooBoyStu: More wind here in sth east vic than after a curry festival
pluggerpig: i reckon he can avg 4 per game.. so would need finals too
yeah_nah: think Howard is a Hawks supporter. Lives in Torquay though.
Baldfrog: Must shop at the same shop as BT Bazza
Bazza2023: could be a 20 goal qtr, i said it first!
PigeonPies: im almost certain he is a cats fan, from what ive heard and he gets every cats game on fox, and screams too
slydon: plugger i legit think he can average 5/6 with a 8-10 goal game thrown in there somewhere
pcaman2003: I sniff a new winning margin record coming.
pluggerpig: let’s all just be thankful we don’t have a screaming Kelli today
cmperrfect: Roll out the witches hats
pcaman2003: pluggerpig. Here here!
RooBoyStu: Yeahnah he’s Carlton I believe
Raspel31: That is indeed a blessing plugger.
RooBoyStu: Pluggerpig, she might be on Saints Pies
yeah_nah: yeah rooboystu, didnt think he was cats
PigeonPies: good thing i captained tomahawk this week…
PigeonPies: kelli did the north lions game i dont think she’ll do this one, probably huddo browny and lyon
PigeonPies: im praying anyway
Bazza2023: at least the boxhill kids are going ok, flogged cats last week, and flogging the pies currently
Social: Afternoon all, bring me up to speed
PigeonPies: i think we pulled 4 players out of the vfl, we have an illness going around apparently, de goey out too
RooBoyStu: I hope she doesn’t do another match, she was bad enough back in the day as boundary rider at 3AW
PigeonPies: social, eagles were winning, now they are not
zadolinnyj: Is that true pigeon. Good C if correct
Baldfrog: Do you need a pair of Howards pants Bazza?
pcaman2003: Social. WC flogging and Kelli not commentating.
RooBoyStu: Social the usual muppets are here lol
Raspel31: You’re winning Social- but close.
PigeonPies: nah no chance zado, I imagine someone has somewhere
slydon: not much to catch up on social, cats are up and pumping. one slight injury, ginbey copped a thumb in the eye from danger
RooBoyStu: Blue moon the Rat clap clap
frenzy: Urbs kicked the plug out, Lol
Bazza2023: i got a lil boxhill danny frawler head wobble up
Social: Excellent, thank you!
Raspel31: My golly Rat- almost makes me wish Marshall is a late out.
zadolinnyj: Yes gin
pcaman2003: Well done Reuben. Keep going Stewart.
Baldfrog: Bit hard on Waterman Urbs
PigeonPies: great finish from ginbey, looks to be a shining light for the eagles this year
Wends: Heart for Ginbey – running round with one functioning eyeball.
Bazza2023: i think waterman has played ok, hat unfair
zadolinnyj: Commentators struggling with cats player names
PigeonPies: my mate captained jezza, could be massive
Urbs: Is a team effort sadly
navy_blues: boring game
Baldfrog: I turned it off 20 minutes ago Navy
pluggerpig: i dont think its boring, i like watching the occasional massacre. potential record breaker
navy_blues: record breaker against a grossly undermanned side?
pluggerpig: hes holding that wrist like its broken
RooBoyStu: navyblues still salty from Thursday night
zadolinnyj: Thursday night was delicious
Bhack87: I?m not witches suffice. Eagles should all be ghosts or magnifying glasses. This is hard to watch.
pluggerpig: if i had to sit through geelong doing this to sydney on GF day i’m happy to see someone else on the receiving end
navy_blues: lol yep roo we r over rated for sure not salty bout this game
navy_blues: but gee beat only hawks and west coast not much to brag about
bhg26: I dont know what game youre talking about plugger
Raspel31: So, WC a chance in this lads?
Bazza2023: bhg has no memory of said event
PAFC4eva: And we got this mob next week 🙂
pluggerpig: i actually only saw the first half of the GF, was at a pub, decided to get blind drunk and play pool instead.
Wends: Yeah, what game plugger?
Pavs: Think I can remember seen it about 15 times. Soz
navy_blues: gee vs syd next week interesting…
Pavs: I’ll go back under my rock now
MrWalrus: Anyone get Duncan in?
bhg26: I remember Robbie Williams was pretty good then it was just darkness
bhg26: Pavs just making things up now
Bazza2023: i remember Robbie and some other chick.
Pavs: True bhg it is probably closer to 20 times.
Wends: Baha, you’re entitled Pav. I went on the day… a horror show – trauma-related (actually vino-related) memory loss
bhg26: How can you watch a made up event 20 times? Quit lying to yourself
davywap: Oh dear the witches hats
Pavs: If it was a dream it sure was an enjoyable one.
Bazza2023: said Zerrett would get week or two, and Goey is 99% out
Wends: Didn’t check FF that day but imagine there was many a witches hat
Baldfrog: I find it funny that a city of 8 million has 2 teams owned by Victorians
navy_blues: saints @ $2.80 tempting
BRAZZERS: lol hinkley
oc16: at least we were able to play 2 quarters against them instead of just 5 minutes
beerent11: Bazza is degoey out?
Baldfrog: Brazzers did u overload your one brain cell again?
Bazza2023: 99% out, crook as a biatch
BRAZZERS: whats your problem mate
beerent11: That?s me fucked for the round then
navy_blues: been to bali again?? lol
Bazza2023: The Pies have multiple emergencies in Adelaide on standby
Baldfrog: Collywobbles just sitting the bed
beerent11: If you have two emergencies in one line and two outs in the same line do they both come in?
Pavs: Champagne football. lol
pcaman2003: beerent. YHes they do
Pavs: Yes beer
beerent11: Cheers lads
Baldfrog: Pretty hard on saints would’ve picked a team on Collingwood team named
pcaman2003: beer. Does that mean there is still hope now?
pcaman2003: Score faster Tom. 130+ from you today.
BRAZZERS: the sympathy games for this dumpster truck state have been pretty successful, look forward to it next year
beerent11: Only have McKenzie in that other e spot pcaman. Probably be the sub anyway. Was going to be my first decent round
pcaman2003: beer. With Day out, young Macca might still play.
Wends: Who would he go to PCA?
Bazza2023: Greater Western Sydney: Harry Rowston Hawthorn: Cam Mackenzie
frenzy: hes the sub beer
Bazza2023: subs
Raspel31: Is that true- you can double E one possie? Well cut me off at the knees and call me tripod.
pcaman2003: Yep! Confirmed as sub. Poo!
pcaman2003: Gone very quiet this qtr Tom. Pick up the pace mate.
BigChief: Do I trade De Goey for Cogs or take a donut?
Pavs: Was going to lose this week but thanks to Oscar Allen for confirming that for me
Raspel31: Same for me Pavs.
zadolinnyj: What?s ur cover cheif
Harambe: You can Rasp but it gives you the lower of the two scores so there’s no point unless you have two missing on field.
BigChief: Already took Baker off to get Roberts score. So I either take 0 or trade for Cogs or Wood.
Raspel31: Makes sense- cheers Harambe- just didn’t know you could double cover.
Wends: SC big chief? And are you going for overall or league?
BigChief: Yes Wends and both league and overall
Butch14: Allen my boi
RooBoyStu: Rat Rat Rat Clap Clap Clap
Wends: Only a one-weeker, but what’s the gut tell you?
Davo27: Ginbey 70+ cmon
BigChief: Might just save the trade.
BigChief: Ginbey subbed
Davo27: Get Ginbey off the bench, good game RAT, make me that money
RooBoyStu: Good comeback by Water Closet
beerent11: Ginny subbed
Harambe: Ginbey subbed 🙁
navy_blues: ginbey subbed
pcaman2003: Ginbey subbed out. Double poo!
Davo27: Aww fk off Ginbey is off on 50 points
Wends: No late changes (at this stage) for other game according to ABC
pcaman2003: He got a half century so can raise his bat.
Raspel31: Sad to see any plyer subbed- but, not so much in this little black duck’s case.
Pavs: mmm. ginbey out might make it a bit tougher to get to Dawson.
pcaman2003: How does Stewart go from 100 to 101 from a mark and kick to Duncan? FO CD you peanuts.
Gotigres: Who was on Barass watch?
frenzy: Lol gotiges, grabs the popcorn
pcaman2003: I thought an intercept mark and kick to Adv. was a lot more than 1 point. Something very wrong here.
Urbs: Not sure why that has popped up in the blog, bear with me a second
Harambe: Love your work Urbs
Raspel31: Oscar Allen done for me- destroyed by a WC player. Oh the shame, the shame.
RooBoyStu: Lift Rat, otherwise unleash Tom on you #TomandJerry
Troglodyte: Take your meds Stu
RooBoyStu: Go Saints, beat the Skunks
Urbs: Seems it doesn’t like me trying to do both games at once haha
Urbs: Good on Wingard missing several times though
RooBoyStu: Bit rich from Troglodyte, sounds like a medication, I never have tablets and never see the doc. They find issues.
Gotigres: Keep going Rat. 100 is within reach
Raspel31: And you have many issues RooBoy.
RooBoyStu: Says a bomber lol
Butch14: come on allen tonne up pls
RooBoyStu: My great grandfather lived to 99, he never saw a doc, he always said they look for problems, i agree
RooBoyStu: Smoked a packet a day too
Troglodyte: Did the voices tell you not to see the doc?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Are you happy with my work on Bowes?
Raspel31: Enormously happy pcaman- keeping me alive. Cheers bro.
pcaman2003: Off the bench Tom. Need another 13+ from you
RooBoyStu: Our family hardly all see docs
Troglodyte: So your condition is hereditary. That explains it
RooBoyStu: Go Rat raise the bat
Raspel31: Lol Trog- my very thoughts.
RooBoyStu: And you are Mr Perfect…. hardly
Urbs: I think the issues have been sorted now, thanks for your patience everyone
bhg26: Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
RooBoyStu: As of next week no Thursday night games for 8 weeks hallelujah
beerent11: Barass on the move
frenzy: thank flower rooboystu
Wends: Bin for Hunt?
pcaman2003: Great game Tom. Thanks heaps!
frenzy: nice ton Duggan, thanks
beerent11: Which of the four toms are you thanking pcaman?
PigeonPies: my mate got duncan lol. hope he learned his lesson
Harambe: Donut quarter by Jezza
Hazza09: Rat died in the arse
RooBoyStu: Hazza shocking comment

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